What Is A 510 Vape Pen? Options & Benefits Explained

510 Vape Pen

When you shop for a new vape pen, a 510 thread is one of the most important features that device can possibly have. A vape pen’s threading is the system by which you attach vape cartridges and other accessories, and owning a 510 thread vape means that your device will be compatible with the widest variety of accessories possible. What exactly is a 510 vape pen, though, and why should you own one? You’re going to learn the answers to those questions and more in this guide to 510 thread vapes.

What Is a 510 Vape Pen?

When we talk about a vape pen’s threading, we’re talking about the threading at the top of the device. It’s the threading that allows you to connect a tank or cartridge to the device. The number “510” exists because there were many competing thread sizes in the early days of vaping. Along with the 510 thread, some of the other thread sizes from the industry’s infancy included the 801, 901, KR-808 and L88 threads. Of the many different thread sizes that were available in those days, the 510 thread emerged as the most popular and is the thread type that virtually all vaping devices use today.

All of our vape cartridges use the 510 thread.

Why Everyone Should Own a 510 Thread Battery or Vape Pen

510 Thread Cartridges Batteries
Assortment of 510 thread cartridges and batteries.

Even if you already own a favorite wax vaporizer and prefer to enjoy your own herbal concentrates, a 510 vape pen is still one of the best tools to have in your arsenal because pre-filled vape cartridges are some of the most popular products at local dispensaries. There might be days when you’re a little short on cash and buying the herbs to make your own dabs just isn’t the budget. There might also be times when you simply don’t feel like doing the work. Liquid concentrates and pre-filled vape carts are easy to use and offer plenty of pleasure for the money – but you’re going to need a 510 battery if you want to use a vape cartridge.

The greatest benefit of owning a 510 vape pen is that it conforms to an industry standard instead of being proprietary. With one device, you can explore all of the different wax and liquid cartridges that we offer here at Hamilton Devices. You can use any of the pre-filled cartridges available at your local dispensary. Most importantly, owning a device with a 510 thread means that you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues in the future. The 510 thread is a universal standard in the vaping industry, and that’s unlikely to change any time soon. Having a 510 vape pen means that you won’t need to buy a new device in order to enjoy the vape cartridges that come out in the future.

How Do You Use a 510 Cartridge?

In these instructions, we’ll assume you’re using a 510 cartridge with a threaded mouthpiece. A cartridge with a tamper-proof mouthpiece requires a dedicated tool for closing and is intended for professional use.

Start by preparing your vape oil. Because the filling area for a vape cartridge is often quite small, you may find it helpful to use a syringe. If the oil that you’re using is extremely thick, you may also want to warm the oil slightly in order to give it a looser consistency. Don’t overdo it; a very hot oil can warp or crack your cartridge’s plastic or glass enclosure. Draw some of the oil into the syringe and unscrew the cartridge’s mouthpiece.

When you look through the top of the cartridge, you’ll notice that it has a small tube in the center. That’s the cartridge’s chimney. Place the tip of the syringe between the chimney and the outer wall of the cartridge and inject the oil until the cartridge is nearly full. Don’t put vape oil in the chimney. Replace the mouthpiece after filling the cartridge.

510 Vape Cartridges
510 vape cartridges.

Our CCELL cartridges use a ceramic wick that’s designed to produce top-quality flavor with no dry hits even if you’re using a very thick oil. Before you begin using a new cartridge, though, you’ll need to give the wick several minutes to absorb the oil until it becomes fully saturated. Once the oil has fully soaked into the wick, the cartridge is ready to use.

How to Charge a 510 Thread Vape

In most cases, a 510 thread vape has a micro-USB or USB-C charging port and will include the required charging cable. You should always charge a vape pen by connecting it to your computer. Don’t ever use a wall charging adapter designed for a different type of device. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are designed for high-speed charging, which could potentially cause a vape pen battery to overheat.

While your vape pen charges, the indicator light will show the device’s status. During charging, the light will usually blink or turn red. When charging is complete, the light will stop blinking, change color or turn off. You can then disconnect the device and resume using it.

What Are the Best 510 Thread Vapes?

Are you still searching for the best 510 thread vape for your needs? We’re glad you found Hamilton Devices because our vape pens are designed to take maximum advantage of our incredible CCELL vape carts. We think you’ll love these three 510 vapes.

Nomad 510 Thread Vape
The Nomad 510 thread vape.
  • Nomad: The Nomad is, quite simply, the ultimate wax pen for all purposes. It includes a wax atomizer and glass mouthpiece for dabbing on the go. For even more fun, you can replace the mouthpiece with a glass bubbler or bong attachment – both of which are included in the package along with a padded waterproof case with enough room for the device and all of its accessories. The Nomad is compatible with all 510 vape cartridges; simply remove the wax atomizer and connect the cartridge of your choice.
  • The Shiv: If you’ve ever used a vape cartridge and found that the flavor was a bit muted – or perhaps too intense for your taste – then you’ve experienced firsthand how valuable it can be to own an oil vaporizer with adjustable power. The Shiv has a convenient variable-voltage function that allows you to adjust the device’s power level from 2.0 to 3.8 volts using the buttons below the display. The Shiv works with any slim 510 thread cartridge and has a retractable thread that allows you to store the cartridge inside the body of the device when you aren’t using it.
  • The Cube: The Cube is the perfect 510 thread battery if you already own a full-sized dab rig and are just looking for a convenient device that can allow you to use vape cartridges on the go. Unbelievably compact and quite durable thanks to the stylish zinc alloy housing, The Cube is the most user-friendly vaping device you could possibly own. Simply connect a 510 cartridge and puff to vape. Although it’s extremely discreet and pocketable, The Cube has a 560-mAh internal battery that’ll never fail to keep the party going all night long.