How CCELL® Technology Works

CCELL Technology Works

When you sit down for a session with a CCELL® vape cartridge, you’re enjoying the fruits of an engineering revolution that began back in 2016. That’s when CCELL® released the world’s first vape cartridge with a ceramic coil, and the company has never looked back since then. CCELL® cartridges remain the most popular vape cartridges in the world, and there are plenty of good reasons for that. Nothing is safer than a CCELL® cartridge, and nothing gives you better flavor or more reliable performance. All of the world’s most popular cartridges, pod systems and disposable vapes use CCELL® coils, and you’re about to learn why.

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How the CCELL® Ceramic Coil Works

The CCELL® ceramic coil is a porous ceramic cylinder with a metal heating element at the center. Ceramic is the ideal material to use in a coil for oil vaping because the oil readily fills the cylinder’s thousands of tiny pores, saturating the coil in the process. Every time you puff on a device with a CCELL® ceramic coil, you can expect plumes of delicious vapor.

When you puff on your vaping device, the heating element vaporizes the oil suspended in the ceramic cylinder. That leaves the cylinder dry, so it absorbs more oil from the cartridge – and the level of oil in the cartridge goes down slightly. This continues until the cartridge is empty. At that point, you’ll either discard the cartridge or refill it.

How the CCELL® Ceramic Coil Is Made

The CCELL® ceramic coil is a marvel of modern engineering, and manufacturing it is a far more complicated process than you might imagine. To create the coil, CCELL® blends particles of silica and metal oxides under intense heat and pressure to create a sintered solid, which is then ground down to a fine powder. The powder is combined with an organic material and sodium silicate, and it’s extruded to create a cylindrical shape. The extruded ceramic is cut into smaller cylinders, which are then baked at an extremely high temperature. The high-temperature firing process vaporizes the organic material in the ceramic, leaving ceramic cylinders that are solid but full of microscopic pores.

Fitted with a metal heating element, the CCELL® ceramic coil is at the core of every CCELL® cartridge, pod system and disposable vape.

What Other Technologies Are in CCELL® Vape Cartridges?

Although CCELL® earned its fame by introducing the first ceramic vape cartridge to the world, the company has never stopped to rest on its laurels. Other companies have released cartridges with ceramic coils as well, and it’s important for CCELL® to continue innovating in order to retain its leadership position. Here are just a few of the technologies that keep CCELL® cartridges at the head of the pack.

  • CCELL® has continued to tinker with the blend of minerals used to create its ceramic coils. The current CCELL® coil has more uniform pore spacing for improved saturation and faster absorption. The improved ceramic blend also provides for increased vapor production and flavor quality.
  • The latest CCELL® coils support oils with a wide range of different viscosities. They can handle high-terpene extracts – which tend to be very runny compared to traditional vape oils – without leaking.
  • The heating elements in recent CCELL® cartridges have a new oxidation-resistant coating that helps the metal maintain a stable electrical resistance and slows the chemical reactions that occur due to oxygen exposure. This also reduces the coil’s production of harmful chemicals such as aldehydes and ketones. The CCELL® heating element is made from medical grade 316L stainless steel.
  • CCELL® coils are continually tested for safety. The testing ensures that the coils have extremely low heavy metal content. CCELL® coils easily outperform all of the strictest standards for heavy metals, including those used by the states of California and Michigan.
  • Since the CCELL® ceramic mixture contains organic materials, carbon is naturally released during the firing process. It’s important for the process to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible, so CCELL® uses an aqueous casting system that helps to capture excess carbon. This reduces the production of greenhouse gases by 35 percent.