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Superior, Inside and Out.

A seemingly simple design yet packed with a whole lot of hidden surprises-enter the intuitive dual-heat battery, Rizo.

Featuring a premium full-metallic casing, this palm-fitting battery was designed to not only look good but also spice up your vaping experience. Inside this tiny body embeds a 3-bar battery status LED as well as a no-nonsense slide switch that allows you to quickly shift between your preferred heating temperature. The inhalation sensation is further amplified with the gentle haptic feedback so that every breath comes to life.

Superior inside and out, the Rizo is a real game changer for the 510 thread batteries.

Flavor and Potency at Just a Switch Away

As simple as shifting the intuitive slide switch, Rizo features two different heat settings that provide the optimal experience for your needs.

To enjoy truer-to-taste flavors for high terpene extracts such as live resin or rosin, switch to the Flavor setting (L). Just can’t get enough? Potency setting (H) realizes larger clouds and maximum potency but is sure to avoid burnt tastes, perfect for those who appreciate stronger hits.

Easily Charged, Faster Access

Coming in fresh, Rizo is compatible with the latest and most powerful Type-C charging, bringing more convenience so that you can quickly access your vape again.

* For best vaping experience, it is recommended to pair with CCELL cartridges.

Care in the Details

Rizo was thoughtfully designed with care, introducing a silicone-covered compartment within its sleek, full-metal body. The silicone cover serves as full protection against dust or water from reaching the Type-C charging port and the heat adjustment slide switch, preventing damages and prolonging the life-span of the battery.

The gentle haptic vibration and LED light also provides physical feedback when inhaling, maximizing every breath you take and amplifying your sensory experiences.

Stary in the Know

Worry no more about unknown battery status. Rizo introduces a never-seen-before 3-bar LED status light, allowing you to quickly gauge your battery status simply by dropping the cartridge in.


* Standard 510 thread

* Dual-heat slide switch

* Inhale activation

* Haptic feedback

* Drop-in magnetic connection

* 3-bar LED indicator

* Type-C charging

* Available for customization

* Battery Capacity: 300mAh

* Output Voltage:

– Flavor Setting (L): 2.8V

– Potency Setting (H): 3.3V

* Dimensions: 62.7H x 34W x 14.8D (mm)

* Materials:

– Body: Aluminum and zinc alloy, PC

– Bottom Cover: Silicone

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29 reviews for RIZO

  1. J (verified owner)

    My experience with the RIZO battery is a hit or miss. I only vape a few times a day for medical purposes and the cart itself gets clogged fairly often, even when on LOW setting, which becomes an inconvenience in the middle of dosing. I was able to take advantage of the sale with FREE SHIPPING. The price was also the lowest compared to other places and was shipped out the very next day. I was very impressed with their website, the ease of navigation as well as the variety of products offered. I’ll be returning this product, but will still use Hamilton Devices for future purchases.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love the new battery! The vibration really elevates the experience of a traditional cart.

  3. Todd Hollingsworth (verified owner)


  4. Shawn Connolly (verified owner)

    Great service and product

  5. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    Haven’t used it that yet. The couple times I did it worked good.

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)


  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    A little tough to pull from(the hits aremt very big), but very discreet and great battery life for its size.

  8. Bradley Robison (verified owner)

    Absolutely satisfied with the product, shipping, communication, u name it I never had an issue and arrived 3 days early

  9. Caleb (verified owner)

    Very small and nice battery.

  10. Richard B. (verified owner)

    This thing is great. Its small, discreet, and elegant. I love the vibration instead of lighting up. Was my recliner vape until i lost my cloak. Now its my everyday carry…

  11. Adam (verified owner)

    Awesome little device!! Great battery life and very sleek.

  12. Shawn (verified owner)

    So nice. The haptic feedback is great. Battery life seems excellent so far.

  13. June bug

    It’s cool the cartridge gets clogged sometimes tho

  14. bruce nolte (verified owner)

    best vape ive had

  15. Cody (verified owner)

    I’m giving this a 4 but it could be a 5 but that charging cover is a bit of a hassle although this thing is dinky and packs a smooth buttonless draw.

  16. Jesse (verified owner)

    Small, discrete and appealing design. Also, works fully with USB c, not just A-C cables. Great engineering as expected from ccell. I have noted a few minor annoyances after going through a few ml with this battery, but no deal breakers, mainly personal preference. I removed the haptic motor, and now it’s almost perfect. What a silly gimmick. Most annoying to me is the hole is not tight around the cart, to accommodate different sizes it should be oversized but with the vibration it rattles with every hit, ahd that’s using ccell cartridges. I don’t understand the point of that feature since it has lights that illuminate during a hit as well. Very easy to modify though, two screws at the bottom and the side snaps off with some cellphone pry tools/guitar picks. I’ll probably buy another as is and do the same but a switch to toggle it would be welcome. It could be done in a way like airo did with theirs, as it’s sensing when the cart is inserted it could be possible to use that action as a software switch to either disable vibration or change voltage with more than two settings, and then switch the vibration using the existing one at the bottom. Nothing is ever perfect for everyone in this mass produced world, overall I’m happy with my purchase. Definitely will be ordering a backup or two.

  17. Jacob (verified owner)

    V nice ????

  18. Kamran (verified owner)

    hate the magnetic head….but overall a great device.

  19. Smoke Good (verified owner)

    This device has been good so far. Ccell has a lot of ingenuity behind this product. The magnetic screw on the rizo is great, if it gets stuck in the 510 connector i have managed to screw the cart back on.

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This device has been good so far. Ccell has a lot of ingenuity behind this product. The magnetic screw on the rizo is great, if it gets stuck in the 510 connector i have managed to screw the cart back on.

  21. Michele M. (verified owner)

    Short time with this so far, but I’m loving the new ccell device. The lower heat really works better with my preferred vape cartridges, and the form factor of this device is makes it very comfortable to hold in your hand/having in your pocket. Same quality construction you’ve come to expect from ccell.

  22. Mitchell J. (verified owner)

    Device seems great, but mine arrived with dead LED indicators so I don’t know what battery level it’s at or if it’s powered on. Reached out via email to get help.

    EDIT: customer service responded and is replacing the unit for free, a perfect solution to my problem.

  23. Louis Patino (verified owner)

    I was really rooting for this product. Looks very sleek, comfortable in your hand, it’s discreet, but the pull on it is weak! I feel like my mouth is sore after a why trying to get a good enough pull. Hopefully in their next gen is better.

  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love the device and I received it very quickly from Hamilton. I’ll be buying another as a gift. Thank you!

  25. Yvette (verified owner)

    I thought the haptic feedback would be annoying but I actually really like it! Small lightweight and portable. Love the USB C charging port. Only complaint is that it doesn’t stand upright.

  26. Larry B. (verified owner)

    Love the way it looks and feels but did not get a substantial draw from it. Fully charged and temp on high.
    My pen delivers much bigger hits.
    Just sayin.

  27. Nikki K. (verified owner)

    Sleek and comfortable in the hand, yet cartridge clogs. Haven’t encountered that difficulty with pen vapers. A little disappointed considering the price, but RIZO is a quality product.

  28. Jack (verified owner)

    Great quality as expected from cell.

  29. bruce (verified owner)

    Great form factor; love the magnet and simple temp adjustments.

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