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0.5ml Glass Syringe with Luer Lock ( Pack of 100 )

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Magnetic Stirring Hotplate with Ceramic Coating

  • Digital temperature control with Max. temperature at 280°C
  • Digital speed control with Max. speed up to 1500rpm
  • Stainless steel work plate with ceramic coating providing good chemical-resistant performance
  • External temperature control accuracy of ±0.5℃ is possible by connecting the temperature sensor(PT 1000)
  • LED display shows temperature and speed
  • The “HOT” warning will flash when the work plate temperature is above 50°C even if the hotplate is turned off
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Variable Volume Cartridge Filling Tool

This Single-handed operation and maintenance free tool used to rapidly fill your vaporizer cartridges –  Hamilton Devices recommended filling tool 


  • Light and ergonomic solution providing easy usability
  • Single-handed operation
  • Volume range from 1μL to 5mL
  • Up to 48 dispensing steps
  • Maintenance free
  • Equipped with durable tip insertion lever
  • Fits seven sizes of disposable polypropylene syringes from 0.5mL to 50mL
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