Choosing the Best Battery for Your CCELL® Cartridge

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What is a CCELL® Battery?

First off, our question should be: what is a CCELL®  and how does it work? CCELL® cartridges have ceramic heating elements that are perforated with extremely small holes known as nanoscale inlet holes. These holes’ purpose is to absorb, store, and vaporize oil, and they are ideal for cannabis oil as it can be sticky and thick. In addition, because they are ceramic they offer a more even heating which means that each draw from the vape will be consistent. This is a far better system than the cotton wicking technology which can make the oil burn and can draw the oil inconsistently. CCELL®  results in bigger draws and stronger flavor, contributing to an overall improved user experience. CCELL®  batteries are becoming the go-to form of vaping product thanks to the high-quality, high-performance batteries.

There are quite a few styles of vape battery, which can often lead to confusion about which one you should use. Each has different features and specifications and while one may be strong in one area, it may drop in another. No two batteries are the same, and you’ll quickly learn through experience which vape batteries are perfect for you and which fall flat. Things that you may wish to consider when choosing a vape battery are:

  • Battery size
  • Portability
  • Temperature settings
  • Lifespan or longevity
  • Capacity
  • Compatibility

Compatibility is perhaps one of the most important things to watch out for because, although CCELLs®  are becoming very popular, not all vape batteries fit with all vape cartridges. The industry standard is the 510 threaded carts, but there are other threadings available, which means that not every battery matches every cartridge. The beauty of the CCELL®  is that they are setting the benchmark that all batteries must aspire to, as they seek to excel in all of the above-mentioned categories.

CCELL®  batteries are very different from standard vape batteries and are among the most reliable available. A standard CCELL®  battery will guarantee at least one week of full vapor under normal frequency, though this varies by battery.

CCELL®  Palm

The CCELL® Palm is one of CCELL’s®  latest models, with the most battery capacity, coming in at 500mAh. (mAh stands for milliamps hour, which is the measurement for how long a battery will last.) The Palm has a magnetic connection, is USB rechargeable, and is inhale activated. As the name suggests, the Palm is about the size of the palm of your hand (55mm x 42mm x 8.9mm). It is considered a high performance battery and is touted as having the perfect balance of high performance and compact design. 

The battery’s capacity is estimated to be approximately 250+ puffs before it needs recharging, and CCELL®  batteries are all considered to offer 25% more vapor volume compared to other brands. 

It is compatible with a variety of cartridges. It also comes in a variety of colors, including gold, red, black, gray, blue and pink.


The CCELL®  DART-X is another flagship product of CCELL®  technology. At 480mAh, it is just lower than the Palm, but is about half the size (75mm x 28mm x 11.9mm). It has three temperature settings and a child-resistant lock. It is Type-C charging enabled. Though it has a full-metal housing, it has a soft-touch finish to feel better in your hand. The battery life is indicated by a motion-triggered LED light. 

The CCELL®  DART-X is compatible with DART pods. 


The CCELL® SILO is a next-gen model of the CCELL®  battery. It has the same capacity as the Palm at 500mAh, but is approximately two-thirds the size at 63mm x 28mm x 18mm. As with the CCELL®  Palm, it has a magnetic connection and a USB rechargeable battery. It is inhale activated.

Discrete in the hand and considered to be one of the best matches for CCELL®  cartridges, it produces a generous amount of vapor with a self-adapted optimum temperature setting and no-button design. It is also compatible with 510-threaded cartridges.


The CCELL®  M3B is a different style than the previously mentioned CCELL®  batteries, coming in a thin stainless steel tube approximately 84mm x 10mm. It recharges with a USB adapter and has a standard 510 thread. With three heat settings and a child-proof lock, this is a solid choice of CCELL®  battery. It’s capacity is lower, however, at 350mAh.

The CCELL®  M3B Pro is an upgrade with a micro sensor at the bottom that enables you to activate the M3B Pro with one draw. 

The M3B and M3B Pro are good CCELL®  batteries for those who prefer the pen-style vaping products, and are often a good place to start for people transitioning into vaping because of the feel in the hand. 

CCELL®  Bellos

Finally, the CCELL®  Bellos is a battery for a user that wants to make more of a statement: the battery can be customized with vivid designs–the opposite of a vape battery for someone who wants to be discrete. The battery power is lower, at 320aMh, but is USB chargeable. It also features haptic feedback, giving a gentle vibration in the hand as you inhale. 

It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, at 67mm x 30mm x 12mm. 

Choosing the Best Battery For Your CCELL®  Cartridge

While CCELL®  makes a variety of cartridge which are specific to the CCELL®  batteries, CCELL®  batteries can accommodate other manufacturers’ cartridges. As mentioned above, the 510 threading has become an industry standard and most CCELL®  batteries can be threaded with a 510 threaded cartridge. 

The CCELL®  PALM and SILO, with their magnetic connections, can be paired with virtually any vaping cartridge, but combining them with a CCELL® -manufactured cartridge is optimized for the best flavor and smoothest hit.