What Is THC-JD?

THC-JD is one of many new cannabinoids that have begun to appear in vape cartridges and other products recently. It’s similar in structure to the better-known cannabinoid Delta-9 THC, but it differs from Delta-9 in that the molecule has a longer side chain of carbon atoms – eight carbons as opposed to the five carbons in Delta-9. When you read about the wide world of new cannabinoids these days, you might find yourself thinking that you’re just looking at a bunch of alphabet soup. If you’re a serious cannabinoid aficionado, though, it’s definitely worthwhile to take notice of THC-JD because the longer carbon side chain may significantly increase its potency.

So, what is THC-JD, and why might it be a worthy addition to your cannabinoid routine? Reading this overview, you’re going to learn the answers to those questions.

What Kind of Cannabinoid is THC-JD?

Let’s start by examining the thing that makes THC-JD different from Delta-9 THC. The two molecules are homologs of one another, which means that the active part of the molecule – the thing that makes it THC – is the same. As we mentioned above, the difference between THC-JD and Delta-9 THC is in the lengths of their carbon side chains. While Delta-9 has a side chain of five carbon atoms, THC-JD has an octyl chain – meaning that the side chain consists of eight carbon atoms.

THC-JD does occur naturally in cannabis, but it occurs in such low concentrations that there has never been an opportunity to study its effects in isolation until recently. Thanks to the conversion processes that hemp processors are now employing, it’s possible to convert cannabinoids that are easy to isolate into cannabinoids that aren’t so plentiful in nature. That’s why THC-JD products such as vape cartridges are now available.

Because it’s never been possible to consume it in isolation from the other cannabinoids before now, THC-JD has never been studied scientifically. Hemp processors, however, have been experimenting with longer carbon chains for a while. That’s why we have THC-P, which has a side chain consisting of seven carbon atoms. The longer side chain is thought to make THC-P significantly stronger than Delta-9 THC – and if that’s the case, it stands to reason that THC-JD should be stronger still. With some people estimating that THC-JD could be up to 19 times stronger than Delta-9, it’s entirely possible that it could be one of the strongest cannabinoids on the market.

How Is THC-JD Made?

Although THC-JD does occur naturally in cannabis, its concentration is so low that extracting and isolating it directly from the plant isn’t really practical or commercially viable. Instead of attempting to extract THC-JD from raw plant material, labs instead obtain THC-JC in a semi-synthetic way – by converting it from CBD. CBD is plentiful and easy to isolate from cannabis, and the fact that all cannabinoids have similar molecular structures makes it relatively easy to convert them to one another with the proper equipment and expertise.

That’s how THC-JD is made. A laboratory first extracts and isolates CBD from industrial hemp. Then, it combines the CBD isolate with chemical catalysts that rearrange the CBD molecules and convert them to THC-JD. This conversion process is called isomerization, and it’s the process that makes all of today’s novel cannabinoid products possible.

What Are the Effects of THC-JD?

Because the active portion of the THC-JD molecule is the same as that of Delta-9 THC, it stands to reason that the two molecules would produce comparable effects. As we mentioned above, the active portions of the Delta-9 THC and THC-JD molecules – the portions that make those molecules THC – are the same. As such, the effects of THC-JD should be comparable to those of Delta-9. Although THC-JD hasn’t been studied in isolation from other cannabinoids, anecdotal reports from users suggest that THC-JD isn’t just comparable to Delta-9 – people are saying that it seems significantly more potent. Some of the most commonly reported effects of THC-JD include:

  • Heavy sedation and relaxation
  • Relief from insomnia and pain
  • Powerful euphoria and happiness

In short, you can expect the effects of THC-JD to be essentially the same as those of Delta-9 – but you can also expect the effects to be significantly more potent. Choose your dosage accordingly.

THC JD Effects

What Are the Possible Side Effects of THC-JD?

As we’ve mentioned throughout this article, users of THC-JD have consistently reported that it seems noticeably more potent than Delta-9 THC. If you usually use cannabis by vaping or smoking whole flowers, it’s also important to note that you’ll find THC-JD more potent simply by virtue of the fact that it’s a distillate and is therefore more concentrated. With both of those things in mind, it’s important to select your dosage carefully because just as the pleasant effects of THC-JD can be more potent, the unwanted side effects may also be more potent. Some of the potential side effects of THC-JD may include:

  • Anxiety and paranoia
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Lightheadedness
  • Dry eyes and mouth
  • Overwhelming physical or mental sensations


Do you have a question about THC-JD that we haven’t answered in this article already? If so, you’ll likely find the information you need here. These are the questions that people most commonly ask about THC-JD.

What Is THC-JD?

THC-JD is a psychoactive cannabinoid with a molecular structure similar to that of Delta-9 THC. THC-JD has a side chain of eight carbon atoms rather than the usual five, though, which may increase its potency.

Does THC-JD Get You High?

Yes. Users report that THC-JD has effects similar to – but more potent than – Delta-9 THC.

How Long Does the THC-JD High Last?

Depending on your dosage and how your body processes cannabinoids, the THC-JD high lasts around 1-4 hours if you vape it. If you use THC-JD edibles, the high will take longer to kick in and will last longer.

Is THC-JD Legal?

THC-JD products are federally legal as long as they’re derived from industrial hemp with a Delta-9 THC content below 0.3 percent. It is also legal in most states but isn’t legal in states that have banned it or have banned all forms of THC.

Final Thoughts on THC-JD

THC-JD is a novel cannabinoid with effects similar to – and perhaps significantly more potent than – those of Delta-9 THC. That alone should get your attention if you’re a serious cannabis aficionado – but the fact that THC-JD is available in many states where you can’t buy cannabis legally is likely to make it even more interesting to you. We think that many people will be trying this hot new cannabinoid in 2023.

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