CCELL® Eco Star

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CCELL® Eco Star

Eco Star

Sleek. Sustainable. All-Oil-Capable.

From Nature, For Nature

Designed with a focus on the Earth’s health, the Eco Star’s housing is made from corn stover-based biodegradable PLA. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions in manufacturing and allows the material to decompose in nature, leaving a much lower environmental impact and preventing harm to the planet.

Recyclable Battery, Supreme Sustainability

Built with both consumers and the environment in mind, the Eco Star’s battery is easily removable from its housing for recycling. This design minimizes exposure to harmful chemicals and reduces the risks of soil damage, landfill fires, wildlife harm, and water source pollution.

One Device, All Types Of Oils

Made to be compatible with all cannabis oils (distillates, live resins, live rosins, liquid diamonds, etc.), the Eco Star brings out the best from your extracts and offers your customers true-to-strain, clog-free, and cloud-filled experiences in every inhale.

Clog-Free, Hassle-Free

The dual air vents built into the Eco Star ensure a seamless extract vaporization experience every time. Say hello to cloud-filled, uninterrupted sessions and say goodbye to annoying clogs.

Isolated Airway, Clean Vapor

Enhance your experience and get cleaner vapor using the Eco Star! The airway within the device was designed to be isolated from the battery, PCBA, and other electronic components, ensuring the cleanest and safest possible vapor in every inhale.

Hassle-Free Batch-Capping

Streamline your production process with a quick, hassle-free snap, and save valuable time and resources with our snap-fit mouthpiece design. Batch-capped at 25 pieces at a time, this all-in-one device provides a tight, secure seal in a flash.

EVOMAX Heating Element

Say goodbye to vape hardware that clogs, leaks, delivers unsatisfying flavors, and works well with distillates but poorly with high-terpene extracts such as live rosins and liquid diamonds! Meet CCELL EVOMAX, the advanced heating platform that works flawlessly with your oil. Whether you are working with live rosin, liquid diamonds, live resin, distillate, or another type of oil, the EVOMAX ceramic heating element consistently delivers a clog-free, leak-free, and true-to-strain cannabis experience for your customers.


  • Tank Volume: 0.5ml/1ml
  • Battery Capacity: 180mAh
  • Dimensions: 89H x 22.1W x 16.6D (mm) / 3.5H x 0.87W x 0.65D (in)
  • Compatible with Distillates, Live Resins, Live Rosins, Liquid Diamonds, etc.
  • Biodegradable PLA Housing
  • Easily Removable, Recyclable Battery
  • Clog-Free Dual Air Vents
  • Clean Vapor via Isolated Airway
  • LED Indicator Light
  • Inhale Activated
  • USB-C Charging
  • Available for Customization