What is the difference between a CCELL® vaporizer and other vaporizers you’d find online?

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Vaporizers come in all different sizes and shapes, but all of them have the same function: to vaporize THC oil, dry herb, or wax for you to enjoy. There are many benefits to using a vaporizer, including: 

  • It’s healthier, since vapor doesn’t have tar, carbon monoxide, or any of the other toxins found in smoke
  • It is more efficient, using 30-40% less cannabis than smoking would
  • Vapor disperses faster and doesn’t have tar or other chemicals in it, so it produces less of an odor
  • Devices for vaporizing oil can be made small and discreet

The numerous benefits have led many to turn to vaporizing THC oil as their preferred method. This boom in popularity has led manufacturers to create and market a wide variety of products, but which ones are actually worth purchasing? 

For many, there is one name that stands out from the pack when it comes to portable, efficient, and easy-to-use vaporizers: CCELL®

CCELL® vaporizers allow people to ditch their leaky cartridges and stop worrying about burnt oils. Cannabis oils can be far stickier than many other liquids used in vaporizers, and CCELL® was explicitly designed to provide maximum flavor and puffs for people using cannabis oils.

So, what is the difference between CCELL’s ® products and other vaporizers you might find online? 

Patented Technology

CCELL® technology was developed with more than 400 patents, and it has the highest-standard production facilities complying with the strictest hygienic and safety standards. CCELL® technology involves a patented ceramic formula that allows heat to be absorbed and distributed evenly and regularly by an embedded coil. These vaporizers are known for even heat distribution, large vapor volume, and pure flavor.

Some other vaporizers on the market utilize wick-based technology that can leave a burnt taste and may also contaminate expensive oils.

The CCELL® experience allows people to enjoy the same level of taste on their final puff that they had with their first. 

Compact Size for Discreet Use On the Go

CCELL’s ® products are designed to travel with you wherever you might go. You can choose from the Silo, Palm, or Dart, and enjoy your THC oils discreetly and conveniently anywhere. The CCELL® Palm is slim and square, making it a perfect size for your pocket. The CCELL® Silo is taller and rounder than a Palm, but it is narrower and has a convenient ergonomic design for smoking on the go. The CCELL® Stick is designed (much like it’s name) to be thin, long, and round, and it’s small size is perfect for any occasion. 

Other products on the market can be large, clunky devices that will not fit easily into your pocket, purse, or bag. These products often do not have the same thoughtful consideration to design, portability, and ease-of-use in public or on-the-go. 

When you want superior taste and performance with a sleek, well-designed form-factor, you’ll want to choose an authentic CCELL® product. 

Ease of Use – Simply Inhale to Activate

There are no buttons to worry about or settings to adjust, as CCELL® cartridges are automatic inhaling devices. CCELL® also has a self-adapted optimum temperature setting. 

The CCELL® battery will only be heated upon inhalation, and the cartridge will be ready to go right from the first puff.

Other vaporizers require you to turn the device on and wait until they heat up to the optimal vaporizing temperature. Users are often left waiting for their devices to heat up for use, whereas CCELL® owners can simply inhale and enjoy. 

Consistent Flavor and Performance 

CCELL® will give you pure flavor, a reliable and consistent performance starting from the very first puff. 

You will not get the same kind of consistent performance with other vaporizers, and some may even require five or six puffs to launch. Other vaporizers also will not work with high viscosity extract.

When you use a CCELL® device, you will immediately notice a dramatic difference in the volume of smoke you can produce. You will enjoy a much larger and flavorful plume of smoke with a CCELL® vaporizer versus other vaporizers on the market. 

Superior Leak Protection

With an authentic CCELL® product, you won’t have to deal with leakage issues that are so commonly found with other vaporizers and cartridges. Leakage from poorly-designed or manufactured cartridges can leave a sticky mess and will waste valuable oil. 

CCELL® has multiple nanoscale inlet holes that allow the device to absorb, store, and vaporize high viscosity extracted oil with no difficulty. The four tiny inlet holes at the bottom of the metal screw let the oil in and make sure that the proper amount of oil gets into the ceramic core.

Quick Assembly

With the CCELL® Palm, you simply drop the cartridge into the groove, and the battery will magnetically connect at the base. All that will be left is for you to inhale, since there aren’t any buttons needed to activate the device. 

The CCELL® Silo only requires you to screw on the magnetic base and then drop the oil cartridge in until it connects at the bottom. The Silo will turn on as soon as you inhale.

CCELL® vaporizer pens (also known as stick batteries or slim batteries) are 510 threaded to fit nearly all oil cartridges. Simply screw on the cartridge and begin puffing.

Superior Battery Life

One of the biggest complaints from those who’ve used other vaporizers on the market is battery life. Some vaporizers take several hours to charge, and the battery will only last for a short amount of time before requiring a charge again.

Most CCELL® batteries only require one hour to 90 minutes of charging time. CCELL® devices have LED indicator lights that will blink and turn off before they stop working and light continuously while charging.

Typical usage for CCELL® products are as follows: 

  • CCELL® Palm has a battery capacity of 550mAh that allows for over 250 puffs after charging. 
  • CCELL® Silo has a battery capacity of 500mAh and will deliver full volume vapor for more than a week under normal usage. 
  • CCELL® vaporizer pens have a battery capacity of 350mAh and work with most 510 thread cartridges.

CCELL® Palm, CCELL® Silo, and CCELL® vaporizer pens can all be charged with basic USB adapters.

How Do I Know If I Have An Authentic CCELL® Device? 

You will know you have an authentic CCELL® product when you can see white semi-transparent silicone rings inside the cartridge; there are six inlet holes that include four at the base of the airway and two at the bottom the cartridge, and the CCELL® logo laser engraved at the bottom of the cartridge or bottom metal collar. You should also see a serial number at the bottom of your cartridge.

Naturally, the only way to know if you’ve purchased an authentic CCELL® product is to buy it from a trusted supplier like Hamilton Devices. We are an authorized CCELL® retailer, and we highly recommend these products for anyone looking for a high-quality, easy-to-use vaporizer. 

We offer a 30-day return policy in the United States and provide free ground shipping on orders exceeding $69 within the United States. If you’re looking to purchase authentic CCELL® vape products at the best prices around, make sure to buy yours from Hamilton Devices. 

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  1. Teresa A Breedlove says:

    I like my new Hamilton Shark vape. Love the ceramic ring replacement of the cotton. It’s syrange having no adjustments on vape. I kind of like that..
    Very nice vape. Has NO emblems, wild colors, (mine is all black) or distinguishing features. Can be used in public. Someone asked me what it (the Shark vape was? I said it was a inhaler.

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