Daypipe Mini by Hamilton Devices: Instruction Manual and Product Guide


At Hamilton Devices, we’ve always prided ourselves on designing some of the world’s most innovative vaporizers. At the same time, though, we know that many people still enjoy the more traditional experience of smoking their favorite herb once in a while. That’s why we developed the Daypipe, a pocket-sized pipe with separate built-in herb chambers that provide up to eight short smoking sessions on the go. Just open the chamber, smoke the herbs and close the chamber – it’s that simple. Many Daypipe owners have called it the best pipe ever made, and there’s truly nothing else like it on the market.

One thing some Daypipe owners have mentioned, though, is that they’d love to see a version of the pipe that’s even smaller and lighter for everyday carrying. That’s exactly what we’ve delivered with the new Daypipe Mini. Featuring four internal chambers instead of the eight chambers of the Daypipe, the Daypipe Mini is almost 30 percent shorter and feels significantly lighter in your pocket. It even costs less.

This article is your comprehensive guide to the Daypipe Mini. If you’re curious about this new product and want to know how it can fit into your routine, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll explain how the Daypipe Mini works and describe the features that set it apart from other smoking products.

The Daypipe Mini is the most discreet smoking pipe on the market, allowing you to enjoy four smoking sessions on the go wherever your adventures take you. It’s available in six colors and costs just $24.99. Order yours now.

What Makes the Daypipe Mini Special?

·       The Daypipe Mini has four internal chambers holding one gram of ground flower in total. The chambers are insulated from one another, and you’ll open just one at a time when using the pipe. This allows the Daypipe Mini to provide four short smoking sessions that you can enjoy at your leisure throughout the day.

·       Between sessions, the Daypipe Mini keeps any ashes and smells completely contained. You definitely won’t find a cleaner or more discreet smoking accessory anywhere.

·       The Daypipe Mini is milled from solid aluminum, so it’s extremely easy to clean and can conceivably last years if you take care of it.

·       If you love a super-smooth smoke, you’ll love the fact that the Daypipe Mini has a built-in screen to ensure that you won’t inhale any particulate matter.

How Does the Daypipe Mini Work?

Because the Daypipe Mini is so different from other smoking products, how it works may not immediately be self-evident to you – even if you have experience with other pipes. To help you understand how the Daypipe Mini works, we’ll walk you through a typical smoking experience with this pipe.

·       To load the Daypipe Mini, you’ll start by pulling the two halves of the pipe apart. You’ll see that the pipe’s core has four interior chambers. These are the chambers that hold your ground herbs.

·       Grind your herbs and pack them into the four chambers. Loading the Daypipe Mini over a rolling tray can help to prevent a mess.

·       Push the two halves of the Daypipe Mini back together. When you do this, you’ll see that the pipe’s opening is sealed, thus keeping the herbs completely contained.

·       When you’re ready to smoke, extend the Daypipe Mini slightly and twist it until the chamber that you want to smoke is revealed. While you use one chamber, the other three chambers remain protected and ready for future use.

·       To use the Daypipe Mini, hold a lit lighter over the open chamber while inhaling through the pipe’s mouthpiece.

·       When your session is over, push the Daypipe Mini back together to reseal the chamber. Make sure that the pipe is completely cool before putting it in your pocket.

Cleaning and Maintaining the Daypipe Mini

One of the reasons why our customers are raving about the Daypipe Mini is because it’s so easy to clean and maintain. Unlike vaporizers – which include electronic components and often have several removable parts – maintaining peak performance and flavor with the Daypipe Mini requires almost no effort at all. Here’s how to do it.

·       After you’ve used the fourth chamber, wait for the Daypipe Mini to cool down and then pull the two halves of the pipe apart over a rubbish bin. Tap the inner section of the pipe gently to release the herbs from the chambers. You may also find it helpful to scrub the chambers with a brush to remove smaller particles and ensure that the screen remains clear.

·       To remove sticky resins and ensure maximum flavor quality, you should also give the Daypipe Mini a deeper cleaning periodically. To do this, disassemble the pipe and put both halves in a bowl of rubbing alcohol. Soak the pipe in the alcohol for a few hours to dissolve the residue. After removing the pipe from the alcohol, rinse it under running water to remove the alcohol and clear away any remaining particles. Wait until the pipe is completely dry before reloading it.

How to Get the Most from Your Experience with the Daypipe Mini

Are you curious about the essential accessories that can help you have an even better experience with the Daypipe Mini? Grab some of these items to ensure that every session will be as good as it can be.

·       Herb Grinder: If you want to ensure complete combustion with just a few puffs, don’t break your buds up by hand – invest in a good herb grinder that can reduce your herbs to a consistent, fluffy grind for easy loading and smoking.

·       Cleaning Brush: A cleaning brush makes it easy to remove small bits of ash and other particles when you’re emptying the pipe.

·       Alcohol Wipes: Although nothing beats a good soak in rubbing alcohol, an alcohol wipe can be helpful if you need to remove stubborn residue from the Daypipe Mini’s chambers or unblock the screen in a hurry.

·       Rolling Tray: It’s always a good idea to fill the Daypipe Mini over a rolling tray. A tray keeps stray particles contained and ensures that cleaning up will be quick and easy.

·       Torch Lighter: Although the Daypipe Mini works with any lighter, you may find it easiest to use a torch lighter because you can direct the flame.


Wrapping Up: The Daypipe Mini Will Transform Your Smoking Experience

Reading this guide, you’ve learned why the Daypipe Mini is such a special product. Its four individual chambers allow you to enjoy four short smoking sessions on the go – and between sessions, the pipe remains tightly sealed to keep the herbs, ashes and smells completely contained. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never want to use anything else.

View the Daypipe Mini now – and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re friendly folks! You can get in touch through our contact form, and you can also follow us on Instagram. If you already own the Daypipe Mini, we also encourage you to leave a review on this site. Your feedback will help other customers make informed decisions, and it will also help to make the next generation of products from Hamilton Devices even better.

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