CCELL® Disposable Vapes: Ultimate Guide

CCELL Disposable Vapes Guide

CCELL® disposable vapes have revolutionized herbal vaping by making it possible to enjoy an oil-based concentrate in a vaping device that’s fully charged and ready to go right out of the package. If you’re new to oil vaping, a CCELL® disposable vape is almost definitely the perfect choice for you because you don’t have to know anything about vaping in order to have a spectacular experience. Just take the device out of its package and fill the reservoir with oil, and you’re ready to start vaping.

If you’re new to vaping – or just new to disposable vapes or CCELL® products – this is the guide for you. This is the most comprehensive guide to CCELL® disposable vapes anywhere. Reading it, you’re going to learn everything there is to know about these remarkable devices.

What Is CCELL® Ceramic Cylinder Technology?

At the heart of every CCELL® vaping product is the groundbreaking ceramic coil that gives the CCELL® technology its name. The heating coil is arguably the key part of any vaping device because it’s the component that turns the liquid in the reservoir to vapor. Without the coil, you’d have nothing to inhale.

The CCELL® coil is one of the most important developments in the history of herbal vaping because it was the first commercially marketed vape coil with a ceramic cylinder. Before the invention of the CCELL® coil, most of the vape coils on the market used either cotton or silica to transport fluids to their heating elements. Those materials work well with thin e-liquids, but they don’t work well with thick oil-based herbal extracts. The porous ceramic CCELL® ceramic cylinder offers consistent performance and top-quality flavor with even the thickest vape oils, and that has helped CCELL® become the most trusted brand name in the herbal vaping industry for more than a half decade.

What Are the Benefits of CCELL® Technology?

CCELL Disposable Vape Technology

Now that you understand the core of what the CCELL® brand name means, let’s examine the benefits of this company’s technology. The engineers at CCELL® didn’t just rest on their laurels after releasing the first ceramic vape coil – they’ve continually refined their products with each hardware generation. These are some of the top reasons why you’ll always have the best experience with CCELL® disposable vapes and vape cartridges.

  • With a CCELL® vape coil, you’ll enjoy huge, potent and flavorful clouds with every puff. The CCELL® coil helps to maximize the psychoactive effects of your valuable vape oil.
  • The tiny and evenly spaced holes of the CCELL® ceramic cylinder help to maintain full oil saturation at all times. This helps to minimize the harsh “dry hits” that can occur with lower-quality vaping hardware.
  • The process for manufacturing the CCELL® sintered ceramic cylinder is unique, and the company patented the process in 2014. There might be other vape coils with ceramic, but you won’t find another that matches the performance of the CCELL® coil.
  • The CCELL® coil is among the world’s safest vaping technologies. A ceramic cylinder doesn’t burn when it’s heated. The heating surface in a CCELL® coil is made from medical-grade stainless steel, and it meets or exceeds the country’s most stringent standards for heavy metal content.

What Are CCELL® Disposable Vapes?

CCELL Disposable Vape Benefits

The CCELL® brand established a foothold in the vaping industry quickly because the CCELL® ceramic coil almost instantly became the de facto choice for anyone who wanted to use 510-thread batteries with empty or pre-filled vape cartridges. More recently, though, the company has begun to expand its lineup with other types of products. In particular, CCELL® has capitalized on the massive popularity of disposable vapes.

A CCELL® disposable vape is a completely functional vaping device that’s fully charged and ready for immediate filling and use as soon as it’s removed from the package. All that you need to do is add oil to the device’s reservoir and snap the mouthpiece into place. After waiting a little while for the oil to absorb into the ceramic cylinder, you’re ready to start vaping and can use the device by simply puffing on the mouthpiece.

Because oil-based herbal concentrates are extremely potent, you can typically enjoy several lengthy vaping sessions with a CCELL® disposable vape before the device runs out of oil. When that happens, it’s time to dispose of the device. Some CCELL® disposable vapes have rechargeable batteries, which helps to ensure that you won’t waste a single drop of valuable vape oil. CCELL® disposable vapes aren’t designed to be refilled, so you’ll need to dispose of your device when it runs out of oil.

Why Are CCELL® Disposables Great for Beginning Vapers?

If you’re new to vaping, a CCELL® disposable vape is ideal to buy as your first vaping device because you won’t find another vape that’s sleeker, more pocketable, more discreet or easier to use. Even if you’ve never vaped before and have no idea what you’re doing, you can expect to have a great experience with a CCELL® disposable vape because there’s really no wrong way to do it as long as you follow the few simple instructions detailed later in this guide.

The other reason why a CCELL® disposable vape is the best choice for beginning vapers is because CCELL® is simply the most reliable brand on the market. Patented nearly a decade ago, CCELL® technology has been around for many years now and is known to be completely solid. If you want to start vaping, there’s no reason not to begin with the best brand of them all.

How Do CCELL® Disposable Vapes Work?

How Do CCELL Disposable Vapes Work

A CCELL® disposable vape has several components that work together. Those components include the battery, the mainboard, the reservoir, the ceramic cylinder and the heating coil. We’ll describe how those components work together.

  • The battery supplies the power necessary for the disposable vape to operate. A CCELL® disposable vape has a built-in lithium-ion battery that’s charged at the factory. The battery has a sufficient capacity to supply enough power for you to consume all of the oil in the reservoir.
  • The mainboard routes power from the battery to the heating coil, and it’s also connected to an airflow sensor that allows the disposable vape to turn on automatically when you puff on it. In addition, the mainboard includes an integrated circuit that monitors the device for unsafe conditions such as overheating.
  • The reservoir holds the disposable vape’s supply of oil. A CCELL® disposable vape usually holds a maximum of 1.0 ml of oil, which is more than enough for several lengthy vaping sessions.
  • The porous ceramic cylinder with the heating coil baked inside is functioning as the wick.
  • The heating coil is a metal heating element that becomes hot when power passes through it. When you inhale, the heating coil turns the oil in the cylinder to vapor.

CCELL® disposable vapes are designed to be tamper evident, which means that putting the cap on the device seals it permanently. When a device runs out of oil, it’s time to replace it.

What Are the Differences Between CCELL® Disposable Vapes and 510 Vape Batteries?

If you’re new to herbal vaping and are shopping for your first device, it’s highly likely that your first purchase will be a disposable vape or a 510-thread battery. Since a 510-thread battery will work with CCELL® vape cartridges, you can enjoy the benefits of CCELL® technology either way. So, which one should you choose? Here are the benefits of both options.

Benefits of CCELL® Disposable Vapes

The biggest benefit of CCELL® disposable vapes is that they’re the simplest vaping devices on the market. Even if the device is your very first vaping purchase – and you have no idea how to use it – you’ll still have a great experience. Just puff and enjoy. Another benefit of CCELL® disposable vapes is that buying one is a very inexpensive way to introduce yourself to vaping. If you’re not sure how you feel about oil-based concentrates, buying a disposable vape allows you to introduce yourself to oil vaping without investing in a full oil vaporizer kit.

Benefits of 510 Vape Batteries

Compared to a disposable vape, a 510-thread battery is a bit more complicated to use because you’ll have to charge the battery and fill a cartridge before you can get started. One of the reasons why people buy disposable vapes is because they want to avoid those maintenance tasks. There are some benefits, though, to using a more complicated device. For example, a 510-thread battery may operate at a higher voltage than a disposable vape and may therefore produce slightly bigger clouds. Using a 510-thread battery also costs less than disposable vapes in the long run because once you have the battery, you only need to buy cartridges.

What Are the Best CCELL® Disposable Vapes?

If you’re interested in making a CCELL® disposable vape your first vaping device, which one should you choose first? Here’s a list of the devices available at the time of writing along with an overview of their features.

CCELL® Blanc

CCELL Blanc Disposable Vape

The CCELL® Blanc has a rechargeable 190 mAh battery and holds 0.5 ml of oil. It has a lovely white snap-on mouthpiece, but the real star of the show is the matching white center post that beautifully offsets the device’s shiny metallic body.


CCELL DS01 Disposable Vape

The CCELL® DS01 series is available with capacities of 0.3, 0.5 and 1.0 ml, and devices with larger oil capacities also have larger batteries up to a maximum of 330 mAh. The DS01 disposable vape also has a rechargeable battery to ensure that you won’t have to worry about the battery dying before you’ve used all of the oil.



The CCELL® DS1903-M doesn’t have a rechargeable battery, but there’s no need to worry about that because the device’s 280 mAh battery capacity is more than enough to empty this device’s 0.3 ml reservoir. The battery in this disposable vape has a shelf life of about one year.



The CCELL ® DS1903-U has the same specifications as the DS1903-M mentioned above, but the difference is that it has a rechargeable battery. If you don’t mind spending a little more to eliminate any potential battery anxiety, this is the device you want.

CCELL® Eazie

CCELL Eazie Disposable Vape

Featuring a 250 mAh battery and a 0.3 ml oil reservoir built into a sleek and light plastic body, the CCELL® Eazie is built from the ground up with discreet vaping in mind. It’s so small that you’ll have no trouble wrapping your entire hand around it.

CCELL® Glass Disposables

CCELL Glass Disposable Vape

If preserving the delicate flavors of the terpenes in your vape oils is of paramount importance to you, a CCELL® Glass disposable vape might be the perfect solution. Since glass is chemically insert, a disposable vape with a glass reservoir won’t interact with your vape oils even in long-term storage. CCELL® Glass disposables are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles and capacities.

CCELL® Listo

CCELL Listo Disposable Vape

If you need high capacity, you’re going to love the CCELL® Listo. Offering a 1.0 ml oil reservoir along with a 350 mAh rechargeable battery, this is a device that’s got what it takes to provide several lengthy vaping sessions – and there’s no need to be anxious about how much oil the device has left because the large window makes it easy to keep track of your supply.

CCELL® Memento

CCELL Memento Disposable Vape

The CCELL® Memento disposable vape is the ideal choice if you’re looking for something that’s tiny and discreet but won’t quit on you before it runs out of oil. The Memento has a 0.3 ml oil reservoir along with a 280 mAh battery to ensure that you’ll have no trouble draining every drop of oil. This device also has a convenient window to let you see how much oil you have left.


CCELL OWA Disposable Vape

The CCELL® OWA is a great middle-of-the-road disposable vape if you’re looking for a device with a good balance of portability and oil capacity. The OWA vape holds 0.5 ml of oil and has a battery capacity of 350 mAh. This device offers ample battery life to ensure that you’ll have no trouble using all of your oil.


CCELL Pike Disposable Vape

The CCELL® Pike is completely unique in the world of disposable oil vaporizers because it stores its oil in a separate pod. After filling the pod and snapping it in, it becomes a permanent part of the device. The pod-based design allows for smooth airflow and super-satisfying clouds. The CCELL® Pike holds 0.5 ml of oil and has a 350 mAh battery.

CCELL® Poché


The CCELL® Poché is the disposable vape that you want if you’re looking for something with an undeniable sense of style. The distinctive rhombus pattern adds visual interest while helping to ensure that the device won’t slip out of your hand. The Poché disposable vape holds 0.5 ml of oil and has a rechargeable 350 mAh battery.

CCELL® Ridge

CCELL Ridge Disposable Vape

The CCELL® Ridge is truly one of the highest-capacity disposable oil vapes on the market. Holding a massive 2.0 ml of oil, the CCELL® Ridge has a rechargeable 300 mAh battery to ensure that you won’t waste a drop of your expensive vape oil. Despite the impressive storage capacity, the CCELL® Ridge remains extremely small and pocketable.


CCELL Sima Disposable Vape

The CCELL® Sima disposable vape has a unique design that’ll be a breath of fresh air for you if you’ve tried other disposable oil vaporizers and found the vapor a bit too hot or harsh for your liking. The Sima has an extra-wide mouthpiece to allow a little more air through the device and keep the vapor cool and mellow. The CCELL® Sima has an oil capacity of 1.0 ml and features a 300 mAh rechargeable battery.


CCELL Skye II Disposable Vape

Impossibly slim and sleek, the CCELL® Skye II has a unique cylindrical shape that makes it look a bit like a ballpoint pen. The Skye II disposable vape holds 1.0 ml of oil and has a 180 mAh rechargeable battery.


CCELL Slym Disposable Vape

The CCELL® Slym has an incredibly slim design that’s certain to turn heads wherever you go – but that doesn’t mean it’s short on performance. The Slym disposable vape holds 0.3 ml of oil and has a 280 mAh battery. No need for a charging port with this device – you’ll have no difficulty using every drop of oil before the battery dies.


CCELL TH001 Disposable Vape

With a stylish and pocketable cylindrical shape, the CCELL® TH001 is a great disposable oil vape to use if you want something that’s sleek but doesn’t compromise on performance. The CCELL® TH001 holds 0.5 ml of oil and has a 330 mAh battery.

Why Are CCELL® Disposable Vapes the Top Choice for Vape Brands?

CCELL® disposable vapes aren’t just the ideal mini oil vapes for end users – they’re also the best disposable vapes for brands that want to market pre-filled vaporizers online or in vape shops. If you’re starting a vape brand and are looking for wholesale disposable vapes that you can fill, package and sell to the public, there are several reasons why a CCELL® disposable vape is the ideal choice for your company.

  • CCELL® disposable vapes are designed for quick filling, which is important when you need to fill and package a large number of devices. CCELL® vapes are specifically designed to meet the needs of vape brands.
  • CCELL® disposable vapes have been tested by brands and users for many years. They’ve undergone constant refinement during that time, and they’re known to be completely reliable. That means happier users, more repeat buyers and fewer returns.
  • Informed consumers recognize and trust the CCELL® brand, and they’ll be more likely to buy disposable vapes that use CCELL® hardware. That means less unsold inventory.
  • CCELL® disposable vapes are tamper evident. Once a device is capped, it’s not possible to open the device without cracking the plastic or glass. That allows people to buy with confidence knowing that if the device’s reservoir is intact, no one has attempted to tamper with it since it left the factory.

How Do You Use a CCELL® Disposable Vape?

If you’re new to vaping, you can rest assured that disposable vapes are designed for complete beginners. Even if you’ve never used a disposable oil vape before, you’ll be an expert from your very first session. In this section of our guide on CCELL® disposable vapes, we’ll provide some instructions that can help you get up to speed.

  • Remove the device from the package and read any documentation included with it.
  • Fill the disposable vape with oil if you’ve purchased an empty device. If you see two openings at the top of the device, don’t put oil in the center opening because that’s the device’s airflow chimney. Use the second opening, which is slightly offset from the center. When you’re done filling the device, place the cap over the opening and press down until the cap clicks into place. After filling a new disposable vape, you should wait about 30 minutes before vaping to ensure that the ceramic cylinder is fully saturated with oil. If you’re using a pre-filled CCELL® disposable vape, you can skip this step.
  • Check the device’s airflow opening to see if there is a sticker covering it. If you find a sticker, remove it to allow air to flow through the device.
  • Puff on the CCELL® disposable vape and inhale the vapor as if you were inhaling smoke. If you’ve never used an oil vaporizer before, puff on the device just one or two times before putting it down for a while. Oil-based concentrates are much more potent than dry herbs, so it’s important to avoid using too much. After you’ve used your device a few times, you’ll know how many puffs are necessary to achieve the effect you desire.
  • If you have a rechargeable device, connect it to your computer to recharge the battery when the light blinks. Recharging a CCELL® disposable vape takes about 30 minutes on average.

What Should You Do if Your CCELL® Disposable Vape Isn’t Working?

Is your CCELL® disposable vape not working as expected? We’ll conclude this guide with some helpful troubleshooting steps that can help you fix the problem.

CCELL® Disposable Vape Not Hitting

Check the device’s indicator light. If your CCELL® disposable vape is blinking and not hitting when you try to vape, the battery is dead. Connect the device to your computer to charge the battery. If you have just filled a new device with oil, wait about 30 minutes before vaping. The device won’t produce vapor until the ceramic cylinder is saturated with oil.

CCELL® Disposable Vape Not Charging

Try a different USB cable. The most common reason why any vaping device doesn’t charge successfully is because the cable has a problem. If replacing the cable doesn’t resolve the issue, clean your device’s charging port with a toothpick and try again. Always charge a CCELL® disposable vape or other vaping device by connecting it to your computer – don’t use a wall charger designed for another type of device such as a smartphone.

CCELL® Disposable Vape Tastes Burnt

Check the device’s window to confirm that you haven’t used all of the oil. If the device’s reservoir isn’t empty, it’s likely that you’re vaping at too fast a pace and aren’t giving the ceramic cylinder enough time to absorb more oil between puffs. Wait a few seconds after each puff before puffing on your device again. If you’re still getting a persistent burnt flavor when vaping, it’s possible that the oil isn’t flowing through the cylinder because it’s too cold. Try closing your hands around the device for a minute or two to let your body’s heat warm the oil.