Jetstream Mini: Instruction Manual and Product Guide

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At Hamilton Devices, we’ve earned widespread industry acclaim over the past several years as we’ve released one revolutionary new vaporizer after another. We’re the originators of the Starship, the first vaporizer capable of using any combination of up to three vape cartridges or wax coils simultaneously. We also developed the Jetstream, a device that combines support for up to three cartridges with an automatic air pump that makes vaping as comfortable and natural as breathing.

The new Jetstream Mini marries the innovative air pump of the original Jetstream with a smaller and more pocketable design that’s ready to travel everywhere with you. Combining effortless self-propelled vapor with the ability to vape at three different power levels, the Jetstream Mini provides everything you could possibly want in a portable vape battery.

This page is your complete instruction manual and product guide for the Jetstream Mini vaporizer by Hamilton Devices. In it, we’ll explain everything that you need to know about how this vaporizer works and how to use it. We’ll also provide some helpful tips and recommendations that can make your experience even better. Let’s dive in!

How Does the Jetstream Mini Work?

The Jetstream Mini consists of two components: the main body of the device and the removable translucent plastic side panel. The side panel provides protection for the cartridge and allows you to see your oil supply at a glance. Magnets on the panel allow it to attach securely to the side of the device.

The automatic air pump is the feature that makes the Jetstream Mini different from any other portable vaporizer, and it’s so simple to operate that you’ll be a master in minutes. Vaping with the Jetstream Mini is just as easy as it would be with a standard vape battery because a single button controls every function. Holding the fire button activates the cartridge and the air pump at the same time. The vapor simply pours into your mouth; it’s that simple. The air pump is so strong that the mouthpiece doesn’t even need to touch your mouth.

Jetstream Mini vs. Original Jetstream: How Do They Compare?

The original Jetstream and Jetstream Mini share the same core feature in that they both have automatic air pumps that send the vapor directly into your mouth. Otherwise, though, the two devices are fairly different from one another and have different use cases. This comparison will help you decide which one is right for you.

  • The original Jetstream costs $169.99 at the time of writing, while the Jetstream Mini costs $67.99.
  • The Jetstream Mini is significantly smaller, measuring just 62.5 mm high. The original Jetstream, on the other hand, is 95 mm high – and that’s before the glass mouthpiece is installed. The Jetstream Mini is designed for portability and on-the-go enjoyment, whereas the original Jetstream is more of an at-home vaporizer.
  • The original Jetstream works with up to three cartridges or wax coils simultaneously. The Jetstream Mini, on the other hand, uses a single cartridge. The Jetstream Mini is compatible with most one-gram and two-gram vape carts, and it isn’t designed for use with wax coils.
  • The original Jetstream has full voltage control, providing a power range of 2.0-4.5 volts for the device itself and 4.5-7.0 volts for the air pump. The Jetstream Mini has three available power settings of 3.0, 3.4 and 3.8 volts.

How to Set Up and Use the Jetstream Mini

Inside the Jetstream Mini package, you’ll find the device itself along with a USB-C charging cable, a warranty card and a printed instruction manual. Before you begin using the Jetstream Mini, charge the battery fully by connecting the device to your computer. When the LED on the side of the Jetstream Mini turns off, the device is fully charged.

Once the battery is charged, you’re ready to set the Jetstream Mini up for use. Remove the plastic side panel from the device and screw a vape cartridge into the threading. Replace the side panel, and you’re ready to start vaping.

To use the Jetstream Mini, follow these steps.

  • Turn the device on by pressing the fire button five times.
  • Hold the fire button to vape. The fire button activates the cartridge and the air pump simultaneously, allowing you to vape with or without touching the cartridge’s mouthpiece – all that you need to do is inhale.
  • To change the device’s power level, press the fire button three times. The LED on the side of the device changes color to indicate the selected voltage.
    • Blue: 3.0 volts
    • Green: 3.4 volts
    • Red: 3.8 volts
  • When your vaping session is over, press the fire button five times to turn the Jetstream Mini off.

Tips and Tricks for a Better Vaping Experience

One of the greatest things about the Jetstream Mini is how user friendly it is. We believe that you’ll feel like a pro with this device after just a few minutes, even if you’ve never used a vaporizer before. Still, you may find it helpful to know a few additional tips and tricks.

  • If your Jetstream Mini produces a burnt flavor, try lowering the voltage. Some vape carts work best at lower power levels.
  • If a cartridge leaks, always remove the oil from your device promptly to prevent it from contaminating the threading or internal electronics. You can remove oily concentrates using a cotton swab moistened slightly with rubbing alcohol. It’s also a good idea to clean your device’s threading occasionally even if a cartridge hasn’t leaked.
  • Maximize the battery life of your Jetstream Mini by turning the device off after each vaping session. Also, you should always make sure that the device is turned off before storing it in your pocket or transporting it.


Recommended Accessories for the Jetstream Mini

A great vape cartridge is always the most important accessory for the Jetstream Mini or any other oil vaporizer. We’ve published an entire guide to the best vape cartridges that you may find helpful if you’ve never tried buying your own empty carts before. Hamilton Devices is an official seller of CCELL® vape carts, which we believe to be the best cartridges on the market. CCELL® invented the ceramic vape cartridge technology that is now ubiquitous, and the company’s products have always remained a step ahead of the competition. Learn more about CCELL® technology in our comprehensive guide.

Aside from choosing the right vape cartridge for your needs, it’s also important to have the right cleaning supplies for your Jetstream Mini. We’ve already discussed the value of cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol. You may also find it helpful to have alcohol wipes available for cleaning spills quickly on the go.

It’s also worthwhile to consider buying a bubbler for use with your Jetstream Mini. When you use a bubbler, the vapor passes through a column of water before you inhale it. Water filtration provides for dramatically increased smoothness, and many people find that it greatly enhances their experience.


What to Do if the Jetstream Mini Isn’t Working

The final aspect of using the Jetstream Mini is understanding what to do if your device isn’t working as you expect. We hope that you’ll never have a problem with this device, and we also want to remind you that each of our vaporizers includes a six-month limited warranty. Register your device here. If your Jetstream Mini isn’t working as it should, here what you should do.


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Jetstream Mini Isn’t Hitting

  • Charge the battery fully. The Jetstream Mini shuts down automatically if the battery dies.
  • Remove the cartridge and check for a leak. If you find oil in the device’s threading, clean it with a cotton swab slightly moistened with rubbing alcohol. You may need to clean the bottom of the cartridge as well. Make sure that the cartridge and threading are both completely dry before vaping again.
  • If the Jetstream Mini still isn’t hitting, try using the device with a different cartridge.

Jetstream Mini Isn’t Charging

  • Connect the Jetstream Mini to a different power source. We suggest charging the device with your computer’s USB port. If you’re already doing that, try using a different port or a different computer.
  • Try using a different charging cable. If you’ve been using the same USB-C cable daily for several months, there’s a good chance that it’s developed an internal fault and is no longer able to transmit power.
  • Make sure that the Jetstream Mini’s charging port is completely clean. You can use a thin non-metal tool like a toothpick to remove any lint that may be jammed inside the charging port.

Transform Your Vaping Experience with the Jetstream Mini Now

We believe that the Jetstream Mini is destined to become the most transformative personal vaporizer on the market. No other portable vape pen has a built-in air pump that allows you to vape as freely and easily as if you were taking a breath, and the fan is so powerful that you don’t even need to put your mouth on the mouthpiece – so it’s great for sharing. Offering three power levels for maximum performance with any vape cartridge, the Jetstream Mini is completely appropriate in the hands of a total beginner or a seasoned expert. Buy yours now.

Do you have any questions about the Jetstream Mini that we haven’t answered here? Get in touch! Our friendly experts are standing by and can’t wait to hear from you.