The Best CCELL® Distributor: Why Your Choice Matters

Best CCELL Distributor

If you want your vaping business to reach its full potential, there is no question that you should carry the CCELL® brand. CCELL® revolutionized the world of vape pens with the creation of the first ceramic vape coil and remains the industry’s most recognized brand to this day. Discerning vapers are familiar with CCELL® products, and they’ll seek out those products in any vape shop they visit. For your vape shop’s profitability and success, it’s crucial that you work with the best CCELL® distributor.

Through our close relationship with CCELL®, we have become a key player in the global distribution network for CCELL® products. We have always championed the CCELL® brand here at Hamilton Devices, displaying the company’s products with equal prominence to our own innovative vaporizers. Those qualities have helped to make us the best CCELL® distributor in the United States, and we can’t wait to forge a new partnership with your vape shop.

Hamilton Devices is the best CCELL® distributor in the United States. We offer the best selection of CCELL® products anywhere at unbeatable prices. Our account managers will help you get up and running quickly, and our lightning-fast fulfillment network ensures that you’ll never have to wait long for your products. Get started now.

Our Partnership with CCELL®: A Story of Shared Vision and Quality

CCELL Products Bulk

Hamilton Devices shares CCELL®’s ideals for product quality and performance, and that’s one of the reasons why we carry the full range of the brand’s products – because they are the perfect complements to our own innovative vaporizers.

The CCELL® products available here include:

Hamilton Devices isn’t just the best CCELL® distributor because of the products we offer. We’re also uniquely positioned to offer added value that other vape distributors can’t.

  • Because we order products from CCELL® in very high volumes, we offer generous quantity discounts that other vendors can’t match.
  • If you want to sell vape pens or vape cartridges under your own brand name, we can provide CCELL® hardware with custom colors and logos.
  • We have a reliable supply chain, so our CCELL® products are always in stock and available for quick fulfillment.
  • We carry the full range of CCELL® products, so you can get everything your vape shop needs in one place.
  • Our close relationship with CCELL® allows us to obtain products directly from the source. You will never find a counterfeit product on this site.

Authenticity Guarantee: How We Ensure You Only Get Genuine CCELL® Products

The vaping industry is full of distributors and wholesalers, and many of those companies obtain only a small portion of their products from the original manufacturers. Instead of buying products from the manufacturers, they get them from other distributors with the hope that they’ll be able to resell them for a little more. We don’t do that.

On this website, we sell only authentic CCELL® products along with our own groundbreaking vaporizers. We guarantee that every CCELL® product sold on this website is authentic because we obtain those products directly from CCELL® and not from a third-party distributor.

We don’t just operate as a distributor of CCELL® products; we’ve also spearheaded a rigorous quality control program of our own. We regularly examine and test batches of products that we receive to ensure that they’re built according to specifications and that they’ll function as expected when you receive them.

To guarantee your satisfaction, we offer a secure and streamlined ordering process that makes it extremely easy to find what you need and check out. If you run into a problem, your dedicated account manager is only a phone call or email away.

How Hamilton Devices Simplifies Bulk Ordering of CCELL® Products

CCELL Vape Distributor

One of the most important features separating our wholesale program from what you may have seen in the past is our extremely generous tiered pricing model. We can provide everything that you need to outfit an entire online or brick-and-mortar vape shop. If you’re looking to start a pre-filled vape cartridge brand, you can get the highest-quality hardware from us – helping to ensure higher end-user satisfaction and rave online reviews – and we can even provide customization services to help give your brand a look that stands out on store shelves. Whatever your business model may be, you’ll enjoy quantity discounts approaching 45 percent through our CCELL® wholesale service.

When you visit our wholesale registration page, you’ll see that our clients have raved about:

  • Our simple and streamlined ordering process
  • Our strict adherence to all national and local regulations
  • Our lightning-fast order fulfillment network
  • Our consistent availability of even the most popular products

At Hamilton Devices, we have been key members of the vaping industry for a very long time – and we know that change is the only constant in this industry. New CCELL® products are hitting the market all the time – and when that happens, our close relationship with CCELL® ensures that we’ll be the first to offer those products. Your customers expect to find the latest and greatest vape gear at your shop, and you’ll always be able to find the newest and hottest products here.

Case Studies of Businesses Thriving with Hamilton Devices as Their CCELL® Distributor

We’ve found that there are two extremely common reasons why businesses begin working with Hamilton Devices as their CCELL® distributor after working with other suppliers. It’s likely that one of these situations applies to you.

  • Perhaps you’ve worked with an overseas distributor because you hoped that buying your products from China would help you save money. The problem with buying vape gear from overseas, though, is that it’s extremely difficult to tell if you’re getting authentic products until you’ve already paid for those products. Worse yet, products shipped from overseas can take weeks to arrive – and that’s if you get them at all. Between the hassle of ordering from overseas suppliers and the fact that no one in the industry can compete with our quantity discounts, the fact is that ordering wholesale vape gear from abroad isn’t actually a good way to save money at all.
  • Maybe you’ve never ordered from an overseas supplier before. Many of our clients have also switched to us after working with other domestic distributors who didn’t have the deep industry connections we do and couldn’t supply products consistently because key items were always sold out. If you work with a distributor that can’t consistently supply the products you need, you’re losing sales and missing out on repeat business because your customers can’t count on you to have the products they want when they want them. Since our supply chain is completely reliable, working with us means that your supply chain is reliable as well.

Why Hamilton Devices is the Best CCELL® Distributor

As you’ve read this guide, you’ve learned the many reasons why choosing the right CCELL® distributor is crucial to the success of your vape business. Buying from a distributor that offers the most competitive pricing is only half of the battle – you also need to choose a distributor that offers consistent availability of the products you need and can get those products to you quickly. Hamilton Devices is the best CCELL® distributor because we fulfill all of those qualifications in ways that no other company can. Visit our wholesale registration page now to get started – and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our team.