A Deep Dive into Hamilton Devices Technology

Consumers want vaporizers that are high-quality, provide reliable performance, and innovation to top it off. Hamilton Devices calibrates, engineers, and optimizes to deliver the best quality, reliability, and safety.

Want the best vaporizers, battries, or disposables? We got your back here at Hamilton Devices.

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We develop, design, and develop state-of-the-art hardwarefor plant-derived oil producers and extractors. We are trusted industrywide to deliver the best flavors and the biggest vapor clouds you can imagine.

All Hamilton Devices Products feature proprietary Hamilton Devices or CCELL® technology, Including 360 ˚ , continuous oil flow and saturation as well as uniform heating without burning.

Why Choose Hamilton Devices?

CCELL® cartridges and power supplies absorb and vaporize high-viscosity extracts with unrivaled efficiency.

This best-in-class performance is possible through a patented ceramic formulation and manufacturing excellence.

CCELL® Pods incorporate tried-and-true technology and hardware, introducing reliable pod-based vaporizers to the market. Pods are light, easy to switch and stealthy. Features include a specialized mouthpiece design, magnetic connection, and more.


‎CCELL® products are fabricated in Shenzhen, China, by a contracted manufacturer that is ISO, GMP & cGMP certified. We utilize three well-equipped factories with nearly 500,000 square feet and more than 3,000 employees to produce our line of products.

  • ➢ Certified by nqa to ISO 13485:2016 certified. Certificate number: 48490-2
  • ➢ Certified by nqa to ISO 9001:2015 certified. Certificate number: CN11/30678.00
  • ➢ Certified by gfs to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) Compliant. Certificate: GFS-GMP-20190901-2
  • ➢ Certified by gfs to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Compliant. Certificate number: GFS-GMP-20190901-3
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