How to Clean a CCELL® Cartridge

Clean CCELL Cartridge

One of the greatest benefits of CCELL® vape cartridges is their durability. If you prime and fill a CCELL® cartridge correctly, you should have no trouble refilling the cartridge several times before its flavor quality starts to decline because the ceramic wick won’t fail due to heat stress. When you use a traditional vape cartridge with a cotton wick, the cotton will invariably burn – ruining the cartridge’s flavor forever – while the cartridge’s heating coil is still completely intact. The ceramic core in a CCELL® cartridge, on the other hand, doesn’t burn and can last a surprisingly long time.

As long as CCELL® cartridges can last, there is one thing that can drastically affect their flavor: the quality of the oil you’re vaping. If you’re vaping true distillate, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about contaminants in your oil. If you’re doing something like making your own rosin, though, it’s bound to be full of particulate matter. Those tiny particles – along with the resins that are in virtually all vape oils – will eventually contaminate the wick and coil in a CCELL® cartridge and decrease the cartridge’s flavor quality and vapor production.

In this article, we’re going to explain one simple trick that you can use to transform the experience that you’re having with your vape pen. When you’re no longer happy with the flavor of your CCELL® cartridge, do you just throw the cartridge away and start over with a new one? Did you know that you can actually clean your CCELL® cartridges, restoring much of their original flavor in the process? It’s incredibly simple, and it can help you save an enormous amount of money. In this article, we’re going to explain how to do it. First, though, let’s learn a bit more about how to know when it’s time to clean a vape cartridge.

When Should You Clean a CCELL® Vape Cartridge?

Now that we’ve got you thinking about cleaning your vape cartridges, we’ll answer the first question that’s probably on your mind: When should you clean them? The short answer to this question is that you should clean a vape cartridge when you’re no longer happy with the flavor. Exactly why you’re not happy with the flavor of your vape cart, though, is actually a fairly interesting topic.

Herbal oils and distillates are very thick and dark, and they’re often full of compounds – unfiltered plant matter, for instance – that don’t vaporize when they’re heated. Over time, those compounds will contaminate the wick and heating element in a vape cartridge. Plant matter will foul the wick and prevent it from working efficiently. Resins will stick to the heating coil and form a layer of residue that grows thicker as you continue vaping and eventually causes an unpleasant burnt flavor.

In short, you need to clean your CCELL for one of both of these reasons.

  • The wick has become so fouled with plant matter that it can no longer transport oil efficiently from the cartridge’s reservoir to the coil. In this case, you’ll get a harsh “dry hit” when you try to vape.
  • The coil is covered with such a thick layer of residue that the residue is actually smoldering when you vape.

Either way, here’s the good news: Cleaning a CCELL® cartridge is surprisingly easy and doesn’t require a lot of time at all. Here’s how to do it.

How to Clean a CCELL® Cartridge

To clean a CCELL® vape cartridge, you need a solvent that’s capable of dissolving the thick, sticky resins in your vape oil. Alcohol is the best candidate for this job. We suggest using a high-proof spirit that’s safe to drink, such as Everclear or strong vodka. Although buying a high-proof spirit and using it as a cleaning liquid isn’t exactly cheap, the good news is that you don’t need to use very much – just enough to cover your cartridges. You can save money by cleaning several cartridges at a time.

Start by removing the mouthpieces from all of the CCELL® cartridges that you’d like to clean. Place the cartridges and mouthpieces in a glass and fill the glass with enough alcohol to cover the items you’re cleaning. Now, all that you need to do is wait for the alcohol to do its job while agitating the cartridges periodically to loosen the residue that’s stuck to the wicks and heating coils. You can use a straw or wooden stirrer to agitate the cartridges. After an hour or two, you’ll probably notice that the alcohol has darkened significantly. At that point, you can be certain that it’s dissolved the residue.

Remove the cartridges and mouthpieces from the glass and rinse away any remaining residue in the sink. Empty the glass and refill it with clean water. Place the cartridges and mouthpieces in the water and leave them submerged for an hour or two, stirring periodically. The goal here is to remove as much of the alcohol as possible.

Remove the cartridges from the glass and leave them out for at least a day to air dry. When the wicks are completely dry, you can resume using the cartridges. Don’t forget that after you clean a CCELL® cartridge, you’ll need to prime it before you begin vaping. After filling the cartridge, wait around 30 minutes to ensure that the ceramic wick is fully saturated.

What Are the Benefits of Cleaning CCELL® Cartridges?

So, why should you bother cleaning your CCELL® cartridges instead of simply throwing them away when they become dirty? The first reason is because replacing a vape cartridge every day or two can become expensive very quickly. Every time you go to your local dispensary, you’re investing good money to buy the best vape oils possible. Herbal extracts aren’t cheap. Wouldn’t you like to reduce your expenses by replacing your equipment less often?

The second reason why cleaning your CCELL® cartridges is worth the time is because the best vape oils have incredible flavor profiles that come from their unique combinations of terpenes. Once again, you’re paying good money to taste those delicate berry and cream notes in the best vape oils – but you’re only going to taste those notes if you’re maintaining your equipment. Cleaning your vape cartridges helps to ensure that you’ll experience the best and purest flavors every time you vape.