How Do You Use a Push-Button Vape Pen?

How Do You Use a Push Button Vape Pen

If you’re used to using puff-activated vape pens or disposable vapes, you might experience a bit of a surprise when you encounter a vaporizer with a manual fire button for the first time. To make your previous devices work, all you had to do was puff on them. What are you supposed to do with a vape pen that has a fire button?

You’ll quickly learn, however, that learning how to use a push-button vape pen has several advantages. Having a vape pen with a manual fire button means that you can turn your device on and off at will, which eliminates accidental firing and reduces the potential of overheating. Also, a vape pen with a manual fire button tends to produce bigger vapor clouds than one that uses a puff-activated firing mechanism. A push-button vape pen may also offer advanced features such as the ability to operate at different power levels.

Reading this article, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about how to use a push-button vape pen. After just one or two sessions, using your vaporizer will be second nature – and you’ll wonder why you ever used a vape pen with puff-activated firing.

What Are the Best Push-Button Vape Pens?

CCELL Push Button Vape Pen

Before we dive fully into the subject matter at hand, we’d like to discuss some options if you’re here because you’re still shopping for your first push-button vape pen. Here are some of the best vape pens with manual fire buttons that we offer here at Hamilton Devices.

  • CCELL® M3B: This 510-thread battery is sleek, easy to use and surprisingly affordable. It’s a natural fit if you’re looking for the best 510 battery for vape cartridges, but that doesn’t mean it’s short on features. The CCELL® M3B offers three operational power levels of 2.8, 3.2 and 3.6 volts.
  • Nomad: The ultimate solution for dabbing or enjoying vape cartridges on the go, the Nomad operates at three power levels of 3.4, 3.8 and 4.2 volts and uses a glass mouthpiece for maximum flavor quality. The Nomad also includes a glass bubbler and a water pipe attachment, and it all comes in a durable protective case.
  • The Shiv: This vaporizer might seem a bit bulky with its boxy shape and 900 mAh battery, but it has a special surprise up its sleeve. Using a convenient side-mounted switch allows you to retract the connected cartridge directly into the body of the device. The Shiv offers fully adjustable voltage and operates at any power level between 2.0 and 3.8 volts.

How to Turn on a Vape Pen

Although there are many push-button vape pens in the world, the great news for you is that if you know how to use one of them, you essentially know how to use them all. Much of that is due to the fact that vape pens with manual fire buttons usually share a universal control scheme. With almost every push-button vape pen, you can turn the device on and off by pressing the button five times. The device’s screen or status light should turn on or flash in response.

Nomad Push Button Vape Pen

If you’re wondering how to turn on a dab pen with a push button, the instructions are usually the same for all devices: You’ll turn the dab pen on by pressing the fire button five times. Occasionally, though, a dab pen also has a built-in preheating mode that causes the device to fire at a low voltage for several seconds to soften wax automatically. How to enable the preheating mode depends on the design of your device, but you’ll usually do it by pressing the button either two or three times.

Curious about how to turn on a vape pen without a button? The answer is that there’s generally no need because a vape pen that doesn’t have a fire button is always on. In other words, a vape pen without a fire button should work when you puff on it. If it doesn’t, it’s likely that the battery is dead. It’s also possible that the connected cartridge has a problem. Learn more about how to fix a vape pen that isn’t working.

How to Use a Push-Button Vape Pen

Here are the steps to use a pen with button –

1. Turn on the device. Connect a vape cartridge or wax coil.
2. Load the cartridge or coil as usual.
3. Puff on the mouthpiece while holding the fire button.
4. Press the fire button just before puffing for instant activation.
5. Enjoy bigger and more potent clouds with the manual fire button.

Shiv Push Button Vape Pen

Many push-button vape pens offer advanced features that are unique to those devices. To find out how those features work, consult your device’s instruction manual. We’ll cite a few specific examples here.

  • To change the voltage with the CCELL® M3B, press the fire button three times.
  • To change the voltage with the Shiv, press the two adjustment buttons under the display.
  • To put the Nomad into puff-activated firing mode, press the fire button twice. This mode is useful when the device is connected to a bong.

What to Do if a Push-Button Vape Pen Isn’t Hitting

If your vape pen doesn’t generate vapor when you push the button, we’ll provide a few words of advice here that can help. If these tips don’t resolve the issue, refer to the article mentioned above for more in-depth troubleshooting advice.

  • Make sure that the vape pen is turned on by pressing the fire button five times.
  • Make sure that the battery is fully charged. A vape pen won’t work if the battery is dead.
  • Try connecting a different cartridge or coil. A vape pen won’t work if it can’t detect the connected cartridge, which can happen if the cartridge has a manufacturing defect.
  • Make sure that the vape pen’s threading is clean. If oil leaks into the threading, it can prevent the vape pen from making a solid connection with the cartridge.