The Future of CCELL®: What’s Next?

The Future of CCELL

One of the challenges of being the leader in an industry is that consumers and industry observers expect you to do whatever is necessary to retain that position. Luckily for the company’s many fans in the vaping community, CCELL® has done exactly that. The latest CCELL® products feature an exciting combination of new technologies and eye-catching new designs, and people are raving about them.

The thing that CCELL®’s most ardent fans want to know, though, is what the world’s leading vaping brand might do in the future. Although we sadly don’t have a crystal ball, we do have a great deal of experience in the vaping industry and can offer some ideas as to what advancements may appear in CCELL®’s products in the future based on what’s happened in the field so far. In this article, that’s exactly what we’ll do.

What’s next for CCELL®? Here are our predictions.

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CCELL® Products Will Become Safer than Ever

One of the biggest trends in the recent products from CCELL® is that they’ve almost always included a variety of exciting new safety enhancements. You may not have noticed a difference from a usage standpoint, but the CCELL® products of today are markedly safer than those of the past. Here are just a few of the safety enhancements featured in CCELL®’s recent products.

  • A new corrosion-resistant coating helps the stainless-steel heating coil maintain a stable electrical resistance and delays the onset of oxidation.
  • An enhanced ceramic core reduces the production of harmful compounds such as ketones and aldehydes by up to 57 percent.
  • CCELL® has upgraded the heating element in its cartridges and other hardware to use 316L stainless steel, which is the same alloy used for medical equipment. CCELL®’s coils exceed the strictest regulatory standards for lead and other heavy metal content.

Given the massive safety enhancements that have been added to CCELL®’s products over the past few years, there is every reason to expect that the company will continue to lead the industry in identifying and minimizing or eliminating as many potential harms of vaping as possible.

CCELL® Will Continue to Act as an Environmental Steward

As vaping continues to increase in popularity, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that in the very near future, those who choose to vape their favorite herb will outnumber those who smoke it. Because vaping products are being produced in such enormous numbers every day, it’s becoming increasingly important for the manufacturers in the vaping industry to be mindful of the impact that their products have on the environment.

CCELL® has always taken its role as an environmental steward seriously, and we predict that the company’s products will only continue to become more environmentally friendly in the future. For example, CCELL® now uses an aqueous casting process for its ceramic cores that reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 35 percent.

CCELL® Devices Will Become More Advanced

As advanced as CCELL®’s ceramic coils have become, it’s important to remember that devices are equally important to the company’s business. As people gain vaping experience, they invariably begin to demand more from their hardware. They want bigger clouds, smoother flavors and more reliable performance. CCELL® has already responded to this demand with new devices such as the CCELL® Sandwave and CCELL® Palm Pro, which offer advanced features like adjustable voltage, automatic coil preheating and airflow control. CCELL® vape batteries will undoubtedly continue to become more advanced in the future.

What technologies might be coming to future CCELL® devices? Look for features like higher-density batteries that last longer between charges and improved airflow characteristics that allow you to get even more vapor and flavor out of your cartridges. It’s even possible that CCELL® will create devices with features like automatic temperature control to prevent harsh “dry hits” when a cartridge is empty. CCELL® may release higher-end devices with digital displays to allow for additional configuration options. You may see devices with the ability to deliver power in variable pulses to prevent coils from burning out during long puffs. Whatever CCELL® introduces in the future, it’s certain that the company’s many fans will be clamoring for it as they do the devices of today.