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Are you trying to see the stars tonight? If so, hop on Hamilton Devices Starship for the most amazing high you will ever experience! We would like to introduce the first ever 3 heating element devices! Our Starship is perfect for those who like to take their vaping experience to a different level. Also, great for a group sesh or a solo smoke. The Starship comes with a bong attachment for our bong lovers out there! This attachment can be used to achieve fresher, cooler, and smoother hits by providing extra filtration.


  • Button Activated
  • Click Button 2 Times Auto Activated While Using Bong
  • High Quality Circuit Board
  • Power: Low = Blue (3.2V), Medium = White (3.7V), High = Red (4.2V)
  • Battery Capacity: 1450mAh
  • Resistance Range: ≥0.5Ω
  • Connector: Screw-in 510 Thread
  • Size: Φ34mm (W) * 195mm (H)
  • Color: Black, Red
  • Charging: Type-C Charger
  • Charging Time: 1.5 hours
  • Package: 1pc Starship Battery, 1pc Glass Mouthpiece, 1pc Water Pipe Attachment, 3pcs Wax Coils, 1pc Type-C Cable, 1pc Dab Tool, 2pcs O-rings, 2pcs Dummy Plugs, 1pc QR Card

*Cartridge not included

MAINTENANCE TIPS: Any device dealing with oils has the potential to leak. Regular cleaning will keep the device at its optimal performance.

RECOMMENDED CLEANING: 1-2 times per cartridge change or depending on usage. Please use a Q-Tip and rubbing alcohol

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90 reviews for Starship

  1. Andrew Z (verified owner)

    This thing was aptly named, because my first hit took me to Saturn! Word of warning, though, do NOT fire your carts on high, especially new ones. I was dumb and screwed up (by not heeding the provided warning), so please don’t ruin your carts like I did. Aside from that blunder, though, this thing will get you where you wanna go in no time flat!

  2. Melanie (verified owner)

    I really enjoy having 3 interchangable heads, although it doesn’t have a sturdy base and will tip over if not careful. I’ve purchased 2 PS1 devices and this one doesn’t have a built in water chamber like the those devices. 2 of the PS1’s I have had this issue.

  3. Scott (verified owner)

    This thing is amazing! I never leave reviews but this thing is so bad ass that I had to. If you are a daily smoker and think carts are just too weak or the high doesn’t last, then this is the device you need to change all that. I put three high quality live resin carts in it and 2-3 hits later you’re flying at about 30,000 ft. The best part is that you’re stoned for the same amount of time as smoking flower. One of the best weed devices I have ever purchased. Complete game changer for cartridges. Just buy it and find out for yourself.

  4. Braydon (verified owner)

    Feels like I’m going to space

  5. John (verified owner)

    Works better than expected with different ways of setting up.

  6. David Flynn (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE this device. So much so that I talked my neighbor into getting one and two other friends are going to buy one as well. This would easily have gotten 5 stars, but the firing is a little flakey. Loaded with 3 carts, it flashes white a couple times until it gets it. And then it’s good night Irene. Best device I’ve ever used, minus the firing issue.

  7. Miky O’Bar (verified owner)

    Great Hits. Too expensive. Would not recommend or purchase again

  8. Cliff Fischer (verified owner)

    What is great about this is the cooling of the vapor and the adjustability. Do you want to use one cart or two or three? Or you have the choice of doing the same thing with the dabs. However, you want this thing to hit it will do it for you and do it smoothly. You put three strong items in there and I promise you it will make you higher than you have ever been in your life. I have recommended this to everyone that I know.

  9. Nainoa P. (verified owner)

    Love it heavy user

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Just WOW. Works exactly as intended and hits soooo smooth. Such a unicorn item I’ve considered buying another one just to have as a back up in case my first ever breaks or if I lose it. This is a MUST HAVE, not only incredible to use but impress your friends for days!

  11. Eric S. (verified owner)

    It’s pretty good but it doesn’t wanna work with 3 carts together.

  12. Brian (verified owner)

    It’sa beast. You should buy it.

  13. Osmond (verified owner)

    This thing is bonkers. I LOVE IT!
    Really well made, hits like a truck and love the bong attachment. It’s quite a hit at parties too. Smoke in the glass is mesmerizing to look at. Worth every penny!
    Only downside is the glass gets “dirty” immediately and is hard to clean

  14. Benny P. (verified owner)

    Phenomenal device

  15. Scales the Human

    This thing is a game changer! I love it! Perfect for creating fun new flavor combinations or making your own absolute perfect “hybrid.” But I warn you, tread lightly! This thing will kick you straight in the throat if you aren’t careful. 10/10 recommend!

  16. Derek Rogers (verified owner)

    I love the device however the bong attachment broke in 2 days

  17. Rebecca cavey

    9/10 love it so much bought one from my local smoke shop only problem is I have my medical card and the cops smashed mine :(, bought a second one glass piece broke again I stumbled this website looking for replacement pieces but other than that Awsome product one or two hits and you will be blasted

  18. Rebecca cavey

    9/10 love it so much bought one from my local smoke shop only problem is I have my medical card and the cops smashed mine :(, bought a second one glass piece broke again I stumbled soon this website looking for replacement pieces but other than that Awsome product one or two hits and you will be blasted

  19. Brendon O. (verified owner)

    They picked the right name for this piece

  20. Chris K

    this thing hits like a beast I hit 3 cart out of a gas mask with it I was really Feeling it defiantly a must have for stoners NOT FOR BEGINNERS

  21. Cole (verified owner)

    Unlike anything else 10/10

  22. Susan (verified owner)

    Wow it is everything they say it is awesome I got one for my son for his birthday he loved it it was a lot of fun

  23. CrawlFaced (verified owner)

    This device is amazing! I’ve tried a lot of 510 threaded vapes in the past, but nothing compares to the Starship. It’ll absolutely put you into orbit. I learned about it from the Steve Jessup podcast on YouTube. Dude is right, it hits like a truck. Try it and I’m sure you’ll be screaming, “Goin out!” just before you lose consciousness!

  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Definitely worth the already insane deal this thing is priced at, haven’t had a better cart battery!! Love the selectable heat settings too!! Nothing beats it!!!

  25. Isaiah R. (verified owner)


  26. J Legacy Chester (verified owner)

    THIS THING GET RELENTLESS!!!!! I have a pretty heavy tolerance when it comes to smoking, but this thing….this thing will make you wish you did get on a Starship! by the time you read this, you already on a Satellite Flight!

  27. Nim

    I use it for something other than weed and holy crap! Starship is the perfect name because I blast off to the other site every. single. time!

  28. Emily L. (verified owner)

    One of the settings doesn’t work so instead of three I got two settings that work and one that doesnt

  29. Joulian Wilson

    I was absolutely blown away by the starship my first few uses. Shortly after regular use my amazing experience turned horrible and I’m not sure how to proceed. This base has everything even an auto off timer for us stoners, overall I’m very impressed and I’m sure others who like venturing to space like me would be aswell, but here’s my problem. About a week into use one thread stopped working and my starship became a mere doubles device, at the two week mark now only one thread is firing. I would love to know how to fix this but there is little to no information on this product or it’s issues. I would greatly appreciate help with this issue.

    • HD Support Team (store manager)

      Our Support team reached out via email with assistance!

  30. Robert Schuemann (verified owner)

    One of a kind it’s awesome I’ve tried every which way you can use it and I love it along with my friends

  31. Jeff

    This thing is so sweet talk about to the moon money well spent hits like a tank and would definitely recommend

  32. matt

    Caught my eye on the shelves at my local shop, Simple Garden CBD, and absolutely HAD to have this– wow what a great device !

  33. Michael F. (verified owner)

    Ok. The Starship is INSANE. This is for the total Stoner like me. I’ve been smoking weed 50 yrs. Now with all the legal choices. This device will literally send you into space. Only thing is it’s not for the budget user. It can use 3 carts at a time. I used 3 – 1 gram sauce carts. OMG. Instant rush. Then I put in one of the concentrate coils and put sugar in that and 2 vape carts. Then I woke up 🤣🤣 . I’m waiting for my buddy come over, then I will but 2 coils the one cart. I’ll use Diamonds , Sugar and sauce at once. What a great device. I’m gonna buy 2 more. I for each house . Caution: DO NOT USE THIS DEVICE WHILE DRIVING. YOU WILL FADE OUT FOR AWHILE. I DEFINITELY WOULD RECOMMEND BUYING ONE . ENJOY

  34. Jacob (verified owner)

    This thing is awesome and it rips like no other but the water pipe attachment desperately needs a choke hole! The attachment will not otherwise clear simply by pulling it out from the downstem. It’s so bad that I tried carefully drilling a hole myself and broke it! 😬

  35. Robert L. (verified owner)

    Out of this world 🌎

  36. lzgetitent (verified owner)

    Yo this thing sent me to the moon off the first hit. Innovative and impressive.

  37. Josh (verified owner)

    Just WOW! Fantastic job. Super effective 👌 👏 👍

  38. George W. (verified owner)

    Works incredible, only downside, drains carts quickly.

  39. Robert A. (verified owner)

    Great device prefect for on the go and for a quick session dabbs and a cart hit at the same time prefect combo

  40. Cinque B. (verified owner)

    If it was out of 10 it would be a12

  41. Jeff

    Would it be possible to add a new addition to the Starship line that will work with 2g carts. Call it the Starship XL or somethin

  42. Ben

    The first day it was amazing. But now I’m not sure why the smoke only comes out of one side when I inhale. The 3 carts are half full and it’s the 2nd day I have it. It will just blink red now whenever I try to inhale te smoke.

    • HD Support Team (store manager)

      We reached out via email!

  43. GalacticOverlord

    The Starship is great for custom mixing your noids. With 3 carts in place it makes a dense cloud of vapor in the chamber. Open the carb hole and breathe it all in; it’s potent but not rough at all. The only improvement I could make is some kind of magnetic attachment for the carts since it can be challenging to get fat fingers to screw in the 3rd cart. I highly recommend the buy.

  44. Garrett (verified owner)

    100% recommended if u have a high tolerance and still tryna get super baked

  45. Christian Santiago (verified owner)

    100 out of 10

  46. Anonymous (verified owner)


  47. Jb

    Love it. Could be a little more sturdy. A silicone sleeve for the glass tubes would be a nice add on.

  48. Jbrown

    The base could be a couple millimeters wider to fit 2gram carts. The rubber seal could be more like the kr1 and the ps1, not much to grip. The airflow switch could work a little better to fully clear. Would be nice to have a cleaning kit add on. Otherwise it hits beautifully. Best with glycerin cooled bong.

  49. Scott S. (verified owner)

    Starship is everything you want and need

  50. Amber Olivarez

    My only complaint is… why it take so long? 😂 just kidding. I seriously love this device. It’s so convenient. Replacement glass is VERY affordable, so it’s great for clumsy people like me. Turns off on its own! Great product all around!

  51. Christine N. (verified owner)

    Best mod from the company to date. The starship has a amazing smooth hit with a explosion of flavor at the lowest voltage setting since it now has three carts.

  52. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This thing is truly goated.

  53. Ray V. (verified owner)

    Out of this world

  54. Alan Todd (verified owner)

    Even better than super and with the bong adapter it’s awesome

  55. Miguel Prieto (verified owner)

    This is amazing 🤩. Hands down a work of genius

  56. Djblue Streams (verified owner)

    Its so good I bought another however oil is a pain to use its super messy!

  57. Jamie J Jensen (verified owner)

    I received it Sunday and so far I am and total love with it haven’t tried concentrate on it but I have tried the cartridges and let me tell you a perfect name for it you’re going to the Stars good job now like I said I’ve had it only a few days but let me tell you so far I’m proud

  58. Sarah Ellis (verified owner)

    I am loving it

  59. Evan B. (verified owner)

    This thing rips!!

  60. william fausnaught (verified owner)

    This device is amazing. Makes those THC carts actually worth it! Trust me when I say I’ve been absolutely recommending this device to all my friends and family

  61. Rocky Baker (verified owner)

    Great device for cartridges, can be a little tricky getting the third cartridge screwed in if you have thick fingers. On the wax coils they are good except my concentrate likes to build up on the walls of the coils. My biggest dislike is the button, it’s not flush with the body and just feels cheap unlike the rest of it.

  62. Myron K (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing product. Well designed and thought out. I pleasantly surprised that I can do wax also

  63. David I. (verified owner)

    Getting it done at warp speed!

  64. Rex (verified owner)

    Loved it! Its an ass-kicker.

  65. Kevin (verified owner)

    Love it! Worth every penny

  66. Marci C. (verified owner)

    Best Purchase I’ve EVER made!!!! MUST BUY!!!! It hits real smooth also you can smoke out of your bong!! Best thing to ever come out with!! Thank you Hampton devices!

  67. Peter (verified owner)

    Works great !! Had to pay extra for shipping to Canada which kind of sucks but the product is great !!

  68. Brad (verified owner)

    First hit I took, I was using all 3 dab cups. Let me tell ya….this is the only rig….electric or water, that has put me on the floor. Bong attachment is great, and allows for more vapor pulled before you clear it.

  69. victor conti (verified owner)

    Fantastic product, just love it

  70. Russell Hamilton (verified owner)

    Totally awesome device

  71. Mason

    I like it

  72. Jaycee (verified owner)

    Works great! Dab tool was missing from the box however

  73. Karl Jeffries

    By far the greatest way to enjoy cartridges I’ve found so far. It’s a game changer, I will be using this thing exclusively from now on for all my 510 cart needs. Looks a bit like a wiener, but I ain’t complaining.

  74. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Best device for vape I’ve ever bought!

  75. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Overkill in a awesome way

  76. Jestin Eldredge

    I fricking love this thing. Definitely my go to device now. Use it daily with absolutely no problems. Its like going into Hyperspace at the push of button.

  77. Adam sorrels (verified owner)

    Hello and good day future space travelers. I am your captain and im here to give you a quick briefing on the on the STARSHIP Hamilton. Cadets this here ship is no joke! (Yells!!!!)Quite to the sceptics in the back ) but for real now. I saw the long review and was like nah it cant be that good. And if not its a cool piece to have around. . . . . . i am sorry for even doubting the starship. Loaded 3 carts on with air flow open and and the lowest heat setting. No let me tell you what if you buy this thinking its just another device. WRONG! this will literally take you to the moon and an HEALTHY RESPECT (loaded with 91% cart) needs to be given. I took a good ol rip off of it first go and i f**ck*d around and found out. I was communing with the old gods and the new for some time. For a device it is a little on the bigger size so its not an every day carry item. But for a group sesh or a hell of a solo trip this is amazing. So if you’re looking to take your vaping experience to a whole other galaxy, hop aboard the starship and have fun amongst the stars. Safe travels 🤙

  78. Saul Amaya (verified owner)

    It is an amazing device the best I have in my collection so far

  79. Ryan (verified owner)

    I totally agree with all the positive reviews. I was worried that it was a gimmick but this thing hits at least as hard as a dab rig.

  80. Jay (verified owner)

    Works great. USB-C charge is much faster too so less down time

  81. Mr Fancy (verified owner)

    First of all, let me catch my breath! Wholly f**k!! Before figuring out there was a vent on the bottom, or even the initial charge I needed to know what I got myself into. You have been warned how evil this starship is! Be ready to blast off! If you can barely handle the Cloak and cant event make it till it blinks off. Then stay away from this. This machine blows smoke like a diesel muffler. This is for some serious oil heads, the ones who need a slap to the dome. Ripping on it while not covering the carb cap sure makes for a nice smoke show. 🙂

  82. Darrick Williams (verified owner)

    Great device

  83. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Woah! Get ready for blast off! This thing HITS

  84. Jesse (verified owner)

    Wow…where to begin, this thing hits HARD and will get you BLITZED…the carts work great I love being able to mix three different kinds without having to blend them in one single cart, and the wax coils hit even harder, three at once and you’ll deep in space with this Starship, without a doubt my new favorite piece!!!

  85. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great sleek finish. Works as advertised. Quick relief without much effort and not time consuming. One to two inhales and you will feel effects instantly.

  86. Jon (verified owner)

    This will put the fear of god in you: Iv tried every 510 thread vape cartridge device and I didn’t think this would be all that much different(big mistake) adjusted the air flow at the bottom to low, placed 3 strong cartridges in, white setting, covered the carb hole and and attempted to do a blinker(7sec on the starship) – it doesn’t even put out “smoke” – it’s seriously like inhaling pure white cotton!! I BARELT even make it to 7 seconds. It obliterated me with a massive cloud of pure white vapor and I quickly had to lay in the fetal position on the couch for a while…..this is another dimension of vaping cartridges and TRULY a revolutionary device in the old 510 thread battery department. Truly, truly next level device and whoever make it is an absolute genius. Please have a healthy reapect for the starship! It is like nothing you have ever tried before and WILL put you down and if you overdue it like I did: have a nice trip to outer space. Seriously.

  87. Ryan Hartman (verified owner)

    I love this thing. Talk about goin to outter space this starship will do just that. Have a nice trip…

  88. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Hits like a truck

  89. CHANCE (verified owner)


  90. James S. (verified owner)

    The pen works good painting all three at the same time fun you got to adjust them though

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