Authentic CCELL Product FAQS

Who makes CCELL?

Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited owns the CCELL trademark and is the sole manufacturer of CCELL products. The company has a dozen years of experience in the vaporization business and has eight facilities for production and more than 10,000 employees. Hamilton Devices provides the best pricing on authentic CCELL Technology.

Where to buy an authentic CCELL vaporizer?

Hamilton Devices is an authorized retailer of Authentic CCELL products including:

  • CCELL Palm Battery
  • CCELL Silo Battery
  • CCELL Stick Battery
  • CCELL TH2 ceramic atomizer cartridges
  • CCELL .03ml glass disposable vaporizer
  • CCELL .05ml glass disposable vaporizer
  • CCell Battery USB Charger

We also carry the CCELL Palm Pack, which includes one Palm Battery and two CCELL .05ml glass vaporizer cartridges. We proudly offer the industry’s best wholesale pricing on authentic CCELL Technology.

How much does a good CCELL Vape Pen cost?

CCELL products are affordably priced at Hamilton Devices:

  • CCELL Palm Batteries from $22.99 to $25.99 
  • CCELL Silo Batteries from $22.99 to $25.99 
  • CCELL Vaporizer Pen Batteries from $9.99 to $10.49
  • CCEll cartridges from $5.20 to $5.81 
  • CCELL disposable glass vaporizers from $6.55-$7.66

We’re also proud to offer the CCELL Palm Pack that contains one palm battery, one charger, and two th205 0.5ml glass cartridge with white ceramic.

How long does a CCELL battery last?

CCELL components are known for their durable nature and long-lasting use. The CCELL M3 Battery takes about one hour to charge and has a battery lifecycle that allows it to be charged and discharged for 300 cycles. The CCELL Palm requires about 90 minutes of charging time.

Palm CCELL Product FAQs

What is the battery life of the Palm wax pen?

Palm has a large battery capacity of 550mAh and which gives the user more than 250 puffs after charging. CCELL batteries also provide 25 percent more vapor volume in comparison to other brands. The battery for a Palm wax pen with CCELL technology was built to withstand heavy use for a long period of time.

Is the palm battery inhale activated?

Yes. CCELL is not only activated by inhalation, but it also has a self-adapted optimum temperature setting and no-button design that makes the product incredibly simple to use. The CCELL palm battery is a perfect balance of design and effectiveness, so the heating component will only engage when you are ready to use it.

How do you know when the palm CCELL is fully charged?

When the CCELL Palm has a low or dead battery, the LED indicator will blink 10 times and turn off before the Palm stops working. The LED Indicator is on continuously while it is charging, and the LED indicator will blink 20 times before turning off when the device is fully charged.

How to take my CCELL Palm vape pen battery apart?

CCELL Palm magnetic adapters have the universal 510 thread pattern that allow them to be screwed on to any universal 510 threaded oil cartridge. To take the CCELL Palm vape apart:

  • Slide the cartridge and adapter out of the battery device (it is held in place magnetically, so doing so is as simple as pulling it out)
  • Unscrew the adapter and remove the cartridge
  • Remove the mouthpiece 
Can I use my mobile charger to charge my CCELL Palm vape pen?

The CCELL Palm battery can be charged with any Micro USB cable. Hamilton Devices includes a small cable for your convenience, but it can also be charged using the same charger for most Android cell phones, which means people already have similar charging devices in their homes. It will take about 90 minutes to fully charge the CCELL palm battery.

Where can I find CCELL Palm instructions?

Instructions for CCELL Palm products are included with each product purchased, and you can also find instructions on the Hamilton Devices website. Assembly and use is simple and straightforward, and you can unbox the device and begin using it within minutes:

Step One: Take any 510 threaded vape cartridge and screw on the CCELL magnetic adapter.

Step Two: Take the Palm battery and drop the cartridge into the open end. It will lock into place magnetically.

Step Three: There are no buttons to push, simply Inhale to activate the atomizer. You will see a small LED light turns on as you inhale and the atomizer vaporizes your oil.

Step Four: When the battery needs to be recharged, simply plug in the micro USB cable into the port at the bottom of the device. It should only take about two hours to completely recharge the battery.