CCELL® Silo vs. Palm: What’s the Best 510 Thread Battery?

CCELL Palm vs Silo

Among the true connoisseurs of the best oil vaporizers, one fact is clear: If you want to buy the best 510 thread battery on the market, you’ve got to get the CCELL® Silo or the CCELL® Palm. Choosing between the CCELL® Silo vs. Palm, however, isn’t such an easy task because the two devices have so much in common. They’re both quite powerful despite their compact size, and they’re both very stylish and certain to turn heads wherever you go. Both devices are also surprisingly affordable. There are subtle differences between the Silo and Palm vapes, though, and we’re going to help you identify those differences in this comparison.

Between the CCELL® Palm vs. Silo, what’s the best 510 thread battery for you? This guide will help you make an informed choice.

CCELL Silo vs Palm

CCELL Silo vs. Palm: Specifications

Let’s begin with some basic specifications. How do the CCELL Silo® and Palm differ from each other in terms of how they operate? As you’re about to learn, the specifications of both devices are quite similar. The main area in which they differ is their appearance.

Battery Life

  • The CCELL® Silo has a battery life of 550 mAh.
  • The CCELL® Palm also has a battery life of 550 mAh.

Power Delivery

  • The CCELL® Silo operates at 3.2 to 3.6 volts depending on the resistance of the connected cartridge.
  • The CCELL® Palm also operates at 3.2 to 3.6 volts.

Firing Style

  • The CCELL® Silo uses the automatic firing style; just puff to vape.
  • The CCELL® Palm also uses the automatic firing style.

Cartridge Compatibility

  • The CCELL® Silo works with most 0.5- and 1.0-ml vape cartridges and has a magnetic connector for quick cartridge changes.
  • The CCELL® Palm also works with most 0.5- and 1.0-ml cartridges and has a magnetic cartridge connector.


  • The CCELL® Silo measures 28.8 by 18 by 63 mm.
  • The CCELL® Palm measures 55 by 42 by 8.9 mm.

The CCELL® Silo and Palm are both incredibly compact, but the Palm is definitely the thinner of the two devices and is the one you’ll want to choose if you’re looking for a 510 thread battery that lies flat in your pocket. The CCELL® Silo, on the other hand, has more of a cylindrical shape. You might appreciate the shape of the CCELL® Silo if discreet vaping is your top priority, though, since it’s easy to close your entire hand around the device.

Palm vs Silo


  • The CCELL® Silo is available in Black, Blue, Gold Electroplated, Gray, Pink and Red Anodized.
  • The CCELL® Palm is available in Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Purple, Red, Rose Gold and Yellow.

As you can see from the list above, the CCELL® Silo and Palm are both available in a wide assortment of appealing colors. Between the two, the Silo is the only device that’s available with a gold electroplated exterior – something that should definitely catch your attention if you enjoy a vaporizer that can bring a little bling to your life. The CCELL® Palm, meanwhile, is available in a greater variety of colors. The great thing about these two devices is that they’re both very affordable – so if you’re the type of person who wants a device that can match whatever outfit you happen to be wearing that day, that’s definitely within your reach.

Why Should You Buy the CCELL® Palm?

Silo vs Palm

The most unique thing about the CCELL® Palm is definitely its shape. You won’t find another flat vaporizer on the market that holds a full-sized vape cartridge, and that’s a great thing for you if you want a device that you can carry everywhere but won’t create an odd-looking bulge in your pants. You’ll hardly feel it in your pocket – and thanks to the 550 mAh battery, it’ll always be ready to go when you want to bring it out for a quick session.

The flat design of the CCELL® Palm is also great for maintenance and usability. There’s no need for the device to have a window for the cartridge, for instance, because the entire side of the cartridge is exposed. With a quick glance, you can see exactly how much oil is left in the cartridge without removing it from the device.

The fact that the entire side of the cartridge chamber is exposed is also a great thing if a cartridge happens to leak. The best way to remove oil from the inside of a vaporizer is by using a cotton swab dampened with alcohol, and that’s very easy to do with the CCELL® Palm since you’ll have no trouble reaching the bottom of the chamber.

Why Should You Buy the CCELL® Silo?

Difference Between CCELL Silo and Palm

The flat shape of the CCELL® Palm might make that device completely unique in the vaporizer world, but there are plenty of good reasons to go with the more traditional shape of the CCELL® Silo as well. We mentioned one of those reasons above. Although the flat Palm vaporizer travels easily in your pocket without making you feel as though you’re carrying a lot of extra bulk around, the Silo is the more discreet of the two devices when it comes to actual vaping because you can easily conceal the entire device in your hand. You might also find the cylindrical shape a bit more comfortable to hold, although that’s entirely subjective.

One thing that’s not subjective between the CCELL® Silo vs. Palm is that the Silo offers a bit more protection for your cartridge, which might be a good thing if you’re using a vape cart with a delicate glass enclosure. Since the entire cartridge is housed within the body of the vaporizer, it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll ever break a cartridge by dropping the Silo on a hard surface. The extra protection does come with a bit of a drawback, though, in that it isn’t quite as easy to see how much oil is left in the cartridge as it is with the CCELL® Palm. The Silo does offer a window, but you still may want to remove the cartridge occasionally to get a closer look.