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What’s the Difference Between CCELL and Other Vaporizers?

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Although CCELL technology is often imitated, it’s never been replicated to date. CCELL’s products are just too hard to manufacture without world-class R&D and manufacturing facilities. Here are some of the main differences between CCELL’s product range and other cartridges and vaporizers. CCELL Vaporizers Don’t Burn CCELL’s cartridges are made with a ceramic heating element […]

How Much Should a Good Vape Pen Cost

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If you’ve decided to purchase a vaporizer, you’ve likely heard about the many benefits, including the purer and healthier experience they provide, the ease of dosing, and the ability to smoke discreetly. What many first-time buyers ask is: “How much do good vape pens cost?”   Depending on the style you choose and the type of […]

CCELL® Battery Life and Safety

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What is the Average Battery Life for a CCELL® Battery?  The average battery life depends on both the product and how much you use your vape. For general use, one hour of vaping generally equals 100mAh of battery, but CCELL® batteries typically outlast this estimate. We are proud to offer three CCELL® batteries to extend […]