Disposable Carts vs. Refillable Carts: Which Type Is Better?

If you’re shopping for vape carts, you can select from two main options. You can buy disposable carts, or you can buy refillable carts – and you’ll find plenty of options in both categories here at Hamilton Devices. One of the important things to remember when you buy vape cartridges, though, is that people buy them for two different purposes. Some are consumers who want to buy vape carts for their own personal use, and others are companies that plan to fill the cartridges with vape oil and sell them in dispensaries and vape shops. We cater to both types of customers here at Hamilton Devices – and although we’ll gladly sell both types of vape carts to anyone who needs them, disposable carts are usually better fits for business than they are for consumers.

Here’s how disposable carts vs. refillable carts compare.

Are disposable carts worth it?

Yes, disposable carts are worth it. They provide leak-proof sealing and tamper-proof protection, crucial for businesses to maintain product integrity and brand reputation. Refillable carts, while cheaper for personal use, lack these benefits.

What Are Disposable Carts and Refillable Carts?

A disposable vape cart is a cartridge that’s meant to be filled once, closed permanently and used until it’s empty. At that point, the cartridge is discarded and replaced. Disposable carts have permanent press-on caps that aren’t designed for removal.

Refillable carts, on the other hand, use twist-off caps that you can install and remove yourself. A refillable cart is meant to be opened by the end user, and you can usually refill one several times before the flavor quality starts to decline.

The disposable carts and refillable carts available at Hamilton Devices both feature CCELL® technology, which means that they both work great with thick vape oils and can produce big, flavorful puffs of vapor on demand without giving you the types of burnt flavors that you’ll experience with lower-quality vape cartridges.

That, however, is where the similarities between disposable carts vs. refillable carts end. Now, it’s time for you to learn about the differences and find out which type of vape cartridge will work best for your needs.

Disposable Carts Make Leaks Nearly Impossible

As we mentioned above, the primary buyers of disposable vape cartridges are companies that fill those cartridges and sell them as finished products in dispensaries and vape shops. Once a disposable cartridge is filled with oil and the cap is snapped on, the cartridge essentially becomes a sealed environment.

If you’re a seller of pre-filled vape cartridges, you need a cartridge that not going to leak inside the package. If a cartridge leaks before the consumer begins using it, that’s going to lead to unsold products and returns – that’s a negative effect on your bottom line. Our disposable carts are nearly leak proof, and that’s going to help your vape cartridge brand maximize its profitability in the long run.

Disposable Carts Are Essential for Protecting Your Vape Cart Brand

Over the past couple of years, the controversy surrounding refillable vape cartridges has been nearly impossible to escape because a good number of people have bought fake cartridges from informal sources and have ended up getting sick as a result. If you have a company that sells pre-filled cartridges, it is imperative that you protect your brand by ensuring that unscrupulous sellers can’t copy your vape packaging and that no one can tamper with your cartridges after you’ve filled them. With our disposable carts, we offer a tamper-proof product that protects your brand by ensuring that no one can open a cartridge after you’ve closed it.

Closing our tamper-proof disposable carts requires the use of a commercial vape cartridge capper that exerts great mechanical force over a small area to close the cartridges securely and permanently. Once a cap is in place, it’s not possible to remove it without exerting similar force – and in the process of exerting that force, the cartridge will crack. If anyone ever tries to tamper with one of your brand’s pre-filled cartridges, the tampering will be immediately evident to the end user.

Refillable Carts Require No Special Equipment

The main reason why our refillable vape carts are ideal for end users is because opening and refilling them requires no special equipment. The mouthpieces simply twist on and off, so you can install and remove them using your hands alone. People who use oil pens have different expectations about the products. Some prefer to buy pre-filled cartridges and simply use them until they’re empty. Others prefer to save money by buying syringes of vape oil and filling their own cartridges. A few extremely dedicated vaping aficionados even enjoy filling vape cartridges with their own herbal extracts.

The beauty of our refillable vape carts is that you can use them without any equipment or special vaping expertise. All that you need is a syringe for dispensing the oil – and if you buy your vape oil from a dispensary, there’s a good chance that it’ll come in a syringe for easy use. When the level of oil in the cartridge is low, you’ll simply twist off the cap and add more oil. Although pre-filled cartridges are more convenient, refillable cartridges aren’t difficult to use. They may also help you save money over time.

Refillable Carts Are More Affordable Over Time

Speaking of saving money, refillable cartridges can be great if you’re vaping on a budget. When you buy a pre-filled cartridge, you’re not just paying for the oil in the cartridge – you’re also paying for the hardware along with the equipment, time and materials necessary to fill the cartridge, put it into a package and ship it to a reseller. The end product is more convenient for you as a consumer, but you pay a premium for that convenience. If you buy your vape oil separately and fill your own cartridges, on the other hand, you’ll save a lot of money because you’re buying your oil in bulk rather than in 0.5- or 1.0-ml increments.

Don’t forget that you’ll also save on your hardware costs if you buy refillable carts because you can usually refill your cartridges several times before you’ll need to throw them away. It’s even possible in some cases to clean CCELL® cartridges and extend their life. Over time, buying refillable vape cartridges can make a big difference to your bottom line.