CCELL® Supremacy in Vaping

CCELL Klean 2023

Vaping oil- and wax-based concentrates has become the most popular way to consume herbs and herbal extracts over the past several years, and CCELL® has been there every step of the way. CCELL® created the world’s first ceramic vape cartridge in 2016, but being first to the market is only one component of industry leadership. Keeping that position requires unceasing innovation and a willingness to adapt to the changing needs of the market. Here’s why CCELL® dominates the vaping industry.

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Best Variety of Products for All Use Cases

Of all the manufacturers in the vaping industry, CCELL® is the one that offers the widest variety of products for the most possible use cases. In addition to its original range of vape cartridges, CCELL also manufactures vape batteries, disposable vapes, pod systems and more. No matter what you’re looking for in your vaping setup, there’s a good chance that CCELL® has a perfect match for you. CCELL® has always been quick to enter new product categories as the needs of the market have changed.

Stringent Commitment to Quality and Safety

The second factor that has kept CCELL® at the top of the vaping industry is the company’s commitment to developing products that adhere to the highest standards for safety and quality. Here are just a few of the ways in which CCELL® ensures that its products are the safest and most reliable in the world.

  • CCELL®’s vape coils meet or exceed the highest regulatory standards for heavy metal content.
  • CCELL®’s products undergo emissions testing to help with the reduction or elimination of as many potentially harmful byproducts as possible. The testing has helped CCELL® reduce its products’ emissions of aldehydes and ketones by up to 57 percent.
  • CCELL®’s batteries meet all of the most important standards for the safe transportation of lithium-ion cells, including FDA, FCC, CE, UL and RoHs.
  • CCELL®’s products are simply the best and most reliable on the market. You can expect a CCELL® product to work correctly out of the box, and you can also expect it to last.

Top-Quality Materials

Making a top-quality vaping product begins with the use of top-quality materials. This begins with CCELL’s incredible ceramic coil. Revolutionary at the time of its release, ceramic isn’t just the perfect material for a vape coil because it’s heat resistant and provides reliable performance with thick oils. It’s also ideal because it’s chemically inert and provides flawless flavor with every puff. CCELL®’s commitment to top-quality material selection extends to the use of medical-grade stainless steel, borosilicate glass and luxury mouthpiece materials such as ceramic, chrome and sandalwood.

Meeting Users’ Changing Demands

To enjoy sustained success in the vaping industry, a company can’t just release one great device. The demands of the vaping community never stop changing. To maintain its leadership position, CCELL® has had to evolve its products continually to meet users’ demands. CCELL®’s vape batteries began as simple puff-activated devices, but they’re much more than that today. Some of the advanced features in today’s CCELL® devices include:

  • Multiple selectable voltages
  • Automatic coil preheating
  • Adjustable airflow

As the average experience level has increased within the vaping community, people have begun to look for devices with more advanced features. CCELL® has added those features to its devices and will continue doing so as users’ demands change.

Commitment to Timeless Style

The final thing that has kept CCELL® at the top of the vaping industry for so many years is the company’s commitment to style. People don’t just want their vaping devices to work well – they also want gadgets that look good. There’s a reason why people spend so much money on premium phones and computers, and a vaping device scratches that same itch. From the CCELL® Palm Pro to the CCELL® Sandwave, CCELL® devices have always been stylish but not overly trendy. Even the company’s older devices look as good today as they did the day they were released. Between the timeless designs and the enormous color selections, CCELL® has always produced the most attractive vaping devices on the market.