CCELL® Mini Tank

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CCELL® Mini Tank

Small Size, Supreme Experienc

Palm-Sized & Perfectly Stealthy

Mini Tank AIO devices are made to be extremely small so you can conceal them within the palm of your hand, eliminating undesired attention and keeping consumption as discreet as possible.

No More Leaks or Loud Pockets

By sliding the switch* to the “off” mode, you can not only prevent oil leakage and debris from entering the device, but also seal off scents emanating from the oil within.

*Optional feature

Clog-Free, Hassle-Free

The dual air vents built into every Mini Tank ensure a seamless extract vaporization experience every time. Enjoy cloud-filled, uninterrupted sessions without any annoying clogs!

Isolated Airway, Clean Vapor

The airway within the Mini Tank is designed to be isolated from the battery, PCBA, and other electronic components, ensuring the cleanest and safest possible vapor in every inhale.

Hassle-Free Batch-Capping
Streamline your production process with a quick, hassle-free snap, and save valuable time and resources with our snap-fit mouthpiece design. Batch-capped at 18 pieces* at a time, this all-in-one device provides a tight, secure seal in a flash.

*Maximum batch-capping quantity may be updated in the future. Contact your sales rep. for the latest info.

EVOMAX Heating Element

Say goodbye to vape hardware that clogs, leaks, delivers unsatisfying flavors, and works well with distillates but poorly with high-terpene extracts such as live rosins and liquid diamonds!

Meet CCELL EVOMAX, the advanced heating platform that works flawlessly with your oil. Whether you are working with live rosin, liquid diamonds, live resin, distillate, or another type of oil, the EVOMAX ceramic heating element consistently delivers a clog-free, leak-free, and true-to-strain cannabis experience for your customers.


  • Tank Volume: 0.5ml/1ml
  • Battery Capacity: 200mAh
  • Dimensions: 63H x 36W x 15D (mm) / 2.5H x 1.4W x 0.6D (in)
  • Extremely Compact and Discreet Body
  • Aroma Seal-Off and Anti-Leakage Switch (Optional)
  • SE Heating Element (Standard) or EVOMAX Heating Element (Optional)
  • Clog-Free Dual Air Vents
  • Clean Vapor and Enhanced Safety via Isolated Airway
  • Inhale Activated
  • USB-C Charging
  • Available for Customization