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100% Live Rosin and Liquid Diamond Ready
Due to their optimized heating element structure, TH2-EVOMAX cartridges ensure total compatibility with all cannabis oils. This compatibility particularly shines when paired with difficult-to-work-with oils such as live rosins and liquid diamonds.

Anti-Clogging & Anti-Leakage
The walls and pores of the heating elements built within TH2-EVOMAX cartridges were scientifically designed to ensure a perfect balance between a consistent oil supply and precise vaporization, providing a seamless, uninterrupted consumption experience for your customers.

Full Flavor Profiles Unlocked Every Time
The heating elements built within TH2-EVOMAX cartridges come with improved heat distribution, promoting more effective terpene vaporization and delivering true-to-strain tastes in every inhale.

Wide-Ranging Mouthpiece Options
Stand out from the crowd with unique TH2-EVOMAX mouthpiece options! These options are available in various materials such as ceramic, metal, plastic, biodegradable PLA, and wood, as well as multiple shapes, including duckbill, bullet, hourglass, and barrel.

Hassle-Free Batch-Capping
Streamline your production process with a quick, hassle-free snap, and save valuable time and resources with our snap-fit mouthpiece design. Batch-capped at 50 pieces at a time, the TH2-EVOMAX provides a tight, secure seal in a flash.

*Batch-capping only available for snap-fit mouthpieces.


  • Tank Volume: 0.5ml/1ml
  • Dimensions: Φ0.41 x 2.04H/2.60H (in) / Φ10.5 x 51.8H/66.1H (mm)
  • Resistance: 1.7Ω
  • Aperture Size: 4 x Φ2mm
  • Snap-Fit Mouthpiece
  • Borosilicate Glass Body
  • Medical-Grade Stainless Steel Center Post