Authentic CCELL® Batteries and Cartridges

Hamilton Devices AUTHORIZED CCELL® DISTRIBUTOR is internationally
recognized as a leading innovator of vaporizer technologies.

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Revolutionary CCELL® technology

Discover a new quality of vaporizing.


Thick Oil Compatible

CCELL® patented technology allows for
use with extremely thick oils.

510 Threading

Industry standard 510 threading on
all CCELL® products.

Longer Lifecycle

CCELL® uses only the highest quality
materials and the most reliable hardware in
the industry.

ccell jupiter hamilton devices

Full Flavor

A porous ceramic heating element is used to replace the traditional cotton wick, which allows the liquid to better reach the coil.

Inhale Huge Clouds

Industry leading clouds are produced every time.

Unrivaled Vapor Performance

By embedding the heating coil to 360 ̊ within the ceramic core, it ensures the atomizer is uniformly heated.

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