PS1 Glass Bubbler Replacement

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RECOMMENDED BUBBLER CLEANING: Clean with an alcohol swab, cotton round, or Q-Tip in rubbing alcohol. Remove o-ring, cover the holes, and shake with rubbing alcohol. Immediately after, shake with dish soap and water and dry accordingly.

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44 reviews for PS1 Glass Bubbler Replacement

  1. Deven Warner (verified owner)

    Hello! I know this is just a bubbler replacement, and everything went well. I have the PS1 Battery, and I love it so fucking much. Hope y’all have a happy 420 friendly holidays!

  2. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    : )

  3. Douglas Smart (verified owner)

    I ordered two, as the price was reasonable.

  4. Clint (verified owner)

    Glad you still make the replacements. They are great but soon fragile

  5. Arthur C. (verified owner)

    Its perfect and was exactly what i needed and shipping was fast and convenient

  6. Brandon K. (verified owner)

    The only issue I have is that it cost just as much to ship this item as it was to buy it. I will have to buy a couple next time because it has already broken after my second day of use. The rubber grommet that secures it to the lanyard ripped and the glass bubbler shattered. Besides all of these issues that aren’t in your contro. I love this product, and have had various friends/family members purchase it as well for their personal use.

  7. Connor (verified owner)

    Shits Fire ????????????????

  8. Donald Cole (verified owner)

    Thank you

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Works great, but it’s super fragile

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great job

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)


  12. Beverly Waterman (verified owner)

    Highly recommended. Okay prices and fast shipping.

  13. Thomas Andrejko (verified owner)

    On point.. great products that keep me hiiiiiiiighhhhh

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I purchased this as a replace. It came all intact and works as it should.

  15. Alyssa ONEILL (verified owner)

    Fast delivery!

  16. Breana Gorman (verified owner)

    Always breaking- the whole battery gets stuck and I’m throwing away now a 2nd one

  17. Joseph C. (verified owner)

    Old one cleaned up nice with alc, now i have a spare

  18. David P. (verified owner)

    Replacement came very quick. Ordered two for a rainy day you never know.

  19. JULIE RABE (verified owner)

    Always top-shelf customer service and excellent products. Shipping is always speedy.

  20. Cj T. (verified owner)

    Solid, wish there was a non glass option

  21. Brian P. (verified owner)

    Your company’s devices are top notch. However your customer support and warranty department are hands down the best experience I’ve ever had with a customer support/warranty department. I had an issue with one of my devices sent an email late in the evening. To my surprise it was answered that same evening and with only a short video of the device malfunctioning a new one was in the mail the next day zero questions asked. Keep doing what ur doing ladies and gentlemen. I’ll forever be a customer

  22. Henry M. (verified owner)

    Very easy transition
    Very please and would order again
    I love the products

  23. Richard Claudio (verified owner)

    You guys have great devices high quality great products I love myps1 I take it everywhere

  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Arrived in perfect condition

  25. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I like how it pulls the smoke through smoothly each time. Thank you

  26. Jared (verified owner)

    Always a pleasure to buy and use Hamilton Device’s products. We recommend anything by you to our customers as the most intuitive, innovative & easiest to clean products in the market currently. Where every other company uses inferior parts and manufacturing to cut cost, Hamilton clearly sets themselves aside from the other names in the industry.

  27. Jason Lyles (verified owner)

    Great product

  28. Anonymous (verified owner)


  29. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Broke my glass, but this shit fixed it.

  30. Achille (verified owner)

  31. Marshall K. (verified owner)

    I bought this after my buddy knocked mine off a counter and now it works better than it did before.

  32. Baltazar S. (verified owner)

    2nd one I bought for backup

  33. Joe M. (verified owner)


  34. Darrick Williams (verified owner)

    Love your product

  35. Lawrence Castillo (verified owner)


  36. David G. (verified owner)

    you guys rock….

  37. daniel fraser (verified owner)

    Great replacment

  38. Rhonda Gaither (verified owner)

    Don’t leave home without this Miss Bish! I get so many compliments on this slick little monster Im almost jealous. The smooth clean lines, elegantly simple design, and clear on burnished copper finish bring the class like your Daddys brand new girlfriend without the high maintenance price tag. Mix up some major lush in this versatile Ish for personalized super shroom cloud att-I-tude reassigning. Stop fighting it, you deserve this. ✌ ????????????????

  39. Joseph C. (verified owner)

    Love this device! Easy to carry around

  40. Anthony


  41. Thomas McCurry

    Broke my original for my PS1 while cleaning and so i ordered this one. Arrived in a couple days ans works great. I noticed that the mouthpiece is slightly different, honestly a better design on the original. Will be buying another in future.

  42. Thomas McCurry

    Broke my original for my PS1 while cleaning and so i ordered this one. Arrived in a couple days ans works great. I noticed that the mouthpiece is slightly different, honestly a better design on the original. Will be buying another in future.

  43. Keri Coombs (verified owner)

    Got an extra immediately with PS1 order, just in case of tragic accident involving glass bubbler

  44. Terence Josey

    There is something to be said about using genuine parts. As they are engineered to work with certain models. Lessons to be learned here is that using after market or knock offs just don’t work as good as the real deal. Hamilton got this right.

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