Auto-Draw 510 Battery vs. Manual: What’s the Difference?

Auto Draw vs Manual 510 Thread Batteries

If you want to have the best possible experience with oil- and wax-based concentrates, a good 510-thread battery is the most important vaping tool that you can own. A good battery gives you consistent performance with both empty and pre-filled 510-thread cartridges, and it should also offer reliable power delivery to ensure that it’s always ready to use when you need it. Choosing the right 510-thread battery for your needs, therefore, is crucial if you want to have a good time.

The good news is that choosing the right 510-thread battery doesn’t have to be hard as long as you buy from a reliable seller. Here at Hamilton Devices, we take quality extremely seriously and only sell vaporizers manufactured by us and by the famous CCELL® brand. One very important aspect of buying a 510-thread battery, though, is that you need to buy the correct type for your needs. Batteries for vape carts fall into two categories: draw-activated batteries and manual batteries. Which is the right type for you? In this article, we’re going to answer that question.

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How Do Draw-Activated and Manual 510 Batteries Work?

Draw Activated vs Manual Vape Batteries

The difference between draw-activated 510 batteries and manual batteries is the way in which they operate. An auto-draw 510 battery has a built-in airflow sensor, and that allows it to automatically detect when you’re using the device. Air travels through the battery when you puff on the attached cartridge. That triggers the airflow sensor, and the device turns on and produces vapor. A manual 510 battery, on the other hand, has a button that you need to hold when you want to vape. How does that difference actually work in practice? We’ll discuss how to use the two types of vape batteries next.

How to Use an Auto-Draw 510 Battery

How to Use a Vape Pen with No Button

Between auto-draw and button-activated 510 batteries, draw-activated devices are definitely the simplest. Here’s a brief overview of how to use a vape pen with no button. For more information, read our Ultimate Guide to 510-Thread Batteries and Vaporizers.

  • Charge the battery by connecting it to your computer. When the battery’s light changes color or turns off, the device is ready to use. Learn more about how to charge a 510-thread battery safely.
  • Connect a vape cartridge to the battery by screwing it into the battery’s 510 threading. If you’re using an empty vape cart, learn how to prime and fill CCELL® cartridges.
  • Vape by puffing gently on the mouthpiece of the connected cartridge. When you use your vaporizer, you should only puff as firmly as you need to in order to make the device turn on. If you use too much air pressure, you could force oil into the cartridge’s airflow chimney, which may cause a clogged cart.
  • Recharge the battery when the light blinks.

How to Use a 510 Battery with a Fire Button

How to Use a Button Activated Vape Pen

A 510 battery with a fire button might be a bit more complex than one with an automatic puff sensor, but manual 510 batteries have a few extra features that automatic batteries lack. Here’s how to use a 510-thread battery with a fire button.

  • Charge the battery and connect a cartridge according to the instructions above. These aspects of using a 510-thread battery are the same regardless of the type of battery you’re using.
  • Turn the battery on. In most cases, a button-activated 510-thread battery has a single fire button that controls all of its functions. To turn the battery on and off, you usually need to press the button five times. The battery’s indicator light should blink to let you know that the command was successful.
  • Vape by puffing gently on the mouthpiece of the connected cartridge while holding the fire button. When you hold the button, you might hear a hissing or sizzling sound from the cartridge, which lets you know that the device is working. Release the button when you’re done puffing.
  • Recharge the battery when the light blinks.

When you’re shopping for a 510-thread battery, it’s important to note that many vape batteries with manual fire buttons also have auto-draw modes. That’s especially common with batteries that include water pipe adapters because it eliminates the need to reach around to the other side of the pipe when vaping.

What Are the Benefits of Auto-Draw 510 Batteries?

Benefits of Auto Draw Batteries

Now that you understand how to use auto-draw and manual 510 batteries, it’s time to learn why you might want to choose one over the other. These are the benefits of auto-draw 510 batteries.

  • Some people find them a little more fun to use than batteries with manual buttons. When you use a battery with an automatic puff sensor, you can hold it any way you like since you don’t need to hold a button in order to vape.
  • Auto-draw batteries are often a bit cheaper and more compact than devices with manual fire buttons. If you want to buy the smallest and simplest vaping device possible, you definitely want to buy a draw-activated battery.

What Are the Benefits of Button-Activated 510 Batteries?

Button-activated 510 batteries are often marketed toward more advanced vapers, and that’s because they sometimes have special features that draw-activated batteries lack. They’re still simple enough, though, that you can have a great experience with a button-activated battery even if you’ve never vaped before. These are the benefits of button-activated 510 batteries.

  • They can often produce bigger and more flavorful clouds because you can hold the button to activate the device before you begin inhaling.
  • If you’re using a wax coil, it’s a bit easier to preheat the coil and soften the wax if you’re using a battery with a manual fire button. Some manual 510 batteries even have automatic preheating modes for wax concentrates.
  • You can turn a manual battery on and off using the fire button, and that enables you to lock your device when you aren’t using it. An auto-draw battery, on the other hand, is always on when a cartridge is connected. If you want to disable an auto-draw battery, you need to remove the cartridge.
  • A manual 510 battery may offer advanced features such as the ability to adjust the device’s voltage or toggle between button-activated and draw-activated vaping modes.

With 510-Thread Batteries, There’s No Wrong Choice

The most important thing to know about buying a 510-thread battery is that you’re going to be happy with whatever device you choose as long as you buy from a reliable vape shop. There are some key differences between manual and auto-draw 510 batteries, though, and it’s important to understand those differences if you want to buy a device that’s tailored to your specific needs.