These New CCELL® Products Are Energizing the Market in 2023

New CCELL Products 2023

CCELL® has never been a company content to rest on its laurels and revel in its past successes. Since revolutionizing the vaping industry with the development of the first commercially available ceramic vape cartridges in 2016, CCELL® has continued to create new technological advancements that have made the company’s products safer, more flexible and more reliable.

Along with the new technologies that the company has developed over the years, CCELL® has also expanded its offerings to include a wide variety of new products such as disposable vapes, pod systems and 510-thread batteries. As more people have joined the vaping community, the range of use cases has grown. The CCELL® product range has continually expanded to meet the changing needs of the market.

A year never goes by without the release of a revolutionary new range of CCELL® products, and 2023 is no different. This year has seen the recent release of two new series of convenient disposable vapes along with a high-performance vape cartridge and a sleek new 510-thread battery. Reading this article, you’re going to learn about CCELL®’s new product offerings and find out why they’re the perfect choices for your vape brand or for your own personal use.

New CCELL® Disposable Vapes: Key Features

CCELL® has introduced four new disposable vapes in 2023. Although each one is a unique product, there are several important features that they all share. We’ll discuss the key features of CCELL®’s new disposable vapes, and then we’ll describe all four of the products individually.

  • All four of the new CCELL® disposable vapes feature modernized designs that stand out in your hand and on store shelves.
  • They offer extensive customization options for brands including custom-printed wraps, different finishes for new tactile sensations and different oil window shapes and sizes.
  • They offer multiple capacities but use the same body design for each capacity. This feature allows brands to expand their product offerings while maintaining consistent branding and minimizing costs.
  • They feature dual airflow vents to ensure smooth draws with no clogging.
  • They’re designed for batch capping, which saves time and simplifies bulk assembly.
  • The Pro versions of the devices use CCELL’s EVO coil technology, which offers full compatibility with high-terpene extracts for authentic flavor.


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The CCELL® Flex has an understated and minimalistic design that makes it the ideal choice for discreet stealth vaping on the go. With its extensive customization options, it’s also the perfect canvas for a creative brand that wants to showcase its own unique style.

CCELL Flex New 2023

The CCELL® Flex is available with oil capacities of 0.5 and 1.0 ml. Both versions have identical bodies, but their internal components differ slightly. The device has a 280-mAh battery that’s rechargeable via USB-C.

CCELL® Flex Pro

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Compared to the CCELL® Flex, the CCELL® Flex Pro has an enhanced outer appearance that’s designed to offer a little more eye appeal and allow brands to present a more upscale product offering. The major difference between the Flex and Flex Pro, though, is the fact that the Flex Pro uses CCELL®’s new EVO coil technology. The EVO coil provides increased cloud production and enhanced flavor quality. It also offers full compatibility with high-terpene extracts for an authentic experience that more closely matches the flavor of the original herb.

CCELL Flex Pro 2023

Like the CCELL® Flex, the Flex Pro uses the same body to support two different oil capacities of 0.5 and 1.0 ml. The 280-mAh internal battery is rechargeable via USB-C.


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Compared to the company’s other disposable vapes, the CCELL® Voca has a slightly wider mouthpiece and larger airflow vents to enable deeper draws and improved vapor production. The wider mouthpiece also conforms to the shape of the mouth, making for an extra-comfortable fit. The CCELL® Voca has an oversized oil window for easy visibility. Like the CCELL® Flex platform, the Voca platform also allows for two different oil capacities of 0.5 and 1.0 ml with the same outer body for reduced costs and more consistent branding.

CCELL Voca 2023

The CCELL® Voca has a 280-mAh internal battery that’s rechargeable via USB-C.

CCELL® Voca Pro

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Offering performance and features similar to that of a full-fledged vaporizer, the CCELL® Voca Pro is perhaps the most advanced disposable oil vape on the market. Like the CCELL® Voca, the Voca Pro uses a single body design to support oil capacities of both 0.5 and 1.0 ml. The Voca Pro also features the new CCELL® EVO coil, which provides support for high-terpene extracts.

CCELL Voca Pro 2023

If you’ve ever dealt with a clogged vape, you’ll love the fact that the CCELL® Voca Pro has an automatic preheating function – a first of its kind in the disposable segment. Press the button on the front of the device to activate the preheating mode, which heats the coil at a low temperature for 10 seconds to get the oil flowing. You can also press the button five times to lock and unlock the device.

The CCELL® Voca Pro has a 280-mAh internal battery that charges via USB-C.

New 510 Cartridge for 2023: CCELL® Klean

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If you want the best vape cart for flavor, you’ve got to try the CCELL® Klean. Like the CCELL® Flex Pro and Voca Pro described above, the CCELL® Klean uses the new CCELL® Evo coil for flawless performance and accurate flavor reproduction with high-terpene extracts. Further focusing on flavor quality, the CCELL® Klean stores its oil in a borosilicate glass enclosure rather than the traditional plastic used for most disposable vape carts. It also has a metal outer sleeve that protects the glass and shields the oil from light.

CCELL Klean 2023

The CCELL® Klean is also the ideal product for brands that want to manufacture and sell pre-filled vape carts. The outer sleeve offers plenty of options for custom branding, which will help to make your cartridges stand out on shelves. It’s also easier to close than most vape cartridges, which simplifies the batch capping process.

The CCELL® Klean has a coil resistance of 1.5 ohm and is available in capacities of 0.5 and 1.0 ml.

New 510 Battery for 2023: CCELL® Sandwave

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For the many fans of CCELL®’s portable and user-friendly 510 batteries, the new CCELL® Sandwave is a major upgrade that doesn’t compromise on style or portability. Available in six beautiful shades like Marine Green and Coral Pink, the CCELL® Sandwave has a silicone outer shell to provide a pleasing tactile sensation and ensure that you won’t drop the device accidentally. The biggest new feature of the CCELL® Sandwave, though, is the simple switch at the top that allows the device to toggle between three available power levels of 2.8, 3.2 and 3.6 volts. The Sandwave makes it easy to get the best possible performance and flavor out of any cartridge.

CCELL Sandwave 2023

The CCELL® Sandwave has a 400-mAh internal battery that charges via USB-C. For portability and discretion, the connected cartridge is mostly hidden inside the body of the device, with only the mouthpiece sticking out. A magnetic connector screws to the bottom of the cartridge for easy connection and removal.

Explore the New Wave of CCELL® Products Now

CCELL®’s new products for 2023 offer a unique array of features that you don’t want to miss. To recap, here are the key reasons why you need to try these products for your vape brand or for your own personal use.

  • They’re engineered for maximum flavor quality, and they provide great performance with high-terpene extracts.
  • Their elegant, modernized designs look great on store shelves and in the hand. They’re certain to draw eyes.
  • They’re designed to help brands maximize their profitability. From the ample array of customization options to technical features like easy batch capping, CCELL®’s new products can help brands enhance their shelf appeal while reducing production costs.

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