CCELL® Battery Life and Safety

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What is the Average Battery Life for a CCELL® Battery? 

The average battery life depends on both the product and how much you use your vape. For general use, one hour of vaping generally equals 100mAh of battery, but CCELL® batteries typically outlast this estimate. We are proud to offer three CCELL® batteries to extend and amplify your vaping experience.

Users enjoy the sleek and aesthetically appealing designs, as well as the powerful battery that CCELL® has become known for. All batteries include a micro-USB port and a charger.

CCELL® Palm – Price ranges from $13.49 to $25.99.

The CCELL® Palm holds 550mAh of battery. According to the CCELL® website, the Palm should guarantee 250+ puffs before charging. Our website offers the Palm in seven different colors to suit your style. We recommend the Palm for experienced vapers, and you can purchase a complete kit from us for as little as $36.86. The kit includes the following:

  • 1 Palm Battery with charger
  • 2 0.5ML CCELL® Silver glass cartridges with a white ceramic mouthpiece
  • 2 Magnetic adapters in a carrying case

CCELL® Silo – Price ranges from $13.49 to $25.99.

The CCELL® Silo holds 500mAh of battery. The Silo battery holds a charge for a little over a week, according to the CCELL® website. Our website offers the Silo in six colors to easily match your everyday style.

Though this type of battery doesn’t include in a kit, you can easily use it with most 510 thread cartridges. It is recommended to use a CCELL® threaded cartridge to get the best clouds. You can buy a CCELL® 0.5ml Glass Silver Cartridge with a threaded white ceramic mouthpiece for as little as $5.31.

CCELL® Stick – Price ranges from $3.73 to $10.49.

The CCELL® Stick holds 350mAh of battery. There is no exact estimate on the CCELL® website, but reviewers online claim that the Stick battery provides up to 150+ puffs per charge. The Stick is the smallest and cheapest option but holds the greatest potential for a compact battery system.

While this battery doesn’t include a kit, you can purchase a 0.5ML or 1.0ML CCELL® cartridge from our website. We recommend using ceramic mouthpieces with your vape cartridges because they are less likely to warp with use.

You can purchase this CCELL® 1.0ml Glass Silver Cartridge from us for only $5.31.

 Battery Safety Tips for Vape Owners 

We’ve all seen what can happen if your vape battery malfunctions. Most batteries, especially long-term batteries like CCELL® batteries, are lithium-ion chemistries based. To avoid damaging your battery or worse, injuring yourself or others, read our tips on vape battery safety below:

Use the Correct Charging Cable 

Using a different cable than what the manufacturer provided for your battery could cause it to charge at a higher voltage than it needs to, which leads to overheating. Always make sure to use the charger that was packaged with the device, or order a replacement from the manufacturer or an officially-licensed dealer.

Don’t Leave a Charging Battery Unattended 

Like mobile phone batteries, your vape batteries could overheat from overcharging. Make sure when you charge your batteries to keep the device in view. Try not to leave it charging overnight or while you are away.

Don’t Over-Drain Your Batteries

Your batteries shouldn’t drain to empty every time you use your vape. Over-draining your battery can damage it, so try to charge it before it is completely empty.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures 

Though vape batteries can withstand varying temperatures, extreme heat or cold could damage them. Keep in mind where you leave your vape. High temperatures can drain your battery life, limiting how much you can get out of your vape. Cold temperatures have a similar effect and lessen battery capacity. Make sure to store your vape in a cool area away from sunlight to prevent exposure to extreme temperatures.

Replace Wet or Damaged Batteries

If you were caught in the rain or accidentally damaged your vape, examine the battery before using it. Wet batteries should not be left in your vape. A wet battery weakens the seal and could cause leakage in your case. Always recycle a wet battery and purchase a new one, just to be safe.

Use the Right Batteries 

Consider buying high-quality, well-reviewed products, not just those offered at the lowest price. Cheap or counterfeit batteries could potentially fail or might cause a serious injury accident.

At Hamilton Devices, we offer a range of quality, officially-licensed vape batteries, so you never have to worry about reliability or being stranded without your vape.

Use the Right Case 

Make sure you store any external batteries in a safe and secure case. The case will protect them from unexpected damage and will ensure that they don’t come in contact with other metal items or anything that could potentially be a safety hazard.

Looking to Buy a High-Quality CCELL® Battery? Buy From Hamilton Devices

At Hamilton Devices, we offer a full range of quality batteries, CCELL® vapes, and other vape devices that will last through the heaviest of use. We are an authentic distributor of CCELL® products, so take a look at your options on our product page and purchase yours today!