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Killing the Game

Vaping Experiences: Vape Products That Are Killing the Game (2022) The landscape of oil and wax vaping has changed drastically in 2022 – and unless you’re on the web reading about vaping every day, you could easily end up missing out on some of the latest products and technologies. In this article, we’re going to […]

Choosing the Best Battery for Your CCELL® Cartridge

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What is a CCELL® Battery? First off, our question should be: what is a CCELL®  and how does it work? CCELL® cartridges have ceramic heating elements that are perforated with extremely small holes known as nanoscale inlet holes. These holes’ purpose is to absorb, store, and vaporize oil, and they are ideal for cannabis oil as […]

How to Easily Fill Vape Cartridges with a Cartridge Filling Tool

How to Easily Fill Vape Cartridges with a Cartridge Filling Tool

Vape pens are an affordable and convenient way of enjoying CBD or THC. These pens carry a cartridge with oil. There’s no need to buy a new cartridge every time it’s empty. Cartridges can be refilled. The trick is doing it correctly without breaking them. It’s not always possible to refill disposable cartridges as sometimes […]

What’s the Difference Between CCELL and Other Vaporizers?

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Although CCELL technology is often imitated, it’s never been replicated to date. CCELL’s products are just too hard to manufacture without world-class R&D and manufacturing facilities. Here are some of the main differences between CCELL’s product range and other cartridges and vaporizers. CCELL Vaporizers Don’t Burn CCELL’s cartridges are made with a ceramic heating element […]

How Much Should a Good Vape Pen Cost

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If you’ve decided to purchase a vaporizer, you’ve likely heard about the many benefits, including the purer and healthier experience they provide, the ease of dosing, and the ability to smoke discreetly. What many first-time buyers ask is: “How much do good vape pens cost?”   Depending on the style you choose and the type of […]

CCELL® Battery Life and Safety

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What is the Average Battery Life for a CCELL® Battery?  The average battery life depends on both the product and how much you use your vape. For general use, one hour of vaping generally equals 100mAh of battery, but CCELL® batteries typically outlast this estimate. We are proud to offer three CCELL® batteries to extend […]