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Introducing Hamilton Devices first variable voltage battery, the Shiv. The Shiv is an automatic deploy and retract vape battery that can be adjusted to a tenth of a volt allowing for precise heat control to dial in the perfect flavor for your oil. Push the slider up to instantly deploy your cartridge and push the slider down to instantly retract your cartridge back into its concealed position.

This battery is engineered specifically for use with CCELL® cartridges, but will also work with most 510 thread cartridges.

  • High quality circuit board with multiple protections
  • Rubberized Zinc Alloy Housing
  • Press to activate
  • Screw-in connector with built-in 510 thread, fits either 0.5ml and 1.0ml cartridges
  • Custom color and branding available
  • Adjustable Voltage: 2.0 – 3.8V
  • Suggested Voltage : 3.0 – 3.7V
  • Battery Capacity: 900mAh
  • Size: 44.5mm(L)*20mm(W)*82.2mm(H)
  • Rechargeable with USB – Type C Port ( USB – Type C charger included )
  • Battery only, does not include cartridge
  • Screen: 0.96inch OLED
  • Color: Matte Black

MAINTENANCE TIPS: Any device dealing with oils has the potential to leak and general cleaning maintenance will keep the device at its optimal performance.
RECOMMENDED CLEANING: 1-2x per battery charge or depending on usage with a Q-Tip and rubbing alcohol.

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21 reviews for THE SHIV

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love it so far, zero complaints, it makes my cart draw like a pencil

  2. Elizabeth Mason (verified owner)

    Very nice but it burned one of my carts I think I just had it set too high.

  3. Garrett (verified owner)

    I was using a yocan uni pro before this unit and loved it. The shiv has a bigger battery, is made from higher quality materials and just looks better. The cart rapidly retracts and pops all the way up just like a switchblade. The only thing the uni pro has that this doesn’t is multiple height settings for the cart and a preheat function. If you catch this on sale it’s a steal, but not a bad value even at full price

  4. Robert (verified owner)

    The SHIV is awesome it hits so good you can adjust the temperature at a low temp so the hits are so flavorful and you can adjust it to a such a high temp to get a great big hit and The battery life is awesome you don’t have to keep recharging it Great product I would recommend this to all my friends

  5. Patrick D. (verified owner)

    Fantastic piece of equipment, however only at the 50% rebate y’all did for New Year’s weekend. Full price FAIL.

  6. Kevin H. (verified owner)

    Battery works great so far.

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It’s is amazing

  8. atwhite1512 (verified owner)

    Compact, but feels great in hand! The “shiv” feature is a cool trick to use around others. Awesome! 😀

  9. Isaac (verified owner)

    Battery draws and hits smoothly on all temps. It is my new daily battery.

  10. Matthew Durney (verified owner)

    Hello fellow 420 smokers I have 6-7 different types of vap batteries that all fall short of the Shit! I mean the Shive is a top quality oil vaporizer that really has stepped up the oil vap game for sure.. I love the adjustable heat you really can dial in the perfect temperature for a perfect tasting huge vap clouds from this bad boy..Looking forwards to the next versions of the Shive…..

  11. David (verified owner)

    This thing is slick, solid and well built, and hits like Mike Tyson. I took a chance ordering this device knowing very little about it and I am not disappointed. Well done.

  12. Asher Thurer (verified owner)

    Fantastic battery, easily became my everyday carry. It’s got a very nice heft to it, a solid metal build that makes it feel like you could chuck it against a wall and you’d just pick it up and dust it off to keep using it no prob. Variable temp is a must and works great with this guy, letting you really dial in your preferences. Oh, and it charges with USB-C which is pretty sweet too.

  13. A F. (verified owner)

    Hands down the best 510 battery I’ve used. And I’ve used quite a few in the past 10 years. Worth the price if you are a regular 510 user.

  14. Steve (verified owner)

    Top shelf battery. I love the weight of it. Great feature being able to tune in your voltage to taste.

  15. Danny Perez (verified owner)

    Love this battery. It has a bigger battery size than most 900 maH. I love adjustable voltage and the “shiv” mechanism. Has a great weight to it without being huge. Glad I got it over the yocan uni pro.

  16. Jamesjuno (verified owner)

    The best 510 battery I’ve used so far. I only had this a short while but so far every cart I try works perfectly.

  17. Rob (verified owner)

    Have not used it, yet, but cannot wait to do so.

  18. Ryan Russell (verified owner)

    I really enjoy the battery life of this thing. The spring is pretty cool, although I did freak out when it got off its slide. Flipping it over and locking the cart in place fixed it. Occasionally is still gets off track from time to time, but its a great product.

  19. Harry (verified owner)

    Best cart battery PERIOD ! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👌🙏

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  20. Bryce (verified owner)

    All my other pens have broke i have brought many from here but the shiv is the real deal.

  21. Mark s

    Has more mah then uni pro by yocan i would say style is similar to a box mod all in all battery lasts all day i would say get rid of floating magnetic connections and offer threads with the full function deploy and we are game

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