What’s the Best Voltage for Vape Carts?

When people look for 510-thread batteries to buy, variable-voltage operation is one of the features that they request the most. The reason why vape batteries have variable voltage is because different types of vape cartridges work most efficiently at different power levels. Some cartridges are a little bit low in terms of vapor output and […]

Atomizers vs. Vaporizers: Understanding the Differences

When you read about vaping, “vaporizer” and “atomizer” are two of the terms that you’ll see most often – and although they sound similar, they actually mean entirely different things. Vaping is the act of either heating an herbal substance to release its active compounds as vapor or heating a liquid, oil or wax until […]

Flower Combustion Devices: A Comprehensive Guide

For nearly all of the many thousands of years in which humans have enjoyed indulging in a bit of herbal refreshment, smoking has been the preferred method of consuming everyone’s favorite herb. Using a vaporizer or a 510-thread battery, on the other hand, is a much more recent development. The first dry herb vaporizers hit […]

CCELL® Supremacy in Vaping

CCELL Klean 2023

Vaping oil- and wax-based concentrates has become the most popular way to consume herbs and herbal extracts over the past several years, and CCELL® has been there every step of the way. CCELL® created the world’s first ceramic vape cartridge in 2016, but being first to the market is only one component of industry leadership. […]

The Future of CCELL®: What’s Next?

The Future of CCELL

One of the challenges of being the leader in an industry is that consumers and industry observers expect you to do whatever is necessary to retain that position. Luckily for the company’s many fans in the vaping community, CCELL® has done exactly that. The latest CCELL® products feature an exciting combination of new technologies and […]

Safety Concerns and Myths About CCELL®

Safety Concerns

One of the biggest reasons why you’ve switched – or are considering switching – from smoking your favorite herb to vaping it is because you’re concerned about what you put into your body. You know that smoking means you’re inhaling carbon monoxide and burnt plant material, and switching to vaping allows you to avoid those […]

How CCELL® Technology Works

CCELL Technology Works

When you sit down for a session with a CCELL® vape cartridge, you’re enjoying the fruits of an engineering revolution that began back in 2016. That’s when CCELL® released the world’s first vape cartridge with a ceramic coil, and the company has never looked back since then. CCELL® cartridges remain the most popular vape cartridges […]

CCELL Vape Pens: A Comprehensive Review

CCELL Vape Pens

CCELL® vape pens are some of the most popular herbal vaporizers on the market. They’re stylish, reliable, compact and convenient. Best of all, there’s a CCELL® device available to suit every possible use case – which is a great thing if you’re an experienced vaper and know what you want. If you don’t know what […]

CCELL® Cartridges: What You Need to Know

CCELL Cartridges

If you want to have the best possible experience with your vape pen, you’ve got to use CCELL® cartridges. Nothing else delivers better flavor or more reliable performance, and that’s why CCELL® cartridges are the top choice of discerning vapers around the world. In this guide, we’re going to provide a comprehensive overview of CCELL® […]

CCELL® Battery Life and Maintenance

CCELL Battery Life

Buying a high-quality vaping device like a CCELL® 510-thread battery is an investment. You want your device to last as long as it possibly can, and you want it to provide the best possible performance every step of the way. In order to get the long-term performance that you want, you need to treat your […]

Understanding the Technology Behind Hamilton Devices: In-Depth Reviews from Customers

Hamilton Devices Technology Reviews

Hamilton Devices is America’s leading maker and seller of high-end herbal vaporizers for oils and waxes. We supply products to both retail and wholesale customers, and we are also delighted to be the nation’s top distributor of authentic 510-thread batteries, vape carts and other products from CCELL®. We’re proud of our reputation as a top […]