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    Hamilton Devices Daypipe is a revolutionary dry herb device. The Daypipe has an ingenious design that enables you to chamber and deploy 8 – 0.2g bowls ( 1.6 grams total! ), all while being durable and reliable. Simply load up the ultra-portable Daypipe and enjoy fresh bowls all day long without any ashy messes in between sessions.

    • Anodized Stainless Steel Housing
    • Light And Inhale
    • Custom color and branding available
    • Capacity: 8 – 0.2g bowls
    • Size: 129.9mm(L)*23.2mm(W)*23.2mm(H)
    • Colors: Graphite, Red

    MAINTENANCE TIPS: General cleaning maintenance will keep the device at its optimal performance.
    RECOMMENDED CLEANING: Depending on usage, clean as needed by soaking / submerging in rubbing alcohol for a couple of minutes, then use the included brush to scrub out any residual resin build up.

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    23 reviews for DAYPIPE

    1. Michael Ian Loughlin (verified owner)

      I dont review an item often, but man, for someone who has chronic back pain due to back surgeries, i medicate often. I saw below someone put it as suffering from single bowl packs. I always wanted something like this pipe, to rid the issue of constantly cashing the bowl to refill. sometimes over filling or under depending on the pain or mood. But then i saw this and had to grab one immediately. With one week in and a few cleanings, it is by far the best purchase ive made out of all pipes. The way it packs, the way it hits, the hits themselves (perfect amount filled x8), how easy it is to disassemble and clean. Already looking into a second

    2. Michael Saylor (verified owner)

      So far, so good! Just bought the “Daypipe” and just tried it out. It loaded easily, smoke well and looks beautiful! Only negative, so far, is that it is a little heavy. Perhaps replacing the stainless steel with Aluminum?

    3. Jeff

      I freeking love this pipe, never leave home without it !

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      Image #1 from Jeff
    4. Gary Gordon (verified owner)

      very nice pipe. I like the feel in my hand, very well made. 8 bowls ….awesome

    5. Shelton Armstrong (verified owner)

      Look nice

    6. Robert (verified owner)

      The Daypipe is really awesome I love that it has eight bowls so walking on trails you don’t have to keep packing it as often and it hits great easy cleanup a very well-made product I would recommend it to all my friends

    7. Frances Redd (verified owner)

      Awesome product. I wish you carried replacement parts for the screen portion of the pipe. Not stopping me from buying as gifts. Trying to talk myself out of buying another one for myself. Lol

    8. Christopher P. (verified owner)

      Best pipe ever!!!

    9. J@trulieve (verified owner)

      With its innovative design and easy to manage and handling and cleaning, could have used this 30 years ago. Lol very easy to use and depending on your draw last quite a while

    10. J@trulieve (verified owner)

      With its innovative design and easy to manage and handle loading and cleaning, could have used this 30 years ago. Lol

    11. D’Artagnan

      When I asked about was there anything new in their stock, at the new vape shop in my area, I was shown one of these. The first thing I noticed was that it “reeked” of quality, from the design, to it’s execution. Because I’m avoiding flower in my diet, I’m useing instead, dry ice derived keif hash, which happens to be a match made in cannaheaven, easy to load, (I use the small end on an ice cream sample spoon) smooth puffs (5 or 6 per bowl). I currently own 3 of them, not because any of them are operating at anything less than peak efficiency, but of how it ups my travel game. I could go on, but I think you get my drift.

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      Image #1 from D'Artagnan
    12. Martha B. (verified owner)

      Haven’t used it yet

    13. Mike (verified owner)

      Ive been suffering through life packing single bowls for years before getting this. 8 bowls, 1.6g is amazing. But the quality is even better; engineering team built it to where it really only fits back together the correct way. Smooth clicking felt between rotations. I finally feel like I’m living in the future!

    14. AC (verified owner)

      A great alternative to a hitter box and bat. It would be great if it included a small pressing tool/spoon to pack it with too!

    15. Anonymous (verified owner)

      Rips so good.

    16. Anthony albano (verified owner)

      Fantastic device extremely well made and I love the box it comes in

    17. Ryan (verified owner)

      Very nicely engineered practical and easy on the wallet would recommend this piece to anyone

    18. Rob (verified owner)

      Love it

    19. Charles

      Love this. Pack it and go. The first time I didn’t pack it well enough. The second time I packed it tighter and I was able to get 2-3 hit per chamber. Cleaning unit is easy. A bit messy to fill until you get the hang of it. I would suggest filling over table, plate, or in a bag. All in all a high quality product that I really have enjoyed using!

    20. Jeff Eaton (verified owner)

      Well built, haven’t tried it yet, but real quality! Can’t wait to try it! I wish you would give out some swag? I like to put stickers on my disc golf cart!!!!!!

    21. John (verified owner)

      Nifty little pipe that can replace a dugout and is a bit more convienient after preloading. One major thing they should have included with the pipe was a loading spoon or something that fits the aesthetic of the small storage holes. This could have easily been included with the cleaning tool or even throw a little spoon the same shape and size as the loadable bowls onto the end of the cleaner….

    22. Camilo Andres Mosquera Eraso (verified owner)

      Awsome such a nice one, good job.

    23. Rocky L. (verified owner)

      Didn’t test yet. Seems interesting

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