CCELL® DS0110-US 1.0ml Disposable with Threaded Sandalwood Round Mouthpiece

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Tiny but Mighty

Size matters when it comes to disposable vapes, but so does performance. Since its launch, the DS01 series has been the true embodiment of a convenient disposable vape without the slightest compromise on performance. Now with its newly updated variants, the DS01 series further resolves shelf-life battery concerns and is even safer and easier to store.

This pen-style disposable is available in 3 popular tank sizes while maintaining its super compact size. The newly released (-US) line further minimizes its size to make storage and transporting easier. To eliminate the worries of having a drained-out battery with unfinished oil, the new (-US) line also introduces a micro-USB rechargeable port to its tiny but mighty body.


  • Tank Volume: 1.0ml
  • Battery Capacity: 135mAh
  • Dimensions:
    • Φ10.5 x 107.3/116.5/124.5/127H (mm)
    • Height differs from mouthpiece choice
  • Materials:
    • Mouthpiece: Food-Grade Material
    • Oil Tank: Glass
    • Center Post: Low lead brass or medical grade stainless steel
    • Body: Stainless steel
  • Large Visible Oil Tank Design
  • Built-in LED Indicator
  • Inhale Activated
  • Micro-USB Charging
  • Available for customization
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