CCELL® Dart Pod: Instruction Manual and Troubleshooting Guide

CCELL Dart Instruction Manual

Already famous for creating the world’s best vape cartridges, the CCELL® brand has expanded in a big way over the last few years with the release of a wide range of disposable vapes and pod systems. The CCELL® Dart was the company’s first pod system, and CCELL® did such a good job with it that the Dart pod remains one of the most popular pod systems for oil vaping to this day.

Whether you already own a CCELL® Dart pod system or are thinking about buying one, this is the guide for you. Reading our CCELL® Dart instruction manual, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about using this device. You’re also going to learn how to fix common problems such as the Dart battery not hitting and not charging. By the time you’re finished reading, you’ll be a bona fide expert on this famous pod system.

Before we get started, though, we’ll begin with a short CCELL® Dart review that can help you decide whether this device is the right pod system for you.

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CCELL® Dart Pod Review: What Makes This Device Special?

CCELL Dart Pod Review

As we mentioned earlier in this guide, the Dart pod was the first pod system released by CCELL. The company has since released other pod-based devices – such as the CCELL® Uno and the CCELL® Luster, to name a couple – but the Dart pod has remained popular due to the device’s low price, convenient design and appealing shape. Here are a few of the features that distinguish the CCELL® Dart from other pod systems.

  • The 480-mAh battery provides up to 210 puffs per charge.
  • Automatic battery regulation allows the Dart battery to provide consistent vapor production through the full duration of the battery’s charge.
  • The pods are sealed permanently once they’re closed, which helps to prevent tampering with pre-filled pods.
  • Like all CCELL® products, the Dart pod delivers consistent performance and top-quality flavor with very thick oils.

CCELL® Dart vs. Dart X: What’s the Difference?

CCELL Dart vs Dart X

The CCELL® Dart X is an upgraded version of the original Dart pod system, and it has a few new features that you’ll probably enjoy if you’re a fan of the first-generation device. Best of all, the Dart X is compatible with all Dart pods, so you can buy it and continue using the same replacement pods you’ve always used. These are the most notable new features of the CCELL® Dart X.

  • The design has been overhauled, giving the Dart X an updated look.
  • A button at the bottom of the device allows you to toggle between three temperature settings.
  • The battery now charges via USB-C.
  • The motion-activated battery indicator allows you to check the charge level of the Dart X battery by shaking the device.

Who Sells Dart Pods?

If you prefer to buy vape oil in bulk and fill your own pods, you can find empty Dart pods right here at Hamilton Devices. Many dispensaries and vape shops also sell pre-filled pods for the Dart system.

How to Use the CCELL® Dart Pod System

If you’re new to vaping, you’re going to love the fact that the CCELL® Dart is extremely easy to use. It’s basically as simple as charging the battery, connecting a pod and inhaling, so you’re going to feel like an expert in minutes. Here’s a quick overview of how to use the CCELL® Dart pod system.

How to Charge the Dart Pod Battery

How to Charge CCELL Dart

Before you can use the CCELL® Dart, you’ll need to charge the pod battery. Do that by connecting the battery to your computer using the included USB cable. When you connect the Dart pod battery to your computer, the LED will turn on. When the LED changes color or turns off, the battery is fully charged.

How to Fill the Dart Pod

How to Fill Dart Pod

The CCELL® Dart pod comes in three parts: the bottom reservoir, the silicone gasket and the top mouthpiece. To fill the reservoir, it’s helpful to have a blunt-tip syringe with lines for measurement. The CCELL® Dart has both 0.5-ml and 1.0-ml pods available, so you’ll want to make sure that you’re using the correct volume of oil for your pod.

After drawing the oil into the syringe, place the tip of the syringe in the reservoir section of the pod – but not in the pod’s center airflow chimney – and dispense the oil into the pod. The oil should go up to the pod’s fill line. Be careful not to overfill the pod, or it may leak. After filling the pod, close the reservoir with the silicone gasket and push the mouthpiece over the top until it snaps into place. Because it can take a while for the oil to absorb into the pod’s ceramic core, you should wait at least a half hour before vaping.

How to Vape With the CCELL® Dart Pod

After charging the battery and filling the pod, your CCELL® Dart pod system is ready to use. Drop the pod into the chamber at the top of the CCELL® Dart battery. The pod is magnetic and attaches to the battery automatically. To vape, inhale gently through the pod’s mouthpiece. If you’re new to vaping, it’s important to remember that oil-based concentrates are very strong. Until you gauge the potency of the oil, you should puff on the device just a few times and put it down for a while.

How Long Do Dart Pods Last?

Because oil-based concentrates are so potent, it’s normal for a single Dart pod to last through several very intense vaping sessions. Depending on how often you use your device, you can expect a Dart pod to last several days or potentially even weeks before you need to buy a new one.

How do you tell if a Dart pod is empty? To check if your Dart pod is empty, look at the bottom. Reduced vapor production signals low oil, and a burnt taste indicates an empty pod.

CCELL® Dart Pod Not Working? How to Fix It

If you’re experiencing problems with your CCELL® Dart pod system, this is the section of our instruction manual that you need. In it, we’re going to explain how to fix the four most common problems that might occur with this device.

Dart Pod Battery Not Hitting

Dart Pod Battery Not Hitting

If nothing happens when you inhale on the mouthpiece, your Dart pod battery isn’t hitting. Follow these steps to fix the problem.

  • Charge the battery fully.
  • Check for a clogged pod. If you find it difficult to inhale through the pod, it’s most likely clogged. We provide information on fixing a clogged Dart pod below.
  • Remove the pod from the Dart battery and check for leaked oil. If you find oil in the chamber under the pod, it’s likely that the pod isn’t making a good electrical connection with the battery. Remove the oil with a cotton swab. You may need to dip the swab in rubbing alcohol for more cleaning power if the leak is severe.
  • Try a different pod. If the pod that you’re using is damaged or has a manufacturing defect, it could prevent the CCELL® Dart battery from working.

Dart Pod Battery Not Charging

Dart Pod Battery Not Charging

If your Dart pod battery doesn’t light up when you connect it to your computer, it isn’t charging. Unless the battery is already fully charged, that’s a problem. Here’s what you should do if your Dart battery isn’t charging.

  • Replace the charging cable. USB cables often develop internal damage and stop delivering power reliably after they’ve been used for a while, so replacing the cable will almost always fix a vaping device that isn’t charging.
  • Charge the Dart pod battery only through your computer’s USB port. In most cases, a wall charger will use a higher-amperage current than a vaping device can support, and that can cause your Dart battery to either overheat or not charge at all.
  • Clean the Dart battery’s charging port with a toothpick. Dust and lint trapped in the USB port can prevent the battery from charging.

Dart Pod Clogged

If your CCELL® Dart isn’t hitting, one possible cause is that the pod is clogged. The way to troubleshoot this issue depends on how your device is behaving. Here’s what you should do to fix a clogged Dart pod.

  • If you have difficulty drawing air through the pod, it’s likely that oil has condensed in the pod’s center air tube and is blocking the airflow. Bend a paperclip and push the straight end through the pod’s mouthpiece. When you feel the blockage, push the paperclip gently to break it up.
  • If the CCELL® Dart tastes burnt even though the pod still has oil in it, it’s likely that the oil in the pod’s reservoir is too cold and viscous to absorb into the pod’s ceramic core. You can warm the oil by holding the pod between your hands for several minutes or by sealing the pod in a plastic bag and placing the bag under warm running water.

Dart Pod Tastes Burnt

One of the great benefits of CCELL® technology is that the ceramic core is impervious to heat and works reliably even with extremely thick oils. You should always get a perfect flavor every time you use your device. If your Dart pod tastes burnt, here’s how to troubleshoot the problem.

  • Check the pod. Your CCELL® Dart will taste burnt if the pod is empty.
  • Wait at least 30 minutes before vaping if you’re using a new pod that has just been filled. It takes a while for the oil to absorb into the pod’s ceramic core.
  • If the pod is cold, try warming it gently as described above to encourage the oil to absorb into the ceramic cylinder.
  • If the Dart pod tastes burnt intermittently, it’s likely that you’re vaping at too quick a pace. Wait a little longer between puffs to give the ceramic core more time to absorb oil from the pod’s reservoir.