Killing the Game

Vaping Experiences: Vape Products That Are Killing the Game (2022)

The landscape of oil and wax vaping has changed drastically in 2022 – and unless you’re on the web reading about vaping every day, you could easily end up missing out on some of the latest products and technologies. In this article, we’re going to bring you up to date. If you’re shopping for a new vape, there has never been a better time than right now. We’re going to walk you through the current state of vaping by naming some of the best vapes on the market and discussing some of the important things you should consider before you buy.
This is your complete guide to buying a wax or oil vaporizer in 2022.

Short Answer: Why the CCELL® Palm Is the Vape You Need to Own

If you don’t have a lot of time for reading and are just here for some quick buying advice, we have some for you. If you’re looking for a single vaping device that’s ideal for almost all scenarios, you’ve got to grab a CCELL® Palm. You simply won’t find a more reliable or versatile vape anywhere.
Why is the CCELL® Palm the best oil vaporizer of 2022?
• Between the flat shape and recessed 510 thread, the CCELL® Palm is extremely discreet. You can wrap your entire hand around it and store it easily in any pocket.
• It’s extremely simple, so it’s perfect even if you’re a complete beginner. Just puff to vape.
• The shape of the CCELL® Palm allows it to have a higher-capacity battery relative to most devices in its size range. The battery capacity of the CCELL® Palm is an impressive 550 mAh.
• No other vaping device is available in such a wide range of beautiful colors.

What Types of Oil and Wax Vapes Are There?

Broadly speaking, there are three primary types of portable oil and wax vapes on the market today. Here are their pros and cons.
Disposable Vapes
A disposable oil vape is pre-charged and ready for immediate filling and use right out of the package. You can buy one and fill it yourself with your own oil, and you can also find pre-filled disposable vapes at most dispensaries. Disposable vapes are the slimmest and most discreet of all vaping devices. They’re also incredibly convenient since they’re ready to go right out of the package – just fill the tank and puff to vape.
On the downside, disposable vapes usually don’t work well with waxy concentrates simply because it’s difficult to get the wax into the device’s small reservoir and melt it. Disposable vapes work much better with oils and liquids. In addition, disposable vapes are essentially single-use devices. A disposable vape doesn’t have a replaceable coil or tank, and most disposable vapes don’t have rechargeable batteries. If the battery in a disposable vape dies or the flavor quality becomes unacceptable, you’ll need to replace the entire device.
Pod Systems
Pod systems are some of the most popular devices for oil vaping because they’re extremely stylish and are also some of the slimmest and most discreet refillable vapes on the market. Pod systems are proprietary, which means that they don’t work with 510-threaded vape cartridges. A pod system works only with the pods designed for it. On the bright side, pre-filled pods for many popular pod systems are available at local dispensaries. In addition, you can also buy and fill your own pods.
Always be careful of your source, though; fake CCELL® pods and cartridges do exist. We are an authorized supplier of CCELL® products, and we guarantee that all products sold here are authentic.
Pod systems are extremely simple devices to use. They’re usually puff activated and have no controls or menu systems to worry about; just charge the device, fill the pod and puff to vape. Because a vape pod’s filling hole is typically very small, pod systems usually don’t work well with waxy concentrates and will generally work best with oils and liquids.
Vape Pens
In the world of oil and wax vaping, a vape pen is any device with 510 threading. Although a vape pen kit will always come with at least one cartridge or atomizer – sometimes both – the 510 threading also allows vape pens to work with third-party vape cartridges. Compared to other types of vaping devices, vape pens usually offer more advanced features such as the ability to adjust the device’s vapor production and flavor by varying the voltage or wattage. Some vape pens may also have button activation, which allows you to preheat the atomizer or cartridge for bigger cloud production.
Vape pens are typically larger than other types of wax and oil vapes. Although the larger size can tend to make a vape pen slightly less portable and discreet than a disposable vape or pod system, the larger size also makes it possible for a vape pen to have a larger battery cell. In addition, the fact that vape pens are often larger than other devices means that they’ll typically work well with wax atomizers.

What Vape Has the Best Battery Life in 2022?

If you’re looking for a portable wax and oil vape with great battery life, take a look at THE SHIV. Featuring 900 mAh of all-day battery life, THE SHIV has a switchblade design that allows the cartridge to retract into the body of the device for maximum portability. THE SHIV works with any narrow 0.5 or 1.0 ml vape cartridge. It also offers variable power and works within a range of 2.0-3.8 volts.

What Vape Setup Produces the Most Vapor?

Everyone loves to enjoy some room-filling vapor clouds – and if you’d like to chase big clouds, you need to use a vaping setup designed for the job. These are the three features that any vaping device should have if you want it to produce the biggest possible clouds.
• Adjustable power: Every atomizer or cartridge has a specific power range in which it produces the biggest clouds without tasting burnt. When you have a device with variable power, you can take your cartridge to the limit of its capabilities.
• Manual fire button: As we mentioned above, having a vape with a manual fire button means that you can preheat the coil before you begin vaping. Automatic puff-based firing is convenient, but it also introduces a slight delay that limits vapor production.
• Large atomizer coil: A larger atomizer coil has a bigger heating surface, and that helps to enhance vapor production.
If you want an oil rig that can truly take your cloud chasing game to the next level, take a look at The Starship. While The Starship won’t win any awards for portability, you’ll love the all-day vaping power of its 1,450 mAh battery. More importantly, you’ll love the fact that you can connect up to three cartridges or wax atomizers to it and use all three of them simultaneously for truly awe-inspiring cloud production. If you enjoy water filtration, you can even connect The Starship to a bong for total smoothness.

Other Important Design Considerations for Oil and Wax Vapes

Now that we’ve discussed the various types of wax and oil vaporizers and made a few specific product suggestions, let’s talk about some important design elements that you should consider when shopping for your next vape.
• Are you considering a device with retractable or recessed 510 threading? That’s a great design element for portability, but hidden threading will often mean that a device won’t work with wax atomizers because they’re too wide.
• Having a device with a manual fire button isn’t just good for the best possible vapor production. Before you can get a really good hit with your vaporizer, it’ll often be necessary to pulse the device’s atomizer coil to soften a wax concentrate or to get a thick oil to start flowing through the wick. It’s easiest to do that with a manual fire button.
• If you want a vaping device that you can use outdoors in cold weather, a device with a glass mouthpiece may not be ideal. The temperature difference between the interior and exterior of the glass could cause the mouthpiece to crack.

Why a CCELL® Coil Is the Perfect Companion for Your Next Vape

If you’ve ever tried vaping an oily concentrate with a tank or atomizer designed for nicotine e-liquid, you know that traditional atomizer coils don’t work well with oily concentrates. That’s because those atomizer coils use cotton wicks, which are unreliable when used with thick oils. Our CCELL® coil is made from sintered ceramic with thousands upon thousands of nano-scale pores that allow even very thick oils to penetrate through to the heating coil quickly.
Another important difference between our ceramic core and traditional cotton-based vape coils is that cotton can burn, fouling the flavor of your expensive vape oils. That doesn’t happen with CCELL® coils. They’re impervious to heat and deliver peak flavor much longer than coils with cotton wicks.
• Do CCELL® cartridges fit all vape pens? CCELL® cartridges fit virtually all vape pens with 510 threading.
• Are ceramic coils safe for vaping? Yes. Ceramic is chemically inert and able to tolerate repeated heating and cooling without burning or experiencing structural failure. In addition, CCELL® coils exceed the regulatory standards set forth by the states of California and Michigan for heavy metal content.

Choosing the Best Oil for Your Vaporizer

The best vaping setup can only perform to its fullest potential when it’s paired with a top-quality vape oil that’s potent and full of flavor. Although you can find plenty of vape oils with the same types of added flavors often used for nicotine e-liquids, we think that you’ll have a better time with vape oils that present the pure flavors and unaltered terpene profiles of the world’s tastiest cannabis strains. Here are just a few of the tastiest cannabis strains for vape oil in 2022.
• King Louis OG: If you enjoy a weed strain that really smells and tastes like weed, King Louis OG belongs on your list. Vape oils made from this strain exhibit a strong pine flavor and aroma with a pleasantly earthy backbone.
• Granddaddy Purple: Also known as Grandaddy Purp, this Indica strain produces buds with a lovely purple color and a surprisingly strong flavor of mixed berries.
• Jack Herer: This Sativa-dominant hybrid was developed over 30 years ago and continues to be popular in the world of pre-filled vape cartridges today. Flavored with notes of pine and mixed spices, Jack Herer vape oil will leave you feeling pleasantly uplifted and energetic.
• Napalm OG: Perfect for evening use, Napalm OG is a highly potent vape oil strain that leaves even everyday vapers feeling ready to curl up for a long rest. You’ll appreciate the complex flavor of this strain with its notes of citrus, pepper and spice.
• Gelato: Some people have said that Gelato represents the perfect balance of the best aspects of Indica and Sativa strains. It produces a powerful full-body sedation, but it doesn’t leave you feeling locked to your couch – instead, you’ll feel ready to take on the world. Look out for amazingly vivid notes of cream and mixed fruits.