What’s the Difference Between CCELL and Other Vaporizers?

Blog 1 CCELL black gold

Although CCELL technology is often imitated, it’s never been replicated to date. CCELL’s products are just too hard to manufacture without world-class R&D and manufacturing facilities.

Here are some of the main differences between CCELL’s product range and other cartridges and vaporizers.

CCELL Vaporizers Don’t Burn

CCELL’s cartridges are made with a ceramic heating element that doesn’t burn like cotton wicks do. CCELL’s vaporizers are engineered to work with the brand’s cartridges without overheating.

This means you never get that burnt taste and smell – or inhale products of burning. This is not the case with other manufacturers, whose products can easily burn up.

Hassle-free and universally compatible

CCELL’s vaporizers all use the same 510 threading as most vaporizer manufacturers and brands. This means you can use CCELL’s vaporizers with most cartridges safely.

The brand’s vapes are easy to use, too. They are leak-proof and button-free, just like CCELL cartridges. They don’t require any preheating, which means you can enjoy your vape product in just seconds.

100% Safe

CCELL is produced by SMOORE: a publicly traded company. SMOORE has state-of-the-art R&D and manufacturing facilities, employing PhDs and professional engineers. Most importantly, SMOORE manufactures CCELL using food and medical-grade components.

All of this makes CCELL’s products incredibly safe. Other brands often compromise and cut corners on materials and processes; CCELL doesn’t. If safety is important to you, it’s the brand to go for.

Consistent vape hits with thick oils

CCELL’s nanolet inlet holes absorb even the thickest liquids in seconds. This means you can vape viscous, gooey oils and enjoy smooth, consistent hits. Even if you do end up vaping air for a millisecond, the patented CCELL ceramic atomizer will continue to work without burning or overheating.