CCELL® & Hamilton Devices™ Collector’s Edition Drop #1


Welcome to a celebration of craftsmanship, innovation, and the vibrant culture of cannabis. CCELL & Hamilton Devices are proud to unveil the 420 Collector’s Editions encompassing a wider array of devices including the latest in vaping technology and traditional accessories.

The box contains a premium selection of vaping devices and cartridges, offering a comprehensive experience. It includes:

  • DRACO™ – The Pinnacle of Dry Flower Combustion CCELL® Fino – Sleek and sophisticated for discreet usage.
  • CCELL® Rosin Bar – For a purer, flavor-rich experience.
  • CCELL® M3B Plus – Compact power for on-the-go users.
  • Jetstream Mini – Versatile and travel-friendly.
  • Jetstream – The flagship device for the discerning vaper.
  • Nomad – For those who enjoy vaping adventures.
  • Daypipe Mini – A modern twist on the classic Daypipe.
  • CCELL® Voca Max – Robust design for an immersive vape.
  • CCELL® Klean Cartridges – 6 in total, providing 2 of each type to ensure a variety of experiences.
  • CCELL® Polycarbonate & CCELL® Glass Cartridges – A total of 12, allowing users to explore different materials and their impact on vaping.

This collection is curated to cater to a range of preferences, combining both innovation and tradition in a single, luxurious package.

These editions are not merely products; they are a bridge between tradition and innovation, art and technology. They embody the spirit of 420, crafted not just for enjoyment but as a symbol of cultural appreciation and artistic celebration.

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