Understanding the Technology Behind Hamilton Devices: In-Depth Reviews from Customers

Hamilton Devices Technology Reviews

Hamilton Devices is America’s leading maker and seller of high-end herbal vaporizers for oils and waxes. We supply products to both retail and wholesale customers, and we are also delighted to be the nation’s top distributor of authentic 510-thread batteries, vape carts and other products from CCELL®.

We’re proud of our reputation as a top vaporizer brand, and we’ve earned that reputation through our commitment to non-stop innovation and top-quality customer service.

Hamilton Devices Customer Experiences

Our reputation as an innovator is exemplified by three of our most recent devices: the Jetstream, the Starship and the Tombstone V2.

  • The Starship vaporizer is the world’s first device capable of allowing the user to inhale from up to three oil cartridges or wax coils simultaneously for unmatched potency and vapor production.
  • The Jetstream vaporizer improves on the Starship even further with the addition of full voltage control and an automatic fan that pumps the vapor into your mouth, making vaping as effortless as breathing.
  • The Tombstone V2 is an almost impossibly small and pocketable vaporizer with the ability to use up to two cartridges or coils simultaneously.

If you’re looking for a new device that allows you to really step up your vaping game, there’s a good chance that the Starship, Jetstream or Tombstone V2 will be a perfect fit for you – so we’re going to introduce all of them in this guide. You’re going to learn about the features that make these three devices special, and you’re also going to learn about their ideal use cases. Finally, we’re going to share some of the things that users have said about these three great vaporizers. Let’s dive in!

Jetstream: The Pinnacle of Vaping Innovation

Hamilton Devices Jetstream Vaporizer Reviews

The Jetstream is, quite simply, the most advanced oil and wax vaporizer on the market today. It’s the first vaporizer to combine our revolutionary triple-cartridge design with an air pump that automatically blows the vapor into your mouth when you turn the device on. Moreover, the Jetstream uses control buttons and a digital display to give you full separate voltage control over the device and the air pump. No vaporizer in the world delivers a higher level of potency than the Jetstream, and no vaporizer gives you more freedom to customize your experience.

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The Jetstream Is Ideal for You If:

  • You have difficulty reaching your desired state in a reasonable amount of time with a traditional single-cartridge vape pen because you can’t find a cartridge that’s potent enough.
  • You find it difficult or unpleasant to use a traditional vape pen because the airflow holes are too small for you to get a long, satisfying puff.
  • You want to buy a vaporizer that’s ideal for group sessions. Since the Jetstream automatically pumps that vapor into your mouth, there’s no need for your lips to touch the mouthpiece at all.
  • You want to buy the most potent vaporizer on the planet, bar none. Between the triple-cartridge design and the ease of inhaling, there’s nothing else on the market that even remotely compares to the Jetstream.

Jetstream Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?

  • Thompsonbryan1738 loved the fact that the Jetstream makes it possible to use different types of cartridges simultaneously to customize the effects or flavor profiles. He also praised the durability of the fan, which continued working through some very rough treatment.
  • Jason called the Jetstream an “incredible little device” and said it provides “one of the purest highs you can have.”
  • Angie H. said that the Jetstream provides a completely satisfying experience after just one hit.
  • Daniel Thompson said that the Jetstream “will shatter any tolerance like a glass chandelier on concrete.” That’s what we’re talking about, Daniel!

Starship: A Galactic Vaping Journey

Hamilton Devices Starship Reviews

The Jetstream might be the most advanced vaporizer in the world today, but the Starship isn’t far behind. The world’s first triple-cartridge vaporizer, the Starship works with up to three cartridges or wax coils – or any combination of the two. You can also use fewer than three attachments by connecting the included dummy plugs to the unused threads. Designed for easy connection to a water pipe, the Starship includes an adapter that allows you to connect the device to the stem of most bongs. Just click the device’s fire button twice to put it into auto-draw mode, and it’ll work automatically when you inhale through the mouthpiece of your pipe.

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The Starship Is Ideal for You If:

  • You want the potency of a triple-cartridge device but want to spend a little less than the price of the Jetstream.
  • You want a powerful vaporizer that also gives you the option of enjoying water filtration. Connecting the Starship to a bong makes it very easy to take deep, satisfying puffs.
  • You want a vaporizer that provides long battery life. The Starship has a built-in 1,450 mAh battery that provides enough power for several lengthy vaping sessions and only needs about an hour and a half to charge.

Starship Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?

  • Paul H. said that he had tried other more expensive battery-powered vaporizers and always found them disappointing. Then, he tried the Starship and finally found a portable vaporizer capable of providing the potency he wanted. He called the Starship “the most versatile and intriguing product I’ve bought in a while.”
  • Mark T. loved the quick results that he got with the Starship, saying that one puff from it produced a more potent effect than three puffs from a traditional vape pen. He also said that watching the Starship’s mouthpiece fill with vapor was “positively hypnotic” and concluded by calling the Starship a “powerful,” “simple” and “elegant tool.”
  • Arturo D. praised the fact that the Starship makes it possible to inhale from three wax coils simultaneously without the overwhelming heat and harshness that sometimes comes with using a dab rig. The review cited the Starship’s big cloud production and smooth flavor, saying “no more hot dabs.”
  • Aden called the Starship “easily one of the best purchases I have made.” High praise indeed!

Tombstone V2: Redefining the Vaping Experience

Hamilton Devices Tombstone V2 Reviews

Who says that a vaporizer needs to be enormous in order to provide a potent experience? The Tombstone V2 works with any combination of up to two oil cartridges or wax coils, using a convenient slip-on cover to allow you to inhale from both attachments simultaneously. The Tombstone V2 is barely larger than the two connected cartridges – and thanks to the slim design and smooth exterior, it’s easy to slip into your pocket and carry wherever you go. The Tombstone V2 has a 650-mAh battery for all-day vaping, and it operates at three power levels of 2.8, 3.2 and 3.8 volts.

View the Tombstone V2 Now.

The Tombstone V2 Is Ideal for You If:

  • You want a vaporizer that provides a much more potent experience than a traditional vape pen but is still surprisingly affordable.
  • You want a vaporizer that doesn’t make you choose between potency and portability. Using the Tombstone V2 is essentially like inhaling from two vape pens at the same time – but thanks to our clever space-saving design, it isn’t significantly larger than a single vape pen.
  • You want a discreet pocket vaporizer that allows you to reach your desired state more quickly and with fewer puffs. If you enjoy using your vape pen throughout the day to maintain consistent levels, you’ll love the fact that the Tombstone V2 can provide an extremely elevating experience with just one or two puffs.

Tombstone V2 Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?

  • Aaron loved the fact that we added a manual fire button to the Tombstone V2 and praised the upgraded build quality.
  • Antonio Rosado appreciated the sleek design of the Tombstone V2, which is the perfect size to “keep tucked in your pocket for the ultimate vape experience doubled.”
  • Toni Clark called the Tombstone V2 a “game changer” and said that it was “too good to be true.”
  • Edward H. called the Tombstone V2 “one of the greatest inventions ever made.” Not to toot our own horns, Edward, but we’d have to agree!

The Hamilton Devices Brand: Synonymous with Quality and Innovation

Hamilton Devices Innovation Customer Experience

Earning a reputation like ours in the extremely competitive vaping industry isn’t easy, and you can only get there if you do the right thing for the customer every single time. We offer a six-month warranty on all devices, which means that if a device fails in normal operation during the first six months, we’ll make it right.

In addition to being the official source for all Hamilton Devices vaporizers, we are also an authorized distributor of all CCELL® products including 510-thread batteries, vape cartridges, pod systems and disposable vapes. We stand by every product we sell, and you’ll never have to worry about receiving a fake or counterfeit product when you buy from us.

We listen to your feedback! In addition to reading every customer review posted on this site, we also happily accept your comments submitted by email. We want to know what you think of our products and what we can do to improve, and your comments help us shape the future direction of the vaping industry. We always take customer feedback into account when designing new products and revising our existing products.

Do you already own one of the products featured in this article? Share your feedback and help to grow this friendly community of informed and engaged vapers. Your reviews help us to make our products as good as they can be, and they also ensure that your fellow consumers will make wise purchasing decisions.

Conclusion: The Hamilton Devices Difference

Hamilton Devices Customer Experiences Innovation

Reading this article, you’ve learned about how three of our latest vaporizers – the Tombstone V2, the Starship and the Jetstream – exemplify our commitment to non-stop innovation. Each one has its own combination of ideal use cases, which means that you’ll have no trouble finding your ideal vape no matter what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for your next vaporizer, we encourage you to explore our shop now or check out the three devices highlighted on this page.

  • Tombstone V2: The most portable dual-cartridge vaporizer anywhere. If you want a personal vaporizer that can elevate you instantly no matter where life takes you, this is the one for you.
  • Starship: The world’s first triple-cartridge vaporizer. Surprisingly affordable and incredibly potent, the Starship includes a water pipe adapter that allows it to connect to almost any bong for the ultimate in smoothness.
  • Jetstream: The world’s first triple-cartridge vaporizer with a built-in air pump. The Jetstream vaporizer is unbelievably powerful, and the air pump automatically sends enormous plumes of vapor directly into your mouth to make it easy to take a really deep rip.

If you want to get a preview of what the future holds for the vaping industry, bookmark this website and keep coming back – because every time we create a device with a revolutionary new feature, we can guarantee that the rest of the industry will be copying it before long. Watch this page to enjoy tomorrow’s vaping experiences today!