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Hamilton Devices is proud to present KR1 – the world’s first 2-in-1 vape cartridge and concentrate bubbler. Is it hard to believe looking at its small size that the KR1 packs in a dual capability? We don’t blame you! But be assured that this handy and convenient gadget astonishingly packs in a powerful punch!

Looking for an exceptional vaping experience on the go? Or perhaps you’re trying to find the perfect device for a session with friends? Or you simply need an easy-to-use dual-purpose bubbler to vape as and when you feel like it? No matter what your vaping dreams, the KR1 can turn them into reality. 

But how does it work? It’s quite simple really. With this battery, you can use your favorite cartridges or a portable rig – the switch offers ease, convenience, and above all versatility. Plus it’s powered with a simple button with which you can adjust the voltage with 3 easy clicks. The easy click is coupled with a color-coded feature for easy functionality that lets you know what voltage the battery is on: blue for 3.2 V, white for 3.6 V, and red for 4.0 V.

The KR1 is engineered specifically for use with CCELL® cartridges but its standard threading system naturally permits it to be coupled with any 510 thread cartridge. Moreover it’s equipped with a PCTG terpene resistant housing. In terms of appearance, the KR1 is endowed with a glass bubbler and sleek design, lending it glamour and style. Be prepared to be inundated with compliments from friends on its stylish look!

MAINTENANCE TIPS: Any device dealing with oils has the potential to leak and general cleaning maintenance will keep the device at its optimal performance.
RECOMMENDED CLEANING: 1-2x per battery charge or depending on usage with a Q-Tip and rubbing alcohol.
RECOMMENDED BUBBLER CLEANING: Clean with an alcohol swab, cotton round, or Q-Tip in rubbing alcohol. Remove o-ring, cover the holes, and shake with rubbing alcohol. Immediately after, shake with dish soap and water and dry accordingly.
RECOMMENDED PLASTIC HOUSING CLEANING: Clean with an alcohol swab, cotton round, or Q-Tip in rubbing alcohol. DO NOT submerge the housing unit in rubbing alcohol. Immediately after, clean with dish soap and water any dry accordingly. DO NOT USE ACETONE OR SOLVENTS FOR CLEANING, ONLY RUBBING ALCOHOL.

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63 reviews for KR1

  1. Timothy Pourner (verified owner)

    Nice and smooth love it

  2. Timothy Rush

    I got this from a local shop as I was looking for something that would be unique and offer a different experience, and honestly I’m super impressed! Contrary to first glance, it’s actually very easy to clean and use. And the vape from it is so smooth and really preserves the flavor. It’s so good that even my boyfriend, who doesn’t even like vaping all that much, got one for when he does it on occasion.

  3. John Paul

    So far so good! Good volume, and really smooth hits.

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    Image #1 from John Paul
  4. Sean B. (verified owner)

    Biggest hits from a Cart!!!

  5. kreationz357

    Other than a fear of breaking the glass bubbler during my daily travels, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY NEW BEST FRIEND!!!

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    Image #1 from kreationz357
  6. Dalon Gray

    Device is great. A real simple portable mini rig if you would. Had an issue with mine hitting within a year and Hamilton’s customer service got back to me within 24 hours and offered a replacement to be sent out within the work week. Top notch customer service. Customer for life

  7. Jim

    Love this thing! Hits way harder than regular pens. The wax coil part is a little awkward to use. Cleaning is pretty simple with long q-tips/alcohol. There should be an auto shut off added to it.

  8. Benjamin (verified owner)

    Super cool device. Works as intended.

  9. Corey jeffrey

    i agree with one of the other comments. I wont lie i got my ass rocked on that first hit. I smoke a half cart a day. So cleaning sucks. Maybe dishwasher safe for us hard chilling stoners. While the battery charges. The coil for wax broke like a week into owning it. I love the breakdown. Kinda wish the plastic was glass. Over all very decent product.

  10. Christopher (verified owner)

    It’s awesome,hit hard great!

  11. Brian D. (verified owner)

    For the price it works. The concept is wonderful, with the carts it seems to be a hit or miss on it’s effectiveness. The wax/oil option rips, it will get you past where you were trying to go, the bubbler makes the taste perfect. I’m looking forward to the next upgraded model!!

  12. DrtyDave (verified owner)

    Just received my KR1 and let me say it is with out a doubt one of the finest vaping rigs for dabs, tons of clouds and a great high. It is worth every penny

  13. David Parker

    This allows you to take deep hits, on a low setting, which adds an incredible complexity of flavor to your medicated state of mind. I’m using a 510 of Banana Cream and it’s an entirely different experience. I’m waiting for the next generation, seriously this is a game changer.

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    Image #1 from David Parker
  14. Maria D. (verified owner)

    This by far is the best vaping experience I have ever had. The KR1 is worth every penny

  15. Ml

    This is amazining. Worth every penny!!!

  16. Patrick (verified owner)

    Shipping was fast and the KR1 is awesome. Can pull a nice big cloud and taste amazing. I ordered 5 and gave them out to my friends they all love it! Highly recommend.

  17. Barry518

    This thing is Unreal! The best purchase I’ve made in a Long time. HIGHLY Recommend to Anyone looking for a small, smooth, convenient rig. Use for dabs and carts an Absolutely Amazing! Can’t exaggerate enough how perfect this rig is! And the customer service is amazing as well!
    Thanks again Hamilton Devices! Will Definitely continue to recommend this product, and this awesome company!
    You’re missing out if you don’t have one yet!

  18. Barry

    This thing is Unreal! The best purchase I’ve made in a Long time. HIGHLY Recommend to Anyone looking for a small, smooth, convenient rig. Use for dabs and carts an Absolutely Amazing! Can’t exaggerate enough how perfect this rig is! And the customer service is amazing as well!
    Thanks again Hamilton Devices! Will Definitely continue to recommend this product, and this awesome company!
    You’re missing out if you don’t habe one yet!

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    Image #1 from Barry
  19. Tracy J Johnson (verified owner)

    Absolutely love mine so I bought extra for birthday gifts.

  20. Paul (verified owner)

    This thing is so cool

  21. Aaron C. (verified owner)

    Ducking amazing! Absolutely amazing 👏

  22. Ed

    The only flaw in the product is the plastic housing, which should have been made with glass as it is VERY hard to clean the vapor residue buildup.

  23. Chris Picou (verified owner)

    All I can say is Thank You God. This baby right here is THE TRUTH!!! Carts and Extracts? What!!! Shut yo mouth!!! I’m only talking about the best of the best. Do a dab or do a cart. You make the call and you won’t go wrong. Trust the 50 Year Old Stoner I ain’t got no reason to lie because I’m high.

  24. Gabby Leach (verified owner)

    I recently got into dabbing and the KR1 is great for that. Doubles as a cartridge vape and both work wonderfully.

  25. Daniel Torres (verified owner)

    Love it makes a wax lover enjoy it so much more

  26. Armando M. (verified owner)

    Vaping carts have never been so smooth! Love this thing! Its very portable and more convenient to use than other methods.

  27. Amanda (verified owner)

    Easy to use!!! Perfect for on the go!!!!

  28. Cory R. (verified owner)

    Ive tried multiple brands of vape pens and this one is my favorite so far

  29. Nicolas W. (verified owner)

    Product is amazing and woke flawlessly

  30. Steve W. (verified owner)

    Hits nice and the bubbler feature is amazing

  31. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Woah…. This thing is Amazing. I wish the voltage could be adjusted a little bit lower. But all in all this is a 10/10

  32. Davey Grohlton

    After months of use, I will give a review. There is a lot I like about this product and some things I do not like. The glass piece is nice, but the plastic piece it goes into is a headache. As you use your vape carts in this product, whatever resin(terps,oil,whatever) builds up on the inside of the plastic piece. Using alcohol becomes a must in order to get it clean, but even then a q-tip is still needed to scrub the insides. Good luck fitting a q-tip all the down into there too… One side is deeper than a q-tip is long, so you will more than likely have difficulty. I use tweezers to lengthen the q-tip so it can reach all the way down to scrub it. I found cleaning it DAILY to be the only way to keep the flavors nice and it working properly. If you are using D8 carts, DEFINITELY clean it daily or else that stuff becomes super harsh. Battery life is good and the bubbler part does really help with D8 carts, but I wish it was bigger. Cleaning it is a little bit of a PITA because its small. You cant just throw some alcohol in it and shake it around…. it HAS to be scrubbed with a q-tip too to remove that film off the inside. If you don’t mind daily cleaning, then this product is very nice.

  33. Daniel Lopez (verified owner)

    Such an amazing product and I can’t wait to put it to use

  34. Clarke Skowronski (verified owner)

    I love this rig. My son took the first one I ordered so I immediately had to order one again for myself. I own a lot of different smoke apparatuses this is hands down the best.

  35. D

    This thing rips I love it

  36. Brooks (verified owner)

    It’s really cool to have water filtration I’m a portably device like this. Fun to use and hits hard 🙂

  37. robrathge

    I have two of them and one is on me at all times.

  38. Anonymous (verified owner)

    if this had an optional glass instead of plastic top shell, it would truly be a 10/10 device, i had a bit of trouble getting it to fire at first, turned out some of my carts with a floating 510 pin didnt make good connection until i pulled them out a little. my other complaint is its too easy to block the air inlet with your finger while pressing the fire button. the light is also very bright, i just put a tiny piece of electrical tape over it. all in all a highly recommended device.

  39. Cara A. (verified owner)

    Loving the KR1! Comes in a beautiful, inky blue colored box with a gold Kraken design and lettering. Very easy to assemble and gives huge, tasty hits that are super smooth!

  40. Jason Z. (verified owner)

    Easy to set up and charge. Great product, I would recommend to anybody. It hits great, looks cool, and easy to store. Can’t say enough about it! If you’re reading comments to decide, just but it, definitely worth the money!

  41. Tom Hanks

    Works good. Been using for D8THC carts. Watch out for cart clogs as they can create back pressure that will shoot bubbler water onto cart side of plastic piece and into your mouth. Also, clean daily for best flavor. Def clean in between switching carts too as the water picks up the terpene flavor profile of whatever your smoking…. Found that out on Pineapple Express lmao. The carb hole is located in a junky spot IMO. It can be finicky to cover correctly and press the power button at the same time. Clearly you should handle both with your thumb, but the clear plastic part above the carb sits slightly higher than the metal battery side, so when you go the press the button and cover the carb at the same time, if your thumb gets onto the clear plastic piece, it interferes with your ability to properly use the carb. I find the “ridge” left by the clear plastic piece and always make sure my thumb is below it and that allows me the create a “closure” on the carb hole. If thumb goes onto clear plastic piece, the carb does not fully seal… or something like that and it usually causes the cart to clog. I like everything about this cart but the carb location. It just feels like it was added last second and it is the weak spot on this device.

  42. KenRawDoe

    Hands down the best investment I’ve ever made in smoking distallite cartridges! My mom was so impressed with the KR1 I bought her one also! Thanks Hamilton Devices you guys are awesome!!!

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    Image #1 from KenRawDoe
  43. Jerry Zamorano (verified owner)

    Love this thing perfect size and perfect hits depending on your temperature settings but man the KR1 Smacks

  44. talia (verified owner)

    amazing device and easy to use

  45. Manuel M. (verified owner)

    This thing is a game changer, bugger hits with no burn and it looks sick

  46. Erok

    Awesome product, especially for the price, compared to others. Smooth, and hits perfect. Love it!

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    Image #1 from Erok
  47. Thaddaeus Zehr (verified owner)

    So cool hits like no other

  48. Elexis Berry (verified owner)

    love it

  49. Julius A. (verified owner)

    I just ordered the KR1 because I’m so satisfied with the PS one

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    Image #1 from Julius A.
    Image #2 from Julius A.
  50. Zachary J. (verified owner)

    I got this for my mother and she absolutely loves it! She highly recommends it!

  51. Lotus1197

    Purchased today from a local shop after seeing it on Reddit. So far i love it.

  52. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It works great just ordered a second one!

  53. Robert (verified owner)

    So far so good. Just received it today but I’m extremely satisfied as of right now. Haven’t tried a cartridge yet but tried it with some distillate and the hit was amazing. Hopefully there won’t be any issues in the future otherwise this is definitely worth the money.

  54. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Shipped fast and hits hard

  55. Krissy Lee (verified owner)

    Works awesome,as expected.super smooth hits.

  56. judson (verified owner)

    Great dual action portable rig. Blue setting is the best for taste and flavor. Battery life is great also

  57. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This shits on the puffco 1000000000% dont hesitate on buying ! About to buy multiple more !

  58. Clarke S. (verified owner)

    Works great.

  59. Jake M. (verified owner)

    Left a comment and posted y’all on my story and tagged 3 ppl lemme get the give away KR1 and I’ll do a review on my youtube channel let me know (also 10/10 with my red cube) insta _red5.7

  60. Ryan (verified owner)


  61. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very quality product

  62. ernieluna1007 (verified owner)

    Great battery works amazing with carts Nice smooth cool vapes I use ice-cold water .. Visually cool and efficient .. one qucick second press produces great clouds

  63. Bryan Deyo (verified owner)

    Great battery! Smooth large draw, like the voltage settings and have already talked it up and shown people in the industry that are total believers.

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