Flower Combustion Devices: A Comprehensive Guide

For nearly all of the many thousands of years in which humans have enjoyed indulging in a bit of herbal refreshment, smoking has been the preferred method of consuming everyone’s favorite herb. Using a vaporizer or a 510-thread battery, on the other hand, is a much more recent development. The first dry herb vaporizers hit the market in the mid-1990s, although it took a while for vaping to become a truly mainstream activity.

Today, it’s likely that there are at least as many herbal vapers as there are smokers – and yet, there are many people who have no interest in switching to vaping. Flower combustion gives you the fastest and most potent effects, and it also allows you to enjoy the true flavor of the herb. Nothing could possibly be more authentic, and many herbal aficionados appreciate that fact.

These days, though, flower combustion isn’t always the same thing that it was in the past. At Hamilton Devices, we’re leading the way with a range of new dry herb smoking devices that are rooted in tradition but offer heightened convenience along with some innovative new technologies that a bong or rolling paper could never match. Whether you’re looking for an experience that adheres to tradition as closely as possible or one that brings the herbal smoking experience fully into the 21st century, we have a device that’s going to be a perfect fit for your needs.

At Hamilton Devices, we offer three different flower combustion devices. They are:

Join us as we explore the world of modern flower combustion. In this comprehensive guide, we’re going to explain everything that you need to know about these three devices including how they work, how to use them and what you need to know in order to have the best possible experience.

Understanding the Flower Combustion Devices from Hamilton Devices

We’ll begin with an introduction to the three flower combustion devices that we offer at Hamilton Devices. It’s our goal to create the most innovative vaping and combustion products that have ever been released, and you have most likely never seen anything like the Draco, Daypipe and Daypipe Mini before. As you’re about to learn, each one has its own ideal use case. Here’s an overview.


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The Daypipe is one of the most unique smoking devices ever developed, and it caused an immediate stir within the herbal community on its release. This two-section pipe has a pull-apart design. The inner core has eight bowls, enabling you to enjoy eight short smoking sessions on demand. To use the Daypipe, all that you need to do is open the pipe to expose the desired chamber and hold a lighter over the chamber while inhaling through the mouthpiece. When the herbs are fully consumed, you can close the pipe by pushing it back together. There’s no need to empty the bowls until you’ve used them all. Smoking sessions with the Daypipe are quick and discreet, and the outer metal shell keeps any smells completely contained when you aren’t using the pipe.

The Daypipe is perfect for you if you’re looking for a convenient solution for on-the-go smoking and want to have the ability to enjoy several sessions throughout the day. Measuring 129.9 mm long with a diameter of 23.2 mm, the Daypipe fits easily into most pockets and handbags.

Daypipe Mini

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The Daypipe Mini is a smaller version of the original Daypipe with four chambers rather than eight. Measuring just over 92 mm with a diameter of 16 mm, the Daypipe Mini is extremely pocketable and even more discreet than the original. If you want a smoking device that doesn’t take up a lot of storage space – and you don’t need the eight smoking sessions that the original Daypipe provides – the Daypipe Mini will be ideal for you.


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The Draco is a revolutionary and innovative device that takes flower combustion to an entirely new level for true connoisseurs. With no wraps or papers needed, there’s nothing to get between you and the pure flavor of your herbs. Simply open the generously proportioned herb atomizer, fill it with ground flower and install the stainless-steel push lid. The push lid tamps the herbs down to ensure even combustion, and you’re ready to go. The Draco works much like a traditional vape mod, with the fire button activating the herb atomizer to combust the herbs and produce smoke.

That, however, isn’t the only trick the Draco has up its sleeve. In addition to providing electronic combustion of your herbs, the Draco also has an air pump that draws the smoke into your mouth when you hold the fire button. With completely effortless inhalation, using the Draco flower combustion device is as easy as breathing. In addition to a standard glass mouthpiece, the Draco also includes a bubbler attachment and a water pipe adapter to provide the unparalleled smoothness of water filtration.

The Draco is portable and runs on battery power, but it’s a device that really shines when you have the time to sit down for a more leisurely smoking session at home. The Draco offers a refined smoking experience that’s better than any other method of herbal consumption, and it’s a must if you’re a true flower connoisseur.

How to Use Your Flower Combustion Device

Now that you have a better understanding of what Hamilton Devices offers in the flower combustion space, it’s time to learn more about how these devices work and what your experience will be like when you use them. These short walkthroughs will explain how to use the Daypipe, Daypipe Mini and Draco.

Daypipe and Daypipe Mini

  • Pull the two halves of the pipe apart. Pack your ground herbs into the pipe’s chambers by hand and push the pipe back together. Be careful to avoid overfilling the bowls, which can cause restricted airflow.
  • When you’re ready to smoke, extend and twist the pipe to open the desired chamber. The chamber should be fully open, revealing the green and unused herbs inside.
  • Hold a lighter over the open chamber while inhaling through the pipe’s mouthpiece. Move the flame away when the herbs begin to glow red. Repeat this process, relighting as necessary until the herbs are spent.
  • Push the pipe back together after giving it a moment to cool down.


  • Remove the glass mouthpiece and unscrew the stainless-steel push lid from the atomizer.
  • Sprinkle the herbs into the oven until you’ve reached the top of the inner quartz glass dish. Screw the stainless-steel push lid back into place to tamp the herbs down. Replace the glass mouthpiece.
  • Push the activation five times to turn the device on.
  • Push and hold the activation button to start the preheating function. After five seconds, the air pump turns on, and the mouthpiece begins to fill with smoke. Place your mouth near the mouthpiece and inhale. Release the button to pause the session.
  • To take another puff, hold the activation button again.
  • Push the button five times to turn the Draco off.

The Draco kit also includes a bubbler and a water pipe adapter. Here’s how to use them.

  • To use the bubbler, add water to the reservoir until it’s a bit below the halfway point and attach the bubbler to the Draco in place of the normal mouthpiece. After attaching the bubbler, you can smoke by following the same instructions described above.
  • To use the water pipe adapter, attach the adapter in place of the normal mouthpiece and connect the Draco to the stem of your bong. You can smoke by following the instructions described above.

How to Have the Best Experience with a Flower Combustion Device

Whether you’re using the Daypipe, Daypipe Mini or Draco, there are a few universal tips that you should keep in mind in order to make your experience as good as it can be.

  • Invest in a high-quality herb grinder. Just like a dry herb vaporizer, a flower combustion device will always give you a more consistent burn if the herb particles are similar in size.
  • Pack the herbs tightly – but don’t overstuff your device, which can hamper airflow and prevent complete combustion from occurring.
  • If you experience harshness when using your device, try puffing in short “sips” rather than inhaling deeply.
  • Clean your device regularly for the best possible flavor. We’ll discuss this in the next session.

Maintaining Peak Performance

The Daypipe, Daypipe Mini and Draco are built from top-quality materials and can last a very long time. In order to get the best performance and longest possible life from your device, though, you need to take care of it. In this section of our guide, we’ll explain how to properly maintain your device.

How to Clean Your Device

Dry herbs leave plenty of residue behind, so keeping your device clean is important if you want it to give you the best possible flavor quality. Here’s how to keep your device clean.

  • When you’re done using your device and have waited for it to cool completely, open the device and tap the spent herbs into the trash. If you’re using the Draco, you’ll need to do this after each session. With the Daypipe and Daypipe Mini, you can wait until you’ve used the herbs in all of the device’s chambers.
  • After tapping the herbs out of the device, use a small cleaning brush to remove any additional stray particles.
  • About once a month depending on how often you use your device, you’ll want to perform a deeper cleaning in order to maintain maximum flavor quality. You can do this by immersing the device’s non-electronic components in rubbing alcohol for anywhere from several minutes to an hour or so, depending on how dirty the components are. If you’re using the Daypipe or Daypipe Mini, you can safely soak the entire device. If you’re using the Draco, disassemble the dry herb atomizer and immerse it only; keep the main body of the device away from liquid. After a soak in alcohol, any stuck-on residue or particles will rinse away under running water.
  • You can clean the main body of the Draco with a soft cloth.

How to Use Your Device Safely

It’s also important to ensure that you always use your flower combustion device in the safest possible way. Follow these important safety tips at all times.

  • Don’t immerse the Draco or any other electronic vaping or smoking device in liquid. It’s only safe to use liquid for cleaning non-electronic components.
  • Don’t use the Draco or any other electronic vaping or smoking device in an extremely hot or cold environment. Don’t use the device in direct sunlight and don’t store it in your car when you aren’t using it. Extreme cold will rapidly drain the battery’s charge, and extreme heat can potentially cause the battery to overheat.
  • The Daypipe, Daypipe Mini and Draco are intended for use with flower only. Don’t attempt to use these devices with waxy or oily concentrates.
  • Make sure that your device is completely cool before putting it into your pocket or a storage case. After a smoking session, wait until the device is cool before opening it to eject the spent herbs.

Fixing Common Issues with Your Flower Combustion Device

Although the Daypipe, Daypipe Mini and Draco are extremely reliable devices, it may still be possible to encounter issues from time to time – particularly if you’re a very heavy user. Here’s how to fix the most common issues that you might encounter with these devices.

  • Daypipe or Daypipe Mini stuck together: This can occasionally happen because of the sticky resins released from the herbs during combustion. You can loosen the residue by warming the pipe gently. Try holding it in front of a heater vent for a few minutes.
  • Difficulty inhaling through the Daypipe or Daypipe Mini: The screen is probably clogged. Don’t forget to clean the chambers with a brush after emptying the herbs from the pipe. If the issue persists, it’s probably time to give the pipe a deeper cleaning by soaking it in rubbing alcohol.
  • Harshness with the Daypipe or Daypipe Mini: Move the flame away as soon as the herbs begin to glow.
  • Harshness with the Draco: Try taking shorter puffs, “sipping” the smoke instead of inhaling it directly into your lungs. Also, you should try using the device with the bubbler attachment.

Accessorize Your Flower Combustion Device for an Even Better Experience

One of the things that gives us pride at Hamilton Devices is the fact that our products include the most important accessories that you need in order to have a good experience. The Daypipe and Daypipe Mini, for instance, both include cleaning brushes. The Draco includes a bubbler attachment and a water pipe attachment. It also includes an extra dry herb atomizer and push lid that you can use while cleaning the other atomizer. Nevertheless, there are still a couple of optional accessories that you might want to consider buying if you want to make your experience even better. Those include:

  • Herb Grinder: As we mentioned earlier in this guide, your herbs need to be broken down into evenly sized particles if you want to achieve full combustion. A good grinder does this in a flash; just put the buds between the grinder’s teeth and twist.
  • Smell-Proof Bag: If you’re a true herbal aficionado, you’ll probably want to buy your flower in larger quantities from time to time – and if you do, you’ll need a way to contain the smell. An airtight jar works well for this, but a smell-proof bag is even better. This type of bag typically has several layers made from different materials and may also include activated charcoal for extra odor absorption. You can buy a bag that’s large enough for your stash along with your device and all of its accessories, keeping your entire combustion setup in one place.
  • Torch Lighter: Although the Daypipe and Daypipe Mini work with any lighter, you might have an even better time with a butane torch lighter because it’ll allow you to direct the flame more precisely.

The Hamilton Devices Difference

At Hamilton Devices, our goal is to develop the most unique and innovative devices for herbal consumption on the market – and that includes products for both vaping and traditional combustion. Reading this guide, you’ve learned why there is nothing else quite like the Draco, Daypipe and Daypipe Mini. You’ve learned how to use these devices, and you’ve also learned some important tips and tricks that can make your experience even better. Our devices are intuitive and easy to use, and they’re built to last. We also back our products with a six-month limited warranty.

Want to get even more from your flower consumption experience? Connect with us! Get in touch if you have questions or need product support. You can also follow us on social media by clicking any of the icons on the bottom of this page. Finally, we encourage you to join the community by leaving a review of your purchase on this site. Your review helps other customers decide what to buy. We also utilize feedback from our customers to make future products even better.