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Hamilton Devices features a full line of vaping products from CCELL® – the irreplaceable leader in the vaporizing hardware industry. But that’s not even half the story!

We are a trusted and authentic CCELL® supplier. In fact we’re the ONLY APPROVED online retailer for CCELL® vape products. And that says a lot about our exemplary service record and retail experience. Our clientele relies on us to provide the highest quality products that offer the most extraordinary vaping experience, at the most reasonable price. And we take our job seriously!

Hamilton Devices Reviews

As a company dedicated to providing customers the highest value for their money, we must say that we get our “highs” when we receive positive feedback from our customers, both new and repeaters. And we’re proud to announce that we’ve had more than our fair share of highly satisfied clients who encourage us with favorable feedback, letting us know that we’ve exceeded their expectations.

As such, the glowing Hamilton Devices reviews we receive on a regular basis keep us on a perpetual “high”. Our reliability and expertise in supplying a wide range of vaporizing hardware to customers all over the globe has earned us many accolades, chief among which is the enviable and distinguished position as the best vape supplier.

No Matter What your Vaping Needs, We Have It All!

At Hamilton Devices, you’re guaranteed to find only authentic CCELL® products, at an affordable price. Moreover, with our full line of products, we ensure that we cater to diverse vaping requirements, no matter how unique they might be. From beginners who have recently experienced or are just about to experience their first puff to vaping enthusiasts and experienced connoisseurs, we aim to fulfill all your needs.

Your Hunt for the Perfect Vaping Products Ends Here!

Our extensive collection of vaping hardware includes anything and everything you need on your vaping journey. Whether it is cartridges, vaporizers, batteries, pod systems, kits, disposables, tools and accessories, or even the right packaging for your equipment, Hamilton Devices has it all!

As vouched for in the Hamilton Devices reviews we receive on a frequent basis, all of our CCELL® products provide an extraordinary vaping experience that is defined by large vapor volume, potent extracts, pure flavor, and an authentic taste. The best part is that you don’t require 5-6 puffs to launch the vaporizing activity itself – with our CCELL® products, you’re rewarded with a huge cloud, right from the first puff and in a consistent manner, up to the last drop.

Besides a powerful performance, all CCELL® products are designed to provide safety, flexibility, comfort, convenience, and ease-of-use. In terms of aesthetics too, they’re not far behind! Hamilton Devices features a range of stylish, attractive products that spell luxury and grace. Most of the CCELL® vape reviews testify that our vaporizing hardware is extremely pleasing to the eye, right from their sleek design to the striking materials and the most gorgeous colors.

At the same time, their out-of-the-box designs that deviate from the regular, provide users the discretion they desire, enabling them to carry them with confidence wherever they go. Of course their compact size, lightweight construction, and optimal ergonomic design make them easily portable so users can enjoy the ultimate kicks, even on the go!

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  1. JH

    These charger are so much easier to use
    Just to expensive to ship

  2. perfect

  3. Best flavor ever burns oil fast

  4. Good for liquid diamonds great flavor

  5. Didn’t try yet but mouthpiece feels nice. standard ccel is always good