CCELL® 1.0ml Glass Silver Cartridge (Threaded White Ceramic Mouthpiece)

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  • This cartridge is designed to work with very thick oil.
  • This cartridge will work with most 510 thread batteries, but is engineered to pair and function best with a CCELL® or Hamilton Devices® battery.
  • Glass housing
  • Tank volume: 1.0ml
  • Screw On mouthpiece
  • Standard 510 thread
  • Size: 10.5 x 62mm
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Like all of our other CCELL products, our CCELL® 1.0ml Glass Silver Cartridge (Threaded White Ceramic Mouthpiece) is guaranteed to provide ultimate satisfaction, regardless of whether you’re a long-time vaping lover or a beginner who’s just testing the waters … or rather vapors.

In comparison to other brands on the market, CCELL products have always ranked high owing to their superior design and technology coupled with manufacturing excellence, all of which result in remarkable quality vaporizing hardware. With a robust performance to match, CCELL vapes are in high demand for their large clouds, pure flavor, authentic taste and above all, consistent efficiency in delivering all of these benefits … down to the last drop.

Besides its other patented cutting-edge technologies, the cartridge’s ceramic heating formula and centered atomizer contribute to the extraordinary vaping experience by ensuring uniform heat distribution, even flow, steady and consistent vapor, and a powerful potency. What’s more, all CCELL cartridges boast of the lowest leak rate.

In terms of volume, this cartridge is a “full gram” model, meaning its tank has a holding capacity of 1.0 ml. The biggest advantage is that when you’re choosing the oil, you can rest assured that you won’t have to confine your search to oils with less viscosity. The cartridge is designed to work with oils of varying viscosities, including very thick oils … with equal efficiency and ease.

It has glass housing with a screw-on white ceramic mouthpiece that lends a great aesthetic appeal. Moreover its design is sleek and far from obvious, offering users discretion. In addition, it’s available in multiple varieties with mouthpieces of multiple styles and colors. Are you ready to order your piece today?