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The Best of Both Worlds: Flavor and Potency

The iconic pen-style battery, M3 series, is back at it again with a new member of its family-the M3 Plus, a simpler solution to those who like to switch it up between flavor and potency.

At just a switch away, personalize your experience with two different heat options that allow you to find your perfect hit. Along with its dual heat settings, M3 Plus is equipped with a stable battery, assisting the delivery of consistent vapors and taste of your favorite contents.

Instantly activated via inhalation, pick up an M3 Plus and allow it to take you on a magical journey.

Flavor and Potency at Just a Switch Away

As simple as shifting the subtly incorporated slide switch, the M3 Plus features two different heat settings that provide the optimal experience for your needs.

To enjoy truer-to-taste flavors for high terpene extracts such as live resin or rosin, switch to the Flavor setting (L). Just can’t get enough? Potency setting (H) realizes larger clouds and maximum potency but is sure to avoid burnt tastes, perfect for those who appreciate stronger hits.

* For best vaping experience, it is recommended to pair with CCELL cartridges.

Always Charged and Ready to Go

Coming in fresh, M3 Plus is compatible with the latest and most powerful Type-C charging, bringing more convenience so that you can quickly access your vape again. Packed in this small body is a 350mAH battery that offers durable companionship for you and your favorite contents.


* Battery Capacity: 350mAh

* Output Voltage:

– Flavor Setting (L): 2.8V

– Potency Setting (H): 3.3V

* Dimensions: Φ12 x 86.4H (mm)

* Body: Stainless steel

* Standard 510 thread

* Dual-heat slide switch

* Inhale activated

* Built-in LED indicator

* Type-C charging

* Available for customization


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27 reviews for M3 Plus

  1. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    Some time it works better than others. Maybe a cart thing? Like 5ge c. Charge

  2. Jeffrey (verified owner)

    Works Extremely Good

  3. Daniel H. (verified owner)

    Best CCELL battery yet. Low/High switch is helpful.

    My only complaint is that the LED is only on one side of the battery. It’s not easily visible.

  4. Dominick (verified owner)

    These batteries rock!

  5. Stephen (verified owner)

    Draw sensitivity is great. Works well with no preheat.

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing pulls

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Works well. The new switch between high and low modes is a nice additional.

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    haven’t tired it yet

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Lightning fast shipping

  10. Richard B. (verified owner)

    Pretty awesome

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)


  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great battery

  13. Nathan (verified owner)

    Top Quality

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great hits, good battery life.

  15. Scott Bremer (verified owner)

    Great little pen for on the go . Hits really good and smooth . Good pen for the money

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent battery

  17. Brandon L. (verified owner)

    My favorite Battery

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)


  19. Jose (verified owner)

    My favorite vape so far.

  20. Candice M. (verified owner)

    I really like the H-L option, and I enjoy that it’s inhale activated vs a button. It also feels a tad bit heftier than say a ROVE of similar style, and it’s thicker than the average ball-point pen. I’d buy again or gift.

  21. Susan (verified owner)

    Very happy with it

  22. Kenneth M. (verified owner)

    very niice

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very nice battery!

  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great features. Ccell is setting the new standard for 510 thread carts

  25. Brandon L. (verified owner)

    The Best Vape Battery Ever

  26. Romeo Montes (verified owner)

    Smooth draw with BIG POWER

  27. lolavachechaton (verified owner)

    for a draw activation pen im personally rather impressed. this is my first full draw activation pen and im glad i went with this one
    with having an option between 2.8v and 3.3v ((con#1) would much prefer 2.6v for a low) is nice since no other draw activation pen ive found has this feature without the magnetic adapters
    the only actual complaint i have with this pen is its (con#2) 350mah capacity which is better than a couple of the other 510 pens i have owned since i usually only have to charge the pen once a day rather than 2-3 a day but i guess thats the trade off here
    overall i cant really complain that much about it
    the M3 Plus is well worth its value especially since (imo) it has quite the advantage over the M3b with the M3 Plus having a usbC charging port rather then a screw on charger as well the M3 Plus is slightly cheaper
    so overall 5 star

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